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Blink weapons were sold at the Ebon Gate 2009 auction. The blink weapon script was added to existing weapons at Return to Coraesine Field.

Original Items
  • a mithglin mace
  • a mithglin handaxe
  • a mithglin battle axe

At the August 2015 Duskruin Arena auction, Lahke said, "You'll likely never see this ability be offered to existing equipment ever again, just putting that out there." In June 2018, this ability was offered to existing equipment in the Duskruin Arena High-end Scrip Shop.


  • Not infused: A tiny golden eyelid, which is open, is inlaid into the bottom of the pommel.
  • Infused: A tiny golden eyelid, which is open, is inlaid into the bottom of the pommel, and a faint blue flicker dances around the weapon.

A willing merchant should be able to add base description, long description, or show description alterations to these weapons.


  • 5x (The original auction releases were 5x mithglin. As of RtCF 2013, there exists the possibility of the Blink ability being added to weapons that do not match the original release qualities).
  • Teleportation: By poking the weapon, the eye set into the pommel will blink, sending the wielder into an adjacent room. This ability can be used six times a day. Touching the weapon 24 hours after the final charge is expended resets the charges.
  • Blessable: Because the infusion flares are script-based, the blink weapons are able to be blessed.
  • Bonding: Sanctify (1625) can be used by a Paladin to bond with a blink weapon. Because the weapon's infusion flares are script based, a Paladin bonded with a blink weapon will gain Consecrate (1604) flares.
  • Enchant/Ensorcell: 2013 updates have enabled these spells to be usable with Blink weapons. 405 is also usable to determine the enchant/ensorcell status of said weapons.
  • Spell infusion: The weapon can be infused with an offensive spell that the wielder is capable of learning without the benefit of spell knowledge enhancements. A sorcerer can infuse Mana Disruption (702) in a weapon, but if a Paladin wields it, it will not flare. The infusion of one spell will last until another spell is cast at the weapon and is accomplished by the use of the CAST verb. High level spells may take multiple attempts before the infusion succeeds. Flares draw no mana from the wielder.
  • Flare Rate: The more spell ranks the wielder has above the level of the infused spell (in the same spell circle), the higher the flare rate. Thus a wielder with 30 spell ranks in a particular circle would have a higher frequency of flares infusing a 2nd level spell than a 30th level spell. GM confirmed

Usable Spells

This list of spells is not complete.


You swing a mithglin handaxe at an arctic titan!
AS: +154 vs DS: +97 with AvD: +36 + d100 roll: +39 = +132
... and hit for 10 points of damage!
Diagonal slash to the arctic titan's weapon arm.
Strike misses but bruises a few knuckles.

Your mithglin handaxe suddenly lights up with hundreds of tiny blue sparks!

Dozens of long thorns suddenly grow out from the ground underneath an arctic titan! Several of the thorns jab into the titan!
... hits for 36 points of damage!
... 40 points of damage!
Strike punctures thigh and shatters femur!
An arctic titan screams and falls to the ground with a crash, grasping its mangled left leg!
The arctic titan is stunned!
... hits for 32 points of damage!
... 30 points of damage!
Impressive shot shatters wrist!
... hits for 24 points of damage!
... 35 points of damage!
Blow shatters knee and severs lower leg!
Roundtime: 5 sec.