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Junk Hound Wizardess
Race Dark Elf
Culture Evashir
Class Wizard
Profession Cordwainer - Jeweler

Proprietor of The Spiraled Horn

Religion Zelian; Polytheistic
Affiliation(s) White Haven
Faendryl Enclave
Crafters of Elanthia
Guardians of Sunfist
Wizard Guild
Demeanor Cheerful. Insane.
Greatest Strength Mage Pockets
Greatest Weakness Food
Habits Snuffling loudly from hiding.
Licking people's faces.
Hobbies Crafting.
Collecting Things.
Soft Spots Creatures.
Likes Tea. Coffee. Cocoa. Cheese.
Narwhals. Teadragons. Cats.
Ice Tulips. Iceblossoms. Moonflowers. Shakes.
Moths. Glitter. Unicorns.
Loyalties Laeli would take a meteor for the following (even if she accidentally called forth said meteors):

Astari. Obsalyn. Helnora. Corlyne. Serenwy. Fyg. Aqaar. Lunaryna. Kyaloria. Kittai. Maylan. Lithyia. Alasatia. Kizalia. Rohese. Lylia. Ortar. Ruabadra. Kobane. Japhrimel. Dreaer. Tawariell. Loralaii. Telare. Javell. Siggurd. Naliya. Ilande. Giogionni. Marijka. Sorlu. Saevia.

~ Guardian of Icemule Trace ~ Ice Mage ~ Master Cobbler ~ Master Painter ~ Brewmaster ~

★- Chaos is not cruel by nature, until it is in manipulative hands. To tear away the lucidity of insanity's chaos would leave the world sane, chaotic, and sad.

★- Mohrgan pedantically recites, "Laeli is like a mirage in the desert. The more you look at her, the faster she vanishes!"

You see Laelithonel Asterfrost the Aurora Watcher of the Snowflake Vale
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is of a slight height and has a petite and slender build. She appears to be youthful. She has large, hooded silver-saturated celadon eyes and smooth cocoa-hued skin. She has long, luminous selenite hair raked into twin buns secured on either side by a set of crescentic starveil hairpins, leaving two long ponytails to spiral down in lustrous, twisty curls. She has a pair of arathiel-framed glasses perched upon her button nose and slightly upswept pointed ears. She has a chin that is subtly pointed, complementing the soft curves of her face. A scarified lotus blossom, its petals pale and slightly raised, blooms along the nape of her neck. She has a set of glimaergless earcaps spun about rainbow crystal stars attached to her ears.
She an openwork polychromatic tattoo on her arm, and a plump unicorn tattoo on her wrist.
Swatches of fabric and vials of vibrant colored dye float haphazardly around her form, bouncing off her measuring cord before comically righting themselves.
She is in good shape.
Curled across the curve of her neck is a glistening albino teadragon, the tiny lizard purring as it lazily flicks its tongue.
She is wearing a star-shaped pale suede bookbag strung from pastel rainbow quartz beaded straps slung over her other shoulder, a clearwing moth longcloak of polychromatic velveteen, a fragile vaalin necklace suspending a lambent teal fairy ring diamond, a short teal lotus silk corset, some fingerless pale velvet gloves cross-laced up the forearms, a chain-link starveil wristlet dangling a fairy ring diamond, an iridescent skirt of asymmetrically layered starsilk and tulle, and a pair of pale suede calf-high boots laced with kaleidoscopic silk ribbon.


an inked pale blue eye shrouded in jade ink
Long, sweeping arcs of jade and teal ink fill the shoulder, spreading over onto the back and arm, offering a spilled liquid effect. Intricate cross-hatching shrouds the edges of the jade and teal ink, giving it a shadow against the flesh. Silver rimmed, black ink creates a bold outline of a single eye in the center. The center of the eye is filled with a faded blue ink, shaded into a blur of obscurity.
an openwork polychromatic tattoo
Polychromatic whorls within a torrent of golden stars embrace the entirety of the arm in an openwork pattern. Amidst the colorful convolution is a teeny narwhal, its spiraled tusk piercing a shooting star. The tail ends of a vibrant luna moth's wings take a graceful turn to graze the inner forearm where pink arabesque roses swirl themselves into an upturned crescent moon at the wrist. The silvery points of the celestial body cradle a lilac heart inked with the words, "Fight Like A Girl."

