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The June 2022 (June 10th-26th) Rumor Woods Event includes:

  • Fox hunt
  • Pixie Hunt - FINAL RUN
  • Jousting
  • Shopping
  • Mounts
  • Summit Academy Customizations in the shop What Remains - signature verbs, custom swears, features, spell preps, spell customizations, log-in and log-out messaging
  • Weight Reduction provided by the Seamstress at Couturier's Retreat: This once-a-year service will apply a percentage of weight reducing to your favorite container/s. The higher the percentage, the higher the cost to have this done.

Quick Links

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New for 2022 Rumor Woods

New Mounts

Battle of the Unicorn and Dragon!

The Unicorns will offer an occasional window their former dream realm, and this year's new rare Yierka will occasionally rustle up some grub and change color based on the climate! Announcement 9

  • Rare mounts will be available for 50,000 raikhen and have some restrictions on their customization due to their unique availability.
  • Common lizards can have their articles changed to giant, large, huge, or gargantuan. Discord
  • Uncommon can have colossal, monstrous (except the monster), enormous, massive, gigantic, humungous, immense, mammoth, and ginormous.

18 New Shops and final call for 3 shops

Main Post: Announcement 11

New for 2022

Final Run:

Tourney-specific Releases

  • Available at Tartan Cloth - a soft lamb's wool tartan cloth threaded in plum and blue hues
  • Available at Kindred Garb - a soft lamb's wool plaid
Blended with lamb's wool and flax, the tartan fabric is incredibly soft and has a sky blue base. Horizontal and vertical setts of silver and plum hues face pinstripes of black and white alongside cobalt blue setts over an ebon-threaded pivot. Simple knots, bound by banded onyx, finish off the edges to create a short, thumb-thick fringe.
  • Available in Flypaper Designs - a silver dragon and black unicorn tattoo
a piece of dragon-inked flypaper
Twilight shades descend in gradient hues from plum to cobalt blue to create a background for a pair of combatants locked in battle. Silver scales, slashed and bleeding in areas, decorate the serpentine body of a dragon that twines about the muscular ebon form of a unicorn. Wings spread for balance, the larger beast appears to be taking as much damage from the hoof, horn, and teeth of his foe as he is giving. Unfurling beneath the piece is a thin ribbon emblazoned with words.

June 2022 Rumor Woods Item Teasers

Tehir clothing and jewelry

Six new item types will be available for purchase, some previously detailed in lore documents, and two completely new.

Knitting Tools by GMs Vanah and Thandiwe

Yarn bowls for storage, Darning awls to add zests to nine varieties of items, and Pincushions to store all those awls!

Main Post by Thandiwe: Announcement 6
Original teaser: Discord
Fully unlocked analyze: Discord Pricing: Discord

  • Yarn storage comes to the Year of the -Ator, with each bowl holding up to 998 rows of 25 different skeins of yarn, with an unlock available to allow the bowl to hold your knitting needles weightlessly, and a second unlock to allow the creation of new yarn from approved materials.
  • Thandiwe: Darning Awls: I will have the following "zests" available: Snood, Hairtie, pouch/bag, Shawl, Scarf, Hat, Mittens of which are all brand new knitted item scripts only. Vanah also has 2 but I don't know if she is ready to release those yet. Discord
  • Awls: 750 each, Yawn bowls: 800, +300 T1, +500 T2, Pincushion: 1500

Bugs on Parade Bug Jar and Specimen Board by GMs Elysani, Casil, Caconym, Wylloh, and sometimes Xynwen

Nine hundred and seventy unique bug specimens have been introduced to the world, to be captured and collected... or used to decorate your stationery and jewelry!

Main Post by Thandiwe: Announcement 7
Teasers begin: Discord
Bug examples: Discord
Paper examples: Discord
Pricing: Discord

  • Each realm has its own set of bugs based on terrain and climate.
  • Off-the-shelf, the jar can be used to convert each bug to one of four paper embellishment designs; BORDER, CORNERS, HEADER, WATERMARK
Some bugs will let you PUSH foraged items at them to change the description of the paper, too.
  • At Tier 2, unlock the ability to convert the bugs into gemstones for use with jewelry and gem-holding fluff.
  • Paper-decorating bugs are single-use, but infinite in the environment similar to foraged items.
  • Specimen boards will hold 25 -30 stacks of unique bugs each, like some sort of bug-n-ator!
  • The bugs cannot be eaten.
  • Base Jar - 2500, Unlock - 750, Specimen Board - 2500
  • Gem Bugs will work with the Dermal Piercer

Imbued Shroud Spirit Swap Certificates by GM Quilic

The Spirits Within adds a spirit change certificate at 1,500 raikhen each, and there will be one for every spirit that's been introduced so far (including this year's). Discord

WoodChopper Box by GM Xeraphina

Available at Woodn't Yew, the WoodChopper Box allows one to convert wooden items (including runestaves) into forging blocks, and offers unlockable options such as toothpicks, weavable beads, foraged sticks, cobbling plates, fletching shafts, and hairpicks!

