The Woodsman's Chisel

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The Woodsman's Chisel is a shop in the Ravelin, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells tableware.

[The Woodsman's Chisel] RNUM: 33433, u14201075
Tall shelves of fine-grained mahogany frame the curtain-draped windows of the small shop, the tone-on-tone brocade styled with local fauna highlighted in threads of gold. A wide counter displays hand-sketched sheets of vellum beneath a pane of clear glass, the drawings bordered by an array of paint-dipped sticks showcasing available customizations. Set above an antler-inked partition is an aged iron chisel, the tool displayed within a frame of lacquered lasimor. You also see a lithesome half-elven craftsman.
Obvious exits: out


  1. a fork            9. a stein
  2. a spoon           10. a goblet
  3. a knife           11. a tray
  4. some chopsticks   12. a canister
  5. a plate           13. a jar
  6. a saucer          14. a case
  7. a cup             15. a basket
  8. a teacup         

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.

This item is available in the following colors or finishes:

  1. avian-carved          12. flora-painted        23. pastel-dyed
  2. blackened             13. gilt-colored         24. pearlescent
  3. branch-like           14. herb-carved          25. peony-carved
  4. blonde-dyed           15. jade-inset           26. oil-polished
  5. checkered             16. ivory-washed         27. raven-branded
  6. crimson-dyed          17. lacquered            28. rose-branded
  7. earth-toned           18. latticed             29. silver-washed
  8. ecru-washed           19. leaf-painted         30. vellum-inset
  9. emerald-set           20. monogrammed          31. vine-carved
  10. fine-grained         21. nacre-framed         32. wicker-framed
  11. flora-carved         22. obsidian-set        

This item is available in the following materials or features:

  1. acacia                13. hazelwood            25. mossbark
  2. alder                 14. hickory              26. pine
  3. ash                   15. ironwood             27. rosewood
  4. aspen                 16. jadewood             28. sandalwood
  5. bamboo                17. juniper              29. teak
  6. cocobolo              18. lacewood             30. violetwood
  7. cypress               19. linden               31. walnut
  8. driftwood             20. oak                  32. willow
  9. ebonwood              21. mahogany             33. zebrawood
  10. ebony                22. maple                34. ziricote
  11. fel                  23. mistwood            
  12. haon                 24. modwir              

To customize your order, just add COLOR {colorname} MATERIAL {materialname} to your ORDER.
Example: ORDER 1 COLOR red MATERIAL mithril

Specialty design NPC

>ask craft about materials
A lithesome half-elven craftsman says, "I work on wood, stone, and bone items.  Please TELL me what material we are working with so I may provide you with the correct attachment listing."

>ask craft about designs
A lithesome half-elven craftsman says, "Here is a list of designs you can choose from.  TELL me the DESIGN number you would like to select.  This is required."

 Number   Option
      1   a gold-limned wyvern rampant
      2   a stylized wyvern entwined in crimson dragonstalks
      3   a crenellated fortress silhouette
      4   a thin-lined repeating arrow pattern
      5   a scattering of gilt-striped honeybees
      6   a bumblebee sleeping in an unfurled blossom
      7   a bas relief honeycomb pattern
      8   meandering blackberry brambles
      9   a deep-shadowed stag silhouette
     10   a crouching plains lion shrouded by wispy grass
     11   a trio of ornately feathered chickens
     12   a corn-framed chicken insignia
     13   pink-blushed apple blossoms
     14   overlapping lasimor leaves
     15   a root-sprawled mangrove tree
     16   speckled crimson-capped mushrooms
     17   intricate gold-swept knotwork
     18   coiling lines of a fog-saturated river
     19   a border of gilded crenellations
     20   fans of scythe-clawed crimson saurian wings