Witchful Thinking - 5119-07-30 - Deontology, Pragmatism, Survival, Resolve (log)

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Koaratos 30-31, 5119

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Pylasar arrives outside Moot Hall on foot--after flying part of the way--and says he's very tired, but remembers some things for now. He asks if any have questions for him.
    • Sir Cryheart asks if he's been able to sleep; he says no. He msses his family and, in some ways, Rachel.
    • Captain Stormyrain asks if he's a paragon; he says no.
    • Balley asks if there are paragons among us; he says not anymore.
    • Dergoatean asks how the paragons work; he says Raznel's gained near immortality by displacing fragments of her essence in the blood of others throughout history.
    • Lyrna says Pylasar seems less scattered, and she and Bernadette ask if remembering helped and if he can focus; he says many pieces of his memory have returned, but says it won't last forever and we'll act as quickly as we can.
  • Pylasar explains that Raznel's mastered converting others' blood into a substance like her own, poisoned or cursed in some temporal fashion, giving her a connection even though they exist in the past. If a paragon dies, Raznel doesn't suffer because others in the stream of time replace the gap.
  • He says Larsya was one of Raznel's latest paragons, but by healing her, Raznel's now created another one. Balley asks how she creates them; Pylasar doesn't fully know, but had aided her and his memories had been locked away. He says Raznel doesn't make them easily.
  • Cerridween asks about curing the paragons and Pylasar says there is no curing them; we'll kill them.
  • Pylasar says he's sent word to Chrysamber Epoch, despite a rocky relationship in the past, as she's a Chronomage and the enemy of our enemy... She can help navigate to pockets in the past, outside of time, where the paragons are. He says we'll explore deeper into his mind to find the paragons with Chrysamber's help, as he knows of seven and it's likely Raznel now has eight if Larsya's been removed. Later in the night he says Chrysamber should arrive within a week or two.
  • Lyrna, Cerridween, and Ysharra press the question of whether killing them is really necessary, but Pylasar says Raznel's death will just lead to rebirth unless her fragments are gone, and says that the ones before Larsya are not of our time or world anymore.
  • Xorus says that Raznel's paragon creation in Pylasar's memories looked different than what happened to Larsya; Pylasar admits it concerns him that Raznel might be trying to expand her ways of creating them. Xorus mentions Raznel carving the date into Larsya's flesh when she was cured of the Epochxin and Pylasar says it's likely so she could rebuild a new paragon in the same year.
  • Goat asks about Raznel's ultimate motive; Pylasar says he can't speculate and just that she's evil and perhaps wants chaos or death. Goat asks if Gracie is Rachel's daughter; Pylasar says no, as there came a time when Rachel and him were no more. They'd both been run out of the Arcanum, she'd been run out of the Hall of Mages, and he'd aided in hunting her.
  • Chamorr asks what happened to his wife and child; Pylasar says Raznel took them from him with a magical plague similar to the one that affected Reannah.
  • Pylasar warns that murder isn't clean or easy business and that no one needs to go with him to kill the paragons if need be. He says they'll be protected, similarly to a lich's phylactery, but by living things.
  • Goat asks of Quinshon's involvement; Pylasar doesn't know. He says Quinshon might have had a role in some of his memories, but most of his condition came from a battle with Raznel in the Wizardwaste.
  • Pylasar warns that Raznel has allies and ears and we can't hope to hide our plans, so she'll bring all she can. Balley asks if Raznel's watching now; he says her bugs are in her (Balley's) skin and her bloodsuckers are in the crowd, so yes. Chaoswynd--who also has a scarab, along with Bernadette and Darcena--asks if Pylasar knows a way of extricating the scarabs; he doesn't.
  • Goat asks about Pylasar's working relationship with Dennet Kestrel and Octaven; he says he didn't work with them and they disagreed on many things. Magister Raelee asks which thing related to Raznel would float to the top of his memories with the other Grand Magisters; Pylasar doesn't recall.
  • Goat asks when he became Pylasar instead of Peter; he was Pylasar was the name of a "warmmage" Gracie created and had him recount bedtime stories of.
  • Mayor Lylia asks if the blight is familiar to him and if there's anything we can do. He says it's familiar in that it reeks of Raznel, and suggests being rid of the bleakstone statue. He says something seems different from last time and it screams of blood.
  • Raelee asks if Pylasar can recall the future; he says he can't see beyond 5119.
  • Captain Shinann asks if the statue could have been made with Lylia's blood, collected from the scarab; he says anything's possible.
  • Xorus asks if Pylasar has insight into the similarity of the Bleaklands and Wizardwaste; he says the Wizardwaste was an accident, but the Bleaklands were made with purpose, are her doing, and are growing. Leafiara asks if the Wizardwaste isn't growing; he says it's been argued that it is, but its growth pales in comparison to the Bleaklands. Lylia asks if Raznel intended the Bleaklands to be Tamzyrr; he doesn't know.
  • Raelee asks if Pylasar's seen the future change from what he saw; he doesn't recall. Lylia asks if he's lost his memories of the future; he only repeats that he doesn't see beyond 5119.
  • Xorus asks what Rachel was doing with the Crescent, while Leafi asks if he ever helped her see into the future. He says no, but just that he aided her in the creation and placement of the paragons. He says Rachel once sought to return to her time and might have wished to use the Crescent for that.
  • Goat reiterates an unanswered question from Xorus, about how much of the time between the days of the Arcanum and the present day Pylasar had experienced--or if he'd skipped ahead. He only says he was nearing two decades old when he met Rachel in 4473, and that years later the Crescent backfiring on them gave him some strange side effects.
  • Hapenlok asks if Pylasar expects or desires to survive this fight. He repeats that he can't see beyond 5119, and asks if she's blocking him or if he'll die, but says he isn't concerned with either. Leafi and he agree we need to stop Raznel once and for all, whatever it takes. Pylasar concludes: "She has taken my everything. We will take hers."