Main Post by Xeraphina: Announcement 10
Pricing: Discord

  • Shields will not fit, and bowstring will give the box indigestion. Discord
  • No woods with special properties (surita, firewheel, etc) or of the highest rarity (illthorn). Discord
  • Alter fodder doodads, such as a branch of illthorn wood from the dig at Duskruin will work. Discord
  • OTS Box - 1k, Tier Unlocks (2/3) - 250 each, Foraged sticks (T2) - 250, Weavable bead (T2), Cobbling mats (T3), Fletching shaft (T3) unlocks - 1k, Hairpick unlock (T3) - 2.5k

Charm Makers by GM Avaluka

Charmed, I'm Sure returns with an expanded back room and a new contraption (but-not-an-"ator") to allow you to convert all kinds of things into highly custom charms.

Main Post by Avaluka: Announcement 15
Pricing: Discord

  • Works AT FEET
  • Charm Contraption pricing is: 1.5k - base contraption, 500 - unlock to allow you to add dye, 500 - +1 custom adjective slot, 500 - +1 custom design template slot.

Shank shank shank, shank shank shank, shank your meaty by GM Naiken and shop by GM Xayle

The new line of knives at Been Shanked Lately? can be used to create edible shanks from animals, cockatrices, and roa'ter. Mmm, raw meat!

Main Post by Thandiwe: Announcement 18

  • Shanks can be cooked by casting fire or acid spells at them.

Clothing of the Firstborn by GM Valyrka

Details and lore surrounding Dhe'nar clothing, a new line of which will be available at Obsidian Raiment.

Main Posts by Valyrka: Announcement 19 and Announcement 20

Origami by GMs Xynwen, Elysani, and Haliste

The Art of Origami introduces a popular paper-folding pastime, and there have been hints that those interested may want to keep an eye out for the delayed shop The Folded Lotus.

Teaser by Xynwen: Discord
Main Post with Pricing by Xynwen: Discord

  • Training certificates and patterns can be purchased now for use at a later time, no need to scramble! Discord

Fancy Waist Chains by GM Elidi

Sold at Off the Chain, fancy waist chains can be unlocked for additional fancy verbs, have gems inserted, and allow customization for adornments and chain material.

Teaser by Elidi: Discord

News and Updates


Weddings will be making a surprise return after their success at Rings of Lumnis! Discord


Elanthian Binder receives an update and an unlock to add a Table of Contents. Discord


Something is bugging the GMs! But what is that. GMs Elysani, Casil, Caconym, Wylloh, (and sometimes Xynwen) have teamed up on something mysterious and have been flooding the Rumor Woods channel with photos of strange and otherworldly creatures. Could it be a BUGITEM? Discord


The Spirits Within refresh and new spirits: Krolvin Pirate, Gnomish Matron, Syvlan Gardener, Dark Elf Assassin, and Aelotoi Slave. [Official Forum Post] / Announcement 8


A handful of updates to accommodate our new lizard friends:

  • GM Aiza has updated the tortoise paint to work on the FLANK of lizards.
  • GM Haliste updated the gemstone piercing tool to work on lizards. Those locations are: neck, nose, tail, right & left foreleg, and right & left hind leg.
  • GM Haliste and GM Galene have updated the riding boots to reflect lizard mounts.
  • GM Haliste has updated the Ostler to handle mount feature changes for lizards.


A last minute new shop has been added to the list, Peaked Interest for all your Pup Tent needs, with one unicorn and one dragon-themed tent available. Discord


Love a little lizard lore? Look! Official Forum Post / Announcement 13


Look a little longer! Lizard descriptions and customization options revealed: Announcement 14


GM Valyrka has shared an introduction to the Settlement of Eh'lah, home of the Sai'ri monsters.
All mounts, both new and old, will be gaining several much-requested improvements:

  • The home timer has increased from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, while a bolded message tells you that you can refresh the 30 minutes using HOLD on your summoning device.
  • Mounts will now follow their owners, provided the location that they are traveling on foot to allows for mounts.
  • All mounts are gaining the following additional verbs: beg, clench, pet, and prod (this is an automatic updated once it is live -- no need to purchase an unlock) Discord
beg - owner only anytime
clench - anyone when the owner is unmounted, the owner any time
pet - anyone when the owner is unmounted, the owner any time
prod - anyone when the owner is unmounted, the owner any time
  • Kraken’s Fall Hunting and the new Solhaven Vineyard are being added to the eligible Fast Travel Locations.


GM Vanah has delivered a last minute shipment of s'mores supplies to Sweetie Pies, swing by for all your marshmallowy needs! Discord
The wiki has been updated with information regarding the Yarn bowl, Pincushion, and Darning awls, along with some of the associated zests.


Interested in capturing bugs? Learn more about Insects Changed by the Magical Landscape of Elanthia!


Shanks can now be cooked with Fire Spirit (111), and fires are being looked at! But only those who hurried will ever know the forbidden taste of kobold flesh. Discord

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