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Storyline Nations on the Brink
Opportunistic Strife
Gender male
Race Half-elf
Culture Seareach
Status alive
Hometown Kraken's Fall
Alias/Title Pirate

Shteve is a pirate with a penchant for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. His journey into infamy began in Charlatos 5123, when the ship he was traveling on, The Bumbling Bunny (or was it The Scabby Scorpion?), crashed into the Fifth Pier in Kraken's Fall. The shipwreck was quite distressing for Shteve, as it's widely known that he cannot swim. After being saved from near death, Shteve and his crewmates, Fandele and Oluwande, attempted to track down the exotic animals that broke free during the accident. Ultimately, it proved to be more effort than anyone wanted to expend, and the trio decided to let them live free, without any regard for the ecosystem. After this unfortunate series of events, Shteve moved to Kraken's Fall, after being incessantly hounded by the local realtor, Glynjania.

Though he calls Kraken's Fall home, Shteve is a seafarer and spends most of his time on completely reputable ships, which take him to all manner of places. In Olaesta 5123, Shteve visited River's Rest, where he happened upon a party on the beach, which turned out to be a commune to Charl and Niima, during which he almost drowned again.

Shteve decided, after another brush with death, to escape the madness of the west. He traveled to the Elven Nations aboard the first ship that would take him, and he found himself in the company of a crew of unscrupulous pirates. After disembarking in Mistwatch, he joined a few of them for a game of dice at the Airmen's Rest to try to win a few extra coins. The game quickly escalated into a brawl, when Shteve was unjustly and wrongly accused of cheating. The Crimson Legion interrupted this brawl and nearly arrested Shteve (despite his complete innocence).

Against his better judgment, perhaps still reeling from almost being thrown into jail, Shteve returned to River's Rest on his journey home. He was there not even fifteen minutes before he was murdered by a band of madwomen and madmen who were hurling lightning at gems while goats watched from their nearby pen. Shteve fled back to Kraken's Fall after being brought back to life and given a goat toy as a consolation prize.

It should be noted that Shteve hates Larry -- don't even bring him up.


You see Pirate Shteve.
He appears to be a Half-Elf from Seareach.
He is average height.  He appears to be middle-aged.  He has bloodshot brown eyes and oily, blotchy skin.  He has raggedly cut, greasy blue-black hair balding in the back.  He has a weathered face, a broken nose and a pronounced overbite.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a worn suede tricorn, an iron-buckled suede harness over an open-neck dingy linen shirt, a striped ebon and red sash, a pair of faded black pantaloons, and a pair of salt-stained leather boots with broken laces.