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Sleep (501)
Mnemonic [SLEEP]
Duration Instantaneous
Cast Time 2
Mana Cost 5
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype Warding 
Target(s) Single 
State(s) Inflicted Unconscious
Major Elemental Spells
Sleep (501) Attack
Chromatic Circle (502) Attack
Thurfel's Ward (503) Defensive
Slow (504) Attack
Hand of Tonis (505) Attack
Celerity (506) Utility
Elemental Deflection (507) Defensive
Elemental Bias (508) Defensive
Strength (509) Offensive
Hurl Boulder (510) Attack
Floating Disk (511) Utility
Cold Snap (512) Attack
Elemental Focus (513) Offensive
Stone Fist (514) Attack
Rapid Fire (515) Utility
Mana Leech (516) Utility
Charge Item (517) Utility
Cone of Elements (518) Attack
Immolation (519) Attack
Mage Armor (520) Defensive
Meteor Swarm (525) Attack
Elemental Disjunction (530) Attack
Haste (535) Utility
Temporal Reversion (540) Defensive
Time Stop (550) Utility

Sleep is a warding spell that causes the target to become overwhelmed with relaxation, possibly to the point that the creature falls unconscious. Creatures that do not sleep naturally, such as constructs and undead, are not affected by this spell.

The duration of the Sleep effect is based on the standard negative duration formula. The mana cost is based on target level (see below).

Training in Elemental Lore, Air provides a chance for the target to be groggy if awakened.

Sleep is considered a spell of war.

Mana Cost

Sleep does not follow the standard mana cost of its spell level, but rather a scaling cost based on the the target's level and is equal to the seed 1 summation against the target's level, capped at 5.

Target level 1 3 6 10 15+
Mana cost 1 2 3 4 5

When imbedded by the Magic Item Creation (420) spell or charged by the Charge Item (517) spell, Sleep counts as a level 8 spell to emulate the variable mana cost for different targets.

Note: The restriction of only being able to use Sleep cast from a magic item on a level 2 target has been removed. Also, when casting Sleep from a scroll, the spell will no longer take mana from the caster.


Lore Benefit

Training in Elemental Lore, Air provides for a seed 1 summation of ranks chance for the target to be groggy (-20 AS/DS and 2 second slow) if it wakes up. The grogginess lasts for 10 seconds and may stack with other status effects.

Elemental Lore, Air ranks 1 3 6 10 15 21 28 36 45 55 66
Chance for grogginess 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 11%
Elemental Lore, Air ranks 78 91 105 120 136 153 171 190 210 231
Chance for grogginess 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18% 19% 20% 21%


>incant 501
You intone a phrase of elemental power while raising your hands, invoking Sleep...
Your spell is ready.
You gesture at a krag yeti.
  CS: +363 - TD: +305 + CvA: +25 + d100: +32 == +115
  Warding failed!
A krag yeti's eyes glass over as a distant look takes over its expression.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Alchemy Recipe

Some pale glittering dust
  1. Add powder solution
  2. Add powdered turquoise stone
  3. Simmer
  4. Add 2 doses of sprig of lavender
  5. Boil
  6. Add ayanad crystal
  7. Chant Sleep (501)


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