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Latest News

Monday, January 20, 2020

Unlocking! PM Wyrom announces that unlocks for Whisper cloaks, Nalfein Black Rose Decks, and Stuffimals will be available in the SimuCoin store for a pilot two week test run.
Troubled Waters has been released for the Quest nexus. Slaughter Krolvin and earn yourself some blackscrip to spend on prizes!
GM Estild announces updates to Stun Maneuvers. Read the full details in his forum posting.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Xerria has posted her unlocking lists for 2020. Premium subscribers should check out her forum posting for details on exactly which items she can unlock for you at her monthly sessions.
GM Konacon has added more creatures and abilities to the SMRv2 conversions. Dogs, constructs, hierophants, abyran'ra, animate dead explosion, vines/plants, vathor, necleriine, kiramon, huge mein golems, worms, roa'ters, rift crawlers, chimeras, decaying citadel guardsmen, Force Projection (1207), and patchwork flesh monstrosities have all been moved to SMRv2.

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Magic abounds in Elanthia, and the potency of many spells depends upon Casting Strength, or CS as it's commonly known. Click here to read up on what things factor into the clout of your CS-based spells.


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