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Announcement 1

Encouraged by the well wishes of those guests that come to the Isle of Ornath for the annual Trials of Lumnis at the Needle of Pentas, locals have decided to collect their various wares and open up shop on the beautiful Agora Promenade.

There will be 15-20 new shops in the sprawling Agora Promenade that is built into the cliff beneath the Needle of Pentas. The area will include:

  • Two New Eateries
  • A Fountain for gatherings
  • A Sitting Area that overlooks the ocean
  • New foraged flowers can be found throughout the space.
  • All Shops will be for Silver.

There will not be any live merchants, but there will be automated merchants on hand that can handle a variety of things.

New Services will include:

  • A Leather Embosser that will emboss your leather-made, non-scripted items
  • A Scroll Cutter that will be able to customize the scroll cutters sold in his/her shop
  • An Engraver that will offer to etch trinkets from his/her shop
  • A Signet Ring Jeweler that will customize your Writing and Mailing Signet Rings
  • A Greeting Card expert that will customize greeting cards sold in his/her shop
  • Three Imbuing experts that will customize the imbue boxes sold in their shops
  • A Runestone Carver that will customize runestone carving jars sold in their shop

New Items will be offered as well. Things with names like:

You can expect the return of perfume holders with special Isle of Ornath and Rings of Lumnis themed perfumes. Groovy Hairjewels will be making a return.

As well as a few other surprises.

Lunar Halos return for a final time to the Trials. This will be the last time that Halos for Makiri, Lornon, Tilaok, and Liabo will be available.

New Offers at the Trials, The Servants of Lumnis. Unique Spirit Servants known as Planes-rider, Alabaster Knight, Warden of the Elements, Spirit-Guardian, and Chaosrider can be obtained by finding their matching runestone as you run the Trials of Lumnis.

Announcement 2

Servants of Lumnis

Scattered upon the surface of Liabo, five spirits bound to mystical jewelry lay hidden within the Trials of Lumnis. Will you be the one to find them?

The Servants of Lumnis are Spirits Servants that are bound to jewelry items. These items allow the spirit to be summoned twice a day. You do not need to have knowledge or the Spirit Servant spell in order to summon these servants.

When you run the Trials of Lumnis, you have a rare chance at finding one of the five Servants of Lumnis that are outlined below.

Planar Spirit Servant

a slender crimson planes-strider

Wavering crimson light gives the ethereal being a fiery countenance that darkens to near black at its core, while (his/her) eyes, ears, lips, and nose are sanguineous in hue. (His/Her) entire body and gear hold the same opaque hue, though hard outlines are given to (his/her) long legs and narrow physique. (His/Her) almond-shaped eyes house an alien light that is made all the more surreal by (his/her) elongated features and vacant gaze.

Elemental Spirit Servant

a plump viridian warden of the elements

Diminutive, portly, and barefoot, the warden has a cheery countenance and an ethereal body fashioned of viridian light that pales to the softest of greens at its center. Wide eyes take in the world with wonder and curiosity, while a partially formed smile perpetually dimples (his/her) rounded cheeks. Light airy clothing drifts about (his/her) frame in an unseen wind, and (his/her) hair mimics that movement as wild ringlets stand out from (his/her) head.

Spiritual Spirit Servant

an ethereal azure spirit-guardian

Shod in simple sandals, the spirit-guardian is clothed in a voluminous frock of bright blue that is thickly cowled. (His/Her) azure face is framed by a rounded hood that culminates in a liripipe that trails down (his/her) back and brushes the ground. A cincture of alternating white, black, red, green, and blue beads encircles (his/her) waist, the long ends terminating in a gold quintuple symbol. The very air and countenance of the spirit-guardian is one of serenity and peace.

Order Spirit Servant

an alabaster (summoner’s race) knight

Stocky and surefooted, the lithe knight is alert and vaguely resembles (player’s race) (man/woman). Tidy and well-groomed are only a few of the characteristics that denote (him/her) as a perfect example of (his/her) race, though (his/her) garb and armaments seem archaic and from a time long forgotten. Wary eyes and a stoic countenance lend (his/her) ethereal, alabaster form a silent seriousness.

