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Nayolan, as rendered by MAZEIKISJ
Race Aelotoi
Culture Vaer'sah
Class Rogue
Profession Locksmith
Affiliation(s) Cairnfang Manor, Solhaven Rogue Guild
Disposition playful and mischievous
Demeanor streetwise, yet cheerful
Flaw impudence, recklessness
Habits stealth, very clipped Common speech
Hobbies singing, songwriting, wingsong
Likes locks, tools, puzzles, fiddly bits
Dislikes Kiramon, demons
Best Friend Saehnar
Loved One Silverphenix
Nayolan, as drawn by MOURNE

Yntryg Nayolani, commonly called Nayolan and nicknamed 'Sparrow', is an aelotoi rogue and a citizen of Solhaven.


Prior to arrival in Elanthia, Nayolan served as resource scout for the Kiramon on her home world of Bre'Naere. Like others of her race currently residing in Elanthia, she came through the portal from Bre'Naere to Gyldemar Forest near Ta'Illistim in 5103. She was quite young at the time, barely into her teen years by her best estimation, and scrawny with malnutrition. Not long after, she slipped away from the refugee camps and chased her curiosity into the streets of Ta'Vaalor. It was there that she learned the rudiments of combat, theft, and began her lifelong love affair with locks.

Ta'Vaalor is also where she first met her best friends, the Mrae'ni Seralanai and the Gaeh'deh Saehnar, as well as the human Silverphenix Luminasa who came to be her protector and would eventually adopt her as his daughter.

She and her friends soon relocated to Solhaven, despite the ongoing turmoil in the area. She learned the hard way not to trust strangers, as members of the the Dark Alliance seemed to take delight in tormenting her. She became the victim of assault, kidnapping, murder and sacrifice at their hands a number of times before the campaign for the Griffin Sword was finally over.

In the face of repeated depredations, Nayolan grew stealthier and more canny, yet retained her playful sense of mischief and her defiance. Always enamored of music, she wrote songs describing the past plights of her people and their new-found freedoms and hopes, which she occasionally performed publicly at such events as the first Aelotoi Pageant, at Bardfest, and at smaller gatherings over the years. Outside of her songs, her usual manner of speech in the Common tongue is notably terse, as she demonstrates little patience and less care for its grammatical structures. Those who engage her in Aelotian may find her far more inclined to converse in depth.

These days, she is most often found in and around Solhaven, where she has gained a reputation as a skilled locksmith. She also has a standing arrangement with the officers of White Haven in Icemule Trace and provides locksmithing services as needed during their Service Nights.


You see Nayolan Yntryg the Locksmith.
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Vaer'sah Clan.
She is shorter than average and has a thin, wiry frame. She appears to be young and sprightly. She has large glossy black eyes and freckled skin. She has chin length, feathery red-orange hair shorn close at the nape of her neck. She has a heart-shaped face. She has a pair of gold-veined, translucent bronze wings.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a curved vaalin fishhook, a small plain wooden pendant, a nondescript dark woolen cloak, a mismatched set of dark-scaled leather armor, a side-laced dark leather vest, a bell-sleeved linen shirt caught with a single sparrow-feathered epaulette, some brass-buckled fingerless leather gloves, an oversized brass keyring, a small leather bag, some parti-colored black and brown canvas trousers, and a pair of cross-strapped black leather boots.

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