Orthir (prime)

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Orthir Duranel Loenthra
Orthir and Raelee by Breezy.png
Orthir about to be immolated by Raelee, as rendered by Breezy.
Race Elf
Culture Loenthra
Class Ranger
Profession Loenthran Guard
Religion Andelas, Eorgina
Disposition Shrewd and cunning. Loyal.
Demeanor Unabashed flirt
Likes You
Loyalties Loenthran Crown

Orthir Duranel Loenthra is an elven ranger and a lech originally hailing from Ta'Loenthra. He currently resides in Solhaven, although he frequently spends time in Ta'Illistim as well.

Born to a merchant-class mother, Orthir had two older half-siblings. His elder brother died during the Second Griffin Sword War as part of the Loenthran reinforcements sent to aid Ta'Illistim. His elder sister, Secily, wed an elderly Nalfein noble who eventually passed away in a terrible hunting accident, which left her alone and most assuredly bereft in spite of her vast inheritance. Fortunately she remains alive and well, frequently travelling between the major capitols of the City-States.

Orthir enlisted in the Loenthran Guard in an effort to emulate his older brother. He lied about his age in the process, an action which ultimately brought him to the attention of a particular unit involved with aiding the Loenthran Queen with missions requiring particular discretion. He remains in the Guard to this day, although he has been on an extended 'vacation' in western Elanith since 5108. Originally intending to return after five years, his vacation was extended by another half decade.

The Duranel family has claimed Eorgina as patron for numerous generations. Breaking from that tradition, Orthir chose to follow a different path. He was present during the rediscovery of Li'aerion, and he bore witness to Eorgina herself manifesting before those adventurers gathered at the forefront of the exploration. To this day, this remains a defining moment in his life and has reaffirmed that while Eorgina may not be his primary patron, she still holds a place of great importance.

In 5112, Orthir courted Myasara Illistim with the intent to wed her. He ultimately concluded that the union would not work and did not endeavor to break the Argent Mirror's heart in the process. It turned out for the better for Orthir in the long run, especially considering that her eventual husband, Caylio Javilerre, was murdered immediately following the exchange of wedding vows.

Following his failed courtship of the Illistim Queen, Orthir has returned to the Solhaven region and remained relatively out of sight. He is known locally for his attempts to woo virtually anyone or anything that breathes.


You see Orthir Duranel Loenthra the Rake.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall and appears to have come of age. He has brooding, mismatched dark and pale silver eyes and fair skin. He has shorn, loose white blonde hair broken by several long, slender woven plaits that fall from behind the curve of his ears and are each capped with jet and pewter beads. He has an angular face and long pointed ears that end in thin sharply curving tips.
He has some sleek lustrous onyx rings in the upper ridge of his right ear.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a low-brimmed fine dark suede hat adorned with a slender raven plume, a vaalin-framed pendant mirror, a low-collared grey kidskin longcoat, a front-laced soft ivory linen tunic, some supple ebon leather gloves, a heavy pewter signet ring, a crossed double sword belt, a dark suede pouch, some fitted grey leather trousers trimmed in silvery thread, and some tall ebon leather boots buckled with vaalorn.

Personal Crest

Circumferenced by a solid silver frame, a silver harp is set upon a amethyst field over a dark starling flying across an eclipsed ivory moon. Above it is a flourish of two gently curving golden pheasant feathers. A regal crimson hart stands as the right flank, while a rampant ivory unicorn flanks upon the left.