The Collapse of the Turamzzyrian Empire (essay)

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The Collapse of the Turamzzyrian Empire

Author: Joshell Jolenn, Lord Scholar

It is obvious to anyone who is observant that the Turamzzyrian Empire is on the verge of collapse. Many debilitating problems riddle this troubled empire, many beyond repair. It is quite a spectacular feat that it has lasted as long as it has. For it has none of the qualities that make an empire great, unlike the Great Elven Empire, which has perfected almost every facet of imperialism.

Great inflation troubles the Turamzzyrian Empire. Examples of this inflation are rampant and far-reaching. In fact the inflation in the Turamzzyrian Empire has even reached towns and provinces located on its borders. The inflationary activity in the merchant's guild of Wehnimer's Landing is rampant. Simple weaponry and gear, as well as clothing cost a thousand times what they do in the elven empire and Wehnimer's Landing is not even part of the Turamzzyrian Empire. If someone visits the town of Solhaven, which is located in the Turamzzyrian Empire and is adjacent to the barony of Vornavis, they will see that inflation is the dominant aspect of its markets. For example the Ilyan Cloud, a Loenthran airship that embarked on a trade mission with the Turamzzyrian Empire during the month of Lormesta in the 5099th year of the Modern Era, brought finely crafted silk tunics. These tunics sold for a mere 35,000 silver coins. Now one can find someone hawking these tunics for close to a million silvers anywhere in Turamzyrr and on its borders!

The Turamzzyrian Empire has neither natural resources nor any valuable commodities that it could use in trade with other empires. Elves and Dwarves craft the best armament and weapons. Elves produce the finest liqueurs, vintages, and delicacies. The best magical artifacts are Illistim. Dwarves and giants are the sturdiest workers of menial labor. The human empire has no commodity or service that is of any use to any of the other empires or races on Elanith. The Turamzzyrian Empire's technology is years behind the technology of the Elven Empire. Elves have been utilizing airship travel for years now while the Turamzzyrians are restricted to water-bound boats or land. These conditions culminate to produce a dying economy and a situation where Tamzyrr's imports outweigh its exports, which will lead to economic decay.

The Turamzzyrian Empire has no centralized ruler or government. The governing of Turamzyrr's lands is laid in the hands of barons who are responsible for ruling their respective part of the empire. Practically all of Turamzyrr's imperial power is held by the barons, many of which are not loyal to the empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire. The most common examples being Baron Dunrith Malwind of Vornavis and Baron Hochstib of Jantalar (who temporarily embraced the empress's doctrines to gain a mandis crystal from her). The empress of Turamzyrr has lost almost all of her power to rule and now has absolutely no control over local barons and nobles who now rule the Turamzzyrian Empire. If an army of say Bregandians were to attempt an attack on the Turamzzyrian Empire it would surely fall. Mynal'lyanna armies are spread too thin trying to keep her rebellious barons in line (and is failing to I might add). Mynal'lyanna's barons will hardly leap to her aid; in fact many would side with her enemies in an attempt to insure their own empire. As such the Turamzzyrian Empire is incredibly vulnerable to outside attack.

There is a highly publicized war raging between the baronies of Vornavis and Jantalar. In fact Jantalar has already captured the neighboring baronies of Mestanir and Talador. Civil war is a common sign of the decline of an empire. Soon this infighting will spread throughout all the baronies and such a war will surely tear apart the Turamzzyrian Empire.

The establishment of the Turamzzyrian Empire was almost in full due to elven backing. The speed and strength at which Tamzyrr was able to rise into an empire defies any logic and can not possibly be done without elven backing, as the document entitled "The History of Elanthia" states, "Indeed, it is hard to believe that her [the first empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire, Selantha Anodheles] rapid series of political and military victories was entirely the fruit of her own talents."

However, as of 5100 Common Era, the Turamzzyrian's elven backing is almost non-existent. It has been steadily declining over the past several hundred years and is on the verge of complete withdrawal. Without elven backing the Turamzzyrian Empire can not stand as an empire.

The position of empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire has lost any form of prestige it once had, which is a sure sign of political decay. The patriarchs and matriarchs of the elven houses are revered and respected. No such respect exists in the current Turamzzyrian Empire. Even the fear that Mynal'lyanna once used to manipulate her subjects has almost been drawn dry. Rebellion and civil war is sure to follow. Signs of this have already shown, as stated in "The History of Elanthia," "families have risen to challenge the Anodheles for control of the imperial throne"

It is no secret that the current empress of Turamzyrr (Mynal'lyanna) has ties to a Luukosian cult and is fully backed by it. She has made her dealings with them public with her odd involvement with the undead. Her power and authority comes solely from the Luukosian cult. As soon as Luukos or this cult looses interest in Mynal'lyanna and they discontinue their backing of her, any fear she holds over her subjects will vanish and rebellion will undoubtedly ensue leading to chaos, turmoil, and the eventual collapse of the Turamzzyrian Empire. To quote from the popular document, "The History of Elanthia,"

"She [Mynal'lyanna] is rumored to have the backing of a cult of Luukos. Two of those who contested her claim to the throne were struck down with diseases which defied all treatments, and one was attacked by undead in the first such attack ever recorded in the city of Tamzyrr. The victim was held in confinement until he displayed signs of the Curse of Luukos, and then was mercifully slain before the curse could fully manifest itself."

In conclusion, as eloquently showed in this document the Turamzzyrian Empire is on a one-way route towards collapse. It in a state of disrepair that not even the most capable of rulers can fix. The problems that plague this once mediocre empire have caused it to be categorized as a decaying empire. Its collapse is unavoidable and at this point only under the purview of time and its time is limited.

Contributor's note:

Taken from the House Chesylcha library, c.1999.