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Original Story: Ivastaen 11, 5120

To our town defenders:

Regarding our efforts to rescue Aralyte in coming weeks, just as she rescued our heroes years ago:

I trust this is a must-win for most of us, but the question is what a "win" looks like. We obviously hope for the best, but many concerns are legitimate and I want to plan together for every contingency. Please know that we'll discuss this formally and informally up to the very last night of the ritual, considering every angle.

I'm also pleased to say that thanks to several of our heroes--both the prominent ones and the more unsung heroes!--we've almost definitely gathered enough essences already for our next step, numbering in the dozens. Thank you to all for being on top of this!

The ongoing attacks are another concern and we need to put an end to them. There's something I'd like to try if possible.

These creatures might be animated by magic or, even if not that, controlled by magic. Either one seems possible after the unexpected behavior we've seen when Hapenlok, Ariond, Arianiss, Dergoatean, Jiarine, and I have tried to capture any of them alive. (I know they have vesperti too, which resist most magic, but they're being kept in chains for training.)

So we might be able to disrupt them with antimagic. If anyone with kroderine weapons or Mandis shards can bring them to the battlefield and try to use them against our enemies, it would be appreciated! Even if it's not effective, that's valuable knowledge.

Lastly, Chamorr's alerted me to a path and a gate deep in the Lower Dragonsclaw that neither of us can remember seeing before--and neither does anyone else I've spoken with. So far we've gotten no response from knocking politely.

Not only that, but, since many of our adventurers have suspicions about the timing and location, they've already taken it upon themselves to try to get the gate open by brute force, magical fire, lockpicks, magical unlocking, and more. All of it has been to no avail, which has only raised further suspicions. I can't condone all of that, but, of course, whatever our citizens do outside of the gates is their own business. Have at it if you'd like!

Personally, before doing anything more drastic--because I'm sure some of you are thinking of hurling crimson orbs and gear-covered prisms at it--I'd like to give whoever's behind the gate a week to respond peacefully. If anyone gets word from inside before then, please let the town know.

Thank you as always for your love of the Landing!

Mayor Leafiara


"Hate to post that in Moot Hall, but it takes up too much space on the tree--oh well," Leafi said, chuckling.

And no need to contact Mother for orbs yet, or ask Alendrial if we could afford any more of that antimagic yellow plinite Stephos used against Rone--well, that's too risky anyway, at least unless we can prove the antimagic theory.

...oh, but I should at least pass along word to Alendrial about Hap's invoice to the town. Yeah, let me do that. A bill for services rendered by him and Eugenides for assembling town defenders while the regulars were at Lake Eonak... I wonder how what he's asking for even compares to our town guards' usual pay.

She shrugged and began writing. Up to Alendrial anyway. Her treasury, her call, her move.

OOC Notes

Hilariously enough, the gate turned out to be pure coincidence--a private property that people had nonetheless amassed an army trying to break into.