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The MEDITATE verb allows clerics, empaths, monks, and savants to enter a state of meditation which, after a short period of time, grants them various advantages.

Clerics, empaths, and savants will receive faster recovery for health, spirit, and mana during their meditation, while monks will receive resistance to a single chosen damage type. After meditating for a set period of time, the meditator will continue to gain the benefits after the trance has ended. Clerics, empaths, and savants will receive their increased recovery for an additional ten minutes as long as they remain on a node or sanctuary, while monks will retain their resistance for four hours (or until superseded by meditating on another damage type).

Increased Recovery

  • During the 2 minute pre-meditation period, benefits commence after first minute of meditation.
  • For 10 minutes after the pre-meditation period, mana regeneration is boosted by a flat amount equal to trunc((discipline bonus + wisdom bonus) / 2).
  • Meditate effect does not end immediately after leaving a node/sanctuary.
  • Meditate effect does not end immediately after entering combat or taking an aggressive action.
  • Every minute, meditate will check if the character is still within a sanctuary/node, if not then the effect will end. There are 10 checks, once per minute.
  • Monks do not gain increased recovery from meditating (unless, like all other classes, they are aided by a chrism gem).


You kneel down and begin to meditate on your lot in life.
You begin to meditate on your lot in life.

Characters of profession that do not benefit from meditation will get a message reminding them of such, but there is no third-person messaging:

Only a Cleric, Empath, Monk, or Savant has the natural ability to gain true benefits from meditating.

When LOOKing at the meditator, one will see that they are meditating:

Zuzana is kneeling in quiet meditation.
You see Zuzana the Gypsy.
She appears to be a Human.

If one does anything to the meditator, their meditation will be interrupted:

>whisp zuz Can I get some healing?
The appearance of great calm leaves Zuzana as her concentration is broken.

You quietly whisper to Zuzana, "Can I get some healing?"
Your meditation is interrupted by Kout.

Kout whispers, "Can I get some healing?"

The meditator can break his/her own meditation:

Your action interrupts your meditation.

There is messaging to remind the meditator that they are meditating:

You continue to meditate on recent events.

After two minutes, the meditator wakes from the meditation and can be interacted with again:

You wake from your meditation, yet a deep feeling of relaxation remains present.
Zuzana looks up and glances around, appearing deeply calmed.

SPELL ACTIVE will display if the meditation mechanics are active, giving the person enhanced recovery:

You currently have the following active spells:Meditation

Wearing off:

The lingering effects of your meditation fade away.
The appearance of great calm leaves Zuzana.

One can only meditate on a node or sanctuary. If the room is not fitting for meditation, messaging will say so:

You are not able to enter a meditative trance.  Perhaps you should seek another place to meditate.

Damage Resistance

Damage resistance is only available to monks, and only in a single damage type at a time. This resistance can be refreshed or changed at will and without penalty by meditating again. Meditating puts the monk into a sitting position and incurs 30 seconds of roundtime (RT). Only after the RT ends do the results of the meditation kick in.

The damage resistance from a Monk's meditation lasts for 4 hours and 10 minutes.

  MEDITATE [DAMAGE TYPE]        - Prepare to resist a certain type of damage.
  MEDITATE STATUS               - Show what type damage (if any) that you are currently resisting.
  MEDITATE HELP                 - Show this help text.

You may resist one of the following types of damage at a time:

Monks (and others) that are under the effect of a Chrism gem created by the cleric spell "Holy Receptacle" (325) may also MEDITATE to enter a state of increased regeneration of mana, health, spirit, and stamina.

>meditate puncture
You assume a meditative posture, sitting with legs folded and hands resting upon your knees.  Closing your eyes, you pause and breathe deeply, concentrating on your body and preparing it to resist puncturing damage from any source.
Roundtime: 30 sec.

sR>meditate status
You are currently prepared to resist puncturing damage.

Resistance Strength (Lore Benefit)

The amount of resistance is 10%, plus a 2% per bonus per a seed 1 summation of Mental Lore, Transformation skill. Thus, a monk with 28 ranks of Transformation Lore would have a 24% resistance ability, and a monk with 91 ranks would have a 36% resistance.


The Telekinesis (1206) spell can be fueled with extra mana to deal additional damage.


where # is the amount of mana used per cast (from 6 to 10, with more damage as the cost increases).

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