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Korthyr Faendryl was the head of the House of Faendryl at the start of the Second Age. He and the other elven leaders led their people out of their ancestral forests to found the Elven Empire. He became the first Patriarch of the Faendryl, and began construction of the Patriarchal Basilica at the site that would become the city of Ta'Faendryl. Korthyr died two years after the completion of the original borough, in year 212 of the Elven Calendar (48,895 years before Modern Era).

Korthyr was a contemporary of Linsandrych Illistim, Aradhul Vaalor, and Noi'sho'rah. According to Dhe'nar tradition, Korthyr was also a blood relative of Tahlad Tsi'shalar.

Patriarch of the House of Faendryl
Preceded by: Succeeded by:
None Khalar Andiris Faendryl

Faendryl Bloodline
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Tahlad Tsi'shalar (Uncle) Khalar Andiris Faendryl
(Great Nephew)

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