Maid of Honor Corset

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Part of the Person of Honor clothing line, Maid of Honor Corset is only obtainable through a Deluxe Wedding Package, which can be purchased during Rings of Lumnis, Duskruin, Rumor Woods, or Ebon Gate from the Simucoin Store.


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Customizing Verbs

Customization Verbs for your Maid of Honor Corset.


Verb Setting Change First (No Third Person Messaging)
FIDGET Noun Change You fidget with a simple boned corset, causing it to shift and transform into a simple boned bodice with cotton panels.
PINCH (Ribbon in Hand) Fabric Change You compare the fabric of a simple boned bodice with cotton panels with that of a silk ribbon and decide that you like silk much better than cotton. Just as the thought leaves your mind, the ribbon in your hand melds with the bodice and your desire becomes reality.
SHAKE (Lockpick in Hand) Boning Change You gently wiggle the boning out of your boned corset, replacing it with a brass lockpick.
SPIN Article Change You trace a slow, spinning circle across the panels of a simple boned corset and watch as you transform it into a beaded boned corset with cotton panels.
TWIST (Foraged Item in Hand) Pattern Change Twisting a small rose this way and that, you decide to lay the rose upon a simple boned corset and watch as it becomes ethereal. Slowly, it sinks into the fabric and transforms it into rose-patterned cotton.
To view the available Corset Noun Descriptions, click here.
1. corset 2. vest 3. corselette 4. corsage 5. bodice
To view the available Corset Article Descriptions, click here.
1. a beribboned 2. a corded 3. a cord-laced 4. a fine 5. a heart-shaped 6. a laced
7. a latticed 8. a scallop-edged 9. a narrow 10. a point-hemmed 11. a quilted 12. a ribbon-laced
13. a rigid 14. a riveted 15. a scoop-necked 16. a side-laced 17. a slashed 18. a slim
19. a smooth 20. a square-cut 21. a stiff 22. a swallow-edged 23. a striped 24. a structured
25. a stylish 26. a tailored 27. a thin-lapeled 28. a tight 29. a wasp-shaped 30. an elaborate
31. an elegant 32. an embroidered 33. an eyeletted 34. an hourglass 35. a back-laced 36. a beaded

Fluff Verbs

Roleplaying verbs for Maid of Honor Coset.


Verb First Third Person
NUDGE Hooking your fingers through the laces of the corset, you loosen them and feel the garment relax, allowing you to breathe more easily once again. PERSON twines her fingers through the laces of her corset, working them intentionally and loosening the garment noticeably.
PUSH You lean forward slightly and, with both hands, give the corset a very slight turn, adjusting the fit more comfortably. PERSON leans forward slightly and, with both hands, gives her corset a quick yet minute turn, adjusting the fit. Straightening up, she runs one hand over her hair, smoothing it down after the effort.
PULL Grasping the laces of the corset, you give them a sharp tug and cinch the garment tighter, inhaling sharply as you do. PERSON grasps the laces of her corset and gives them a sharp tug, a soft gasp escaping from her lips as it gets tighter.
RUB Running both hands down the front of the corset, you make sure the fit is perfect. PERSON slides both of her hands slowly down the front of her corset, checking to make sure the fit is flawless, then smiles slightly with satisfaction.
Maid of Honor Corset Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Corset
Alterable No
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Custom Article
Original Release Merchant Deluxe Wedding Package
Original Release Venue Weddings
Corresponding Item Scripts Maid of Honor Dress
Groomsmen's Jacket
Groomsmen's Pants
Item Verbs