Familiars & Other Beasties

★- "Can we keep it?" -Laeli to Astari, quite often.

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  • Nimbus a silver-shaded fluffy manul
  • Mouse a frost-hued pudgy snowcat kitten
  • Beastie a silver-eyed enormous ebon wolf
  • Cirrus a pewter-eyed dappled snow leopard
  • Mallow a pudgy white dwarf hamster
  • Pie an extremely pudgy hamster
  • Snowflake a jewel-toned blue viper with brilliant copper eyes
  • Sundrop a small sunshine yellow will-o'-wisp
  • Princess a relatively small piranha
  • Squish a tiny bat-winged squid with a pair of glossy serrated fins
  • Poltz a spherical glass bottle housing a pale blue eye
  • Lex a rich belladona-hued chamois lexicon covered with an arabesque-engraved abalone plate
  • Dazzle a starveil-spined frost blue suede tome
  • Lumen aka Star Boy a silver-horned nacreous black unicorn
  • Lola a sokket silver-sheened rakka
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The Spiraled Horn Boutique

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"There once was a wizard named Laeli,
who made shinies and shoes almost daily.
Each item she'd lick;
to the table they'd stick,
in her shop called a Narwhal most whale-y."

a stately pale oak boutique with a border of iceblossom bushes  The Spiraled Horn | (IMT) RM# 2379

Associated Market Stalls:

  • a narwhal-shaped kiosk framed in arcs of kaleidoscopic glass bubbles
  • a teacup-shaped ghostwood stall framed by silk-leafed teadragon toparies

Neighboring Shops: (IMT) RM# 2379

a fel-framed ivory stucco emporium with an onyx rose wreath upon a jade mistwood door | Obsalyn's Male Mystique for menswear, cobbled footwear, cigars, and more.
an impressive pink and white tower with a tangle of ice roses engulfing it | Fabulous Finds by Fyg for fabulous footwear, supplies, and more fancy things.

Shopping with the SHOP verb IG: SHOP DIRECTORY ICEMULE
-Note: the number of the shop for SHOP BROWSE ICEMULE <#> appears to change periodically.

Artisan Collections & Services

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~Cobbling ~ Smelted Jewelry ~ Knitting ~ Paintings ~ Daxela Jewelry ~ Piercings ~ Dermal Piercings ~ Weaving ~
Imprinted on the sole, you see a nacre-inlaid leaping narwhal, the crafter's personal hallmark.
a narwhal-cut calling card


Moonlit Wish - Elanthian Vogue | EV EXTRA! (Eoantos 5121)
Starless ~ black diamond-beaded lace shoes lofted on faceted onyx heels
Firefly ~ shimmering night-hued velvet shoes raised on alexandrite heels
Eclipse ~ ebon star-pierced leather boots buckled with obsidian
Starstruck ~ celestial silver velvet ankle-boots capped with jeweled vaalin
Flutter ~ glimmering ethereal blue silk flats beaded with tiny glowbark moths

Serenity Surreal - Elanthian Vogue | Elanthian Vogue: Summer 5122 (Part III) | Revelia Carnivale Fashion Showcase 5122
Delirium ~ moonlight silver lace chopines raised on jewel-encrusted heels
Dreamscape ~ black nightstone-beaded leather shoes set on sequined heels
Delight ~ opalescent frosted velvet shoes lofted on spiraled horn heels
Cotton Candy ~ lavender blue gossamer silk sandals lofted on bow-embellished heels
Petrichor ~ metallic floriated damask sandals raised on spiked kelyn heels


  • Pre-Cobbled Footwear in Boutique on southern most block of Incantation Alley. | (IMT) RM# 2379
  • Custom Footwear - 350k per pair. Pricing may vary depending on rarity of materials used. Wedding shoes available.
  • Piercings: You may use your own piercing jewelry, or one could be provided for you.
  • GemStoned Dermal Piercings: You may use your own gem, or one could be provided for you.


Images on this page conceived of through, MidjourneyAI, & Stable Diffusion - Dreamshaper.
There are many non-AI Artists within the community who do beautiful custom work across different mediums & can be sought out for their services.

The player of Laeli is often unavailable doing IRL things with a hubs, two pipsqueaks, and a cat.
If you need any of the above services and fail to contact Laeli IG you can leave her a message on discord: laelicake
However, many other talented cobblers & crafters are readily available throughout Elanthia for their services.