Chaos Spirit Servant

a smoke and fire chaosrider

Composed of one part light and one part darkness, the chaosrider has a form filled with smoke and flame that is bound together by raw energy to create a lithe form that vaguely resembles a gangly adolescent. Wild hair, constantly moving and undulating in a mane of flame red, haloes (his/her) youthful face, which is filled with mischievous intent. Wide eyes flicker between deepest black and brightest orange at a moment's notice as (he/she) hovers barefoot above the ground.

In the days ahead, we will release the jewelry that each is associated with.

Teaser 2

What are you going to do with all that ore?

Why not visit the shop More Ore Less on Agora Promenade and buy yourself some of the I Dream of Geology Series!

We have Oremongers that will house Duskruin ore by the dozens!

We have the Mini Smelter that will transmute ore into jewelry!

We have Jeweler’s Pliers that can transform your jewelry items into fluffy fun.

Why we even have a jeweler’s tool roll to house all the exciting new pliers you’ll want to collect!

Don’t have ore? Don’t worry! We’ve stocked our shelves with some decorative ores for you to use!

Teaser 3

Papermaker announced!

Teaser 4

Rings of Lumnis - Teaser - Glitzy Giftboxes

Glitzy Giftboxes are one-time use giftboxes that you can place up to 5 items in. They can be wrapped with mix-and-match ribbon and/or giftwrap sold at your local Glitzy Giftbox store. Optional gift tags can have a written message on them, and you can cycle through 20 different gift tag styles and 10 different styles of giftwrap/ribbon. They can also be unwrapped with one of 6 different UNWRAP styles (tear 'em open with your teeth!) and have slightly different messaging for the unwrapper based on their BEFRIEND demeanor towards the gift giver and whether or not that person is their spouse.

Teaser 5

Rings of Lumnis - Teaser - Paint-in-ator

Cousin to both the Dye-n-ator and the Ribbonator 2000, the Paint-in-ator is also a marvel of modern gnomish mechanations!

Designed with two tiers, the device can store up to 50 paints at a time right off-the-shelf! At tier 2, it transforms those paints into paintsticks!

Teaser 6

Ring of Lumnis - Teaser - Arboreal Afterlife

A lavender flyer tumbles through the wind and sticks against your shin. Picking it up, it reads:

Are you wanting to create the perfect love letter? How about wishing a dear friend a happy name day? Or perhaps that party invitation with extra “oomph” to it? Then make your way to Arboreal Afterlife, a greeting card shop, coming soon to Rings of Lumnis 5122! The shop owner, Lorreth Orilee, has cards in stock now, some with special messages, others that Lori can help you customize! Don’t hesitate, doors open on Day of the huntress, 15th day of the month of Olaesta! (Friday, April 15th)

Below the feathered writing is an illustration of the custom card process:

A learned scribe says, "Here's what we have so far."

Lorreth jots a message out on a ticket and shows it to you:

Cover: The words "Best Wishes" are emblazoned across the front of the card above a carmine rose.

Inside: To Wyrom,

You're the best friend I've ever had.

Best, Wylloh

Lorreth continues, "The interior message will be written in the Halfling language. Inside the greeting card will be sparkling carmine glitter waiting to spill out when the card is opened. If this is acceptable, please GIVE me your card."

Teaser 7

Rings of Lumnis - Teaser - Shears Leatherworks

Shears Leatherworks run by the foreman and owner Zayce Shears is where you can give leather items your own personal touch whether they are new or cherished family heirlooms. Working alongside Zayce are some of the Isle of Ornath's leading leatherworkers each bringing their own unique set of skills and designs to the workshop. They can resurrect, revive, and rejuvenate your treasured leather possessions or create something new to cherish for years to come.


Zayce opens the leatherbound tome on the marble workbench to the first page then says, "These are all the design groups."

 Animal            Food
 Arcane            Hardware
 Battle            Insect
 Dark              Landmark
 Decorative        Landscape
 Edging            Monster
 Element           Pattern
 Floral            Texture

Zayce says, "ASK me about GROUP <name> to see all the designs in that group."


Zayce flips through the pages of the leatherbound tome on the marble workbench until he finds the right page, saying, "Here we are. These are the design options for the Pattern group."

