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Part of the Person of Honor clothing line, the Maid of Honor Dress is only obtainable through a Deluxe Wedding Package, which can be purchased during Rings of Lumnis, Duskruin, Rumor Woods, or Ebon Gate from the Simucoin Store.


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Customizing Verbs

Customization Verbs for your Maid of Honor Dress.


Verb Setting Change First (No Third Person Messaging)
FIDGET Noun Change You fidget with a simple cotton dress, causing it to shift and transform into a simple cotton ballgown.
PINCH Long Description Change You pinch the body of a simple cotton dress, trying to decide which style to wear it in. After a moment or two, a slow-moving shimmer overtakes it, transforming it into a simple cotton dress dag-pleated to reveal dark underskirting.
POUR (Dye in Hand) Secondary Color Change You add a secondary color to your cotton dress by carefully working a small amount of plum dye into its fabric.
PUSH (Ribbon in Hand) Fabric Change You compare the fabric of a simple silk dress with that of a silk ribbon and decide that you like silk much better than silk. Just as the thought leaves your mind, the ribbon in your hand melds with the dress and your desire becomes reality.
SPIN Article Change You trace a slow, spinning circle across the waist of a simple cotton dress and watch as you transform it into a bias-cut cotton dress.
TWIST (Gem in Hand) Color Change Twisting an uncut emerald this way and that, you decide to lay the dress upon a simple cotton dress and watch as it becomes ethereal. Slowly, it sinks into the fabric and transforms it to pure white.
To view the available Dress Noun Descriptions, click here.
1. dress 2. gown 3. bliaut 4. kirtle 5. Shift
6. frock 7. kaftan 8. surplice 9. chemise 10. Ballgown
To view the available Dress Long Descriptions, click here.
1. bead-pleated to reveal <DYE> underskirts 2. pin-pleated to reveal <DYE> underskirts
3. brooch-pleated to reveal <DYE> underskirting 4. dag-pleated to reveal <DYE> underskirts
5. overlaid in shimmering <DYE> gossamer 6. overlaid in tone-on-tone chiffon
7. side-split from hip-to-ankle 8. trailing antiqued ivory lace
9. underlaid with ruffled <DYE> petticoats 10. overlaid in tatted rose lace
11. with an open-lace <DYE> overlay 12. sporting bloused <DYE> sleeves
13. flourishing brass-banded funnel sleeves 14. flourishing bronze-banded funnel sleeves
15. flourishing copper-banded funnel sleeves 16. flourishing feather-patterned skirts
17. with fitted sleeves 18. flourishing gold-banded funnel sleeves
19. flourishing <DYE>-banded funnel sleeves 20. flourishing pewter-banded funnel sleeves
21. flourishing platinum-banded funnel sleeves 22. flourishing sash-banded funnel sleeves
23. flourishing silver-banded funnel sleeves 24. flourishing split funnel sleeves
25. underpleated in star-patterned skirts 26. spangled in tone-on-tone embroidery
27. veiled in tone-on-tone tatted lace 28. dag-pleated to reveal <DYE> underskirting
To view the available Dress Article Descriptions, click here.
1. a bias-cut 2. a boat-necked 3. a cowled 4. a high-collared 5. a high-waisted 6. a low-cut 7. a scoop-necked
8. a side-chained 9. a square-necked 10. a sweetheart 11. a taper-waisted 12. an asymmetrical 13. an off-shoulder 14. a back-latticed

Fluff Verbs

Roleplaying verbs for Maid of Honor Dress.


Verb First Third Person
WEAR Running your fingers over the dress as you pull it on, you delight in the feel of the luxurious fabric. PERSON slips the dress on smoothly, her fingers moving lightly over the luxurious fabric, making quick work of fitting the garment to her form.
REMOVE With nimble fingers, you carefully remove the dress and drape it reverently over your arm, then check your hairdo for any loose strands. PERSON's deft fingers carefully remove her dress, draping it gently over her arm. PERSON runs a hand over her hair, smoothing back any loose strands that might have occurred in the process.
RUB You fiddle with the neckline of your dress nervously, then get a bit self-conscious and start to blush. PERSON fiddles with the neckline of her dress, then stops herself, smiling a little sheepishly and blushing.
TURN You turn quickly, causing the skirt of the ballgown to swirl out as you spin. This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!
Maid of Honor Dress Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Dress
Alterable No
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Custom Article
Original Release Merchant Deluxe Wedding Package
Original Release Venue Weddings
Corresponding Item Scripts Maid of Honor Corset
Groomsmen's Jacket
Groomsmen's Pants
Item Verbs