Speaking quietly to a polished bleakstone statue, Pukk says, "Even if we don't keep mov....."
Pukk blinks in surprise as though just becoming aware of Lylia's presence.
Lylia taps Pukk lightly on his shoulder.
Speaking quietly to Lylia, Pukk says, "Even if we don't keep moving we lose people."
Pukk quietly says, "We should paint a mustache on the statue so we can tell the difference."
Pukk quietly says, "Either that or Lylia can grow one."
Speaking quietly to Lylia, Pukk says, "Eat some dwarves and you might be able to."
Pylasar says, "And they will be protected, imagine a lich's phaylaltrjwjalxcerl, but...living things."
Bristenn loudly sighs, "Phylactery."
Raelee says, "... phylactery."
Pylasar says, "That's what I said."
Pylasar says, "Phaylaltrjwjalxcerl."
Bristenn grouses, "I suppose that's the old Kannalan root of it."


Purple Light

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see some stone benches with some stuff on it and an herbal remedy donation bin.

Also here: Venak, Mistress Ghianna, Issoli, Phys, Grand Lord Gnaeusprimus, Event Planner Leafiara, Lord Zolis, Dergoatean, Lady Daijauvex who is kneeling, Vidos, Lady Samaarkan, Lyrna, High Lady Lauranathalasa, Khuru, Tikoshi, Elphieya, Rhayveign, Relic Hunter Madmountan, Faennian who is kneeling, Kalsicar who is kneeling, Chaoswynd, Yllva, Alostad, Sir Cryheart, Musix who is sitting, Zosopage, Gypsy Scribe Balley, Shinann, Bernadetta, Bernadette, Stormyrain, Magister Raelee, High Lord Lidell, Dohvah who is kneeling, Pukk, Master Eledryn, Ifael, Infrurnier

A half-elven cleric wanders in examining a sheet of Aspis-crested vellum. "I just know I can win Bardfest this year with my devotional epic of Kai's feats..." She stops, gawking at