    1.  embossed with a block pattern
    2.  embossed with a brick pattern
    3.  embossed with a bubble pattern
    4.  embossed with a checkered pattern
    5.  embossed with chevrons
    6.  embossed with a circular pattern
    7.  embossed with a crosshatched pattern
    8.  embossed with diamonds
    9.  embossed with dots
    10. embossed with fleur-de-lis
    11. embossed with a geometric pattern
    12. embossed with a maze pattern
    13. embossed with paisley
    14. embossed with pinwheels
    15. embossed with ripples
    16. embossed with a shattered motif
    17. embossed with a speckled pattern
    18. embossed with a square pattern
    19. embossed with a stippled pattern
    20. embossed with stripes
    21. embossed with a wavy pattern

Zayce says, "These designs come after the object. For example "a leather belt embossed with stars". To request a design be added to your item, ASK me about ORDER to get started."

Teaser 8

Ring of Lumnis – Teaser – Little Things

An elderly aelotoi pads across the studio, shuffling softly behind his workstation, his back hunched not by age, but by the weight of the stones in the box he carries. Flickering lantern light sends a splay of lavender hues across the wall behind him, relics of the veins in his diaphanous wings. Sighing softly to himself, he stares longingly at the painting hung across the room for a moment before giving his head a slight shake.

“It is nearly time,” he exclaims to the room, pulling four trays from under the nearby counter, “I had best be sure we are ready!” Arranging his trays about him, he starts painting small markings on a series of stones, laying out four rows of four in each tray, before sliding it into the display case for prospective customers to review. Busying himself with his work, a smile creeps across his face and he begins to hum happily to himself.

Vigan invites all interested parties to inspect his wares when the Agora Promenade is opened to all comers on the 15th of Olaesta.

Of course, the wares themselves aren’t the ultimate attraction! Vigan can – for a nominal fee of course! – help you customize the runestone carving jars that he offers in his store. With nearly fifty options each for texture, material, and shape, the choices are numerous and you can mix and match to your heart's delight.

Teaser 9


Do you ever wish for a little privacy to touch up your makeup or perform a quick outfit change? Visit Skin Deep for a selection of shoulder-worn vanity cases that can be turned into vanity tables when placed on the ground (works in the AT FEET slot). Each one is equipped with a mirror as well as a screen that will obscure your appearance (i.e. look description) for several minutes while you make yourself ready. Unlock certificates are available to improve table interactions.

Teaser 10

Sojourn Scents Teaser

Sojourn Scents brings to the Rings of Lumnis a new array of perfumes, themed to the venue. The names of the scents are as follows: Elemental, Planar, Spiritual, Chaos, Order, Purgatory, Eye of the Needle, Burden of Knowledge, Isle of Ornath, and Lumnasi Viragos. Look forward to the finest ingredients of exotic flowers and resins, herbs and auras, mixed in creative and evocative ways.

Teaser 11

The Final Touch Teaser

Have a wedding to attend and want hair that's just a bit fancier than normal? More exotic than usual? More colorful than typical? Stop on by and find an array of potions guaranteed to make your hair that much fancier just for the evening. Life is too short not to have really exciting hair.

Teaser 12

The Let's Make a Seal Teaser

Hello, players, look at your signet ring, now back to me, now back at your signet ring, now back to me. Sadly, it isn’t me, but if it stopped being a locked signet ring and switched to an unlocked signet ring, it could feel like a teaser. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on the Isle of Ornath with the unlocked signet ring your signet ring could be like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s a signet ring that works with both of the writing systems you love. Look again, the seal on your signet ring is now diamonds. Anything is possible when your signet ring smells like a freshly upgraded ring and not a boring item. I’m on a horse.

I have the pleasure of introducing the Let's Make a Seal shop for the 2022 run of Rings of Lumnis! The elven shopkeeper, Shayren, keeps to the front room and sells certificates to unlock either your signet rings or the ones available for sale to work with both the player mail and the paper writing systems with a simple FLIP! In back, Anket toils away offering customers a wide selection of engravings from symbols of the Arkati to flora and fauna to those of home. Just ASK him about all of the options!

Announcement 3

Rings of Lumnis – Quintuple Brooch Gets Two New Verbs

Beginning tonight, the Quest Reward for Rings of Lumnis, a quintuple orb brooch, will gain two new verbs.

PROD has been added to all brooches allowing the owner to turn on and off all third-party mechanical verb triggering messaging.

WHISPER has been added to allow you to, in one of the appropriate places of reverence or if your brooch is unlocked to do anywhere, tell your brooch which ring to be set on.

The syntax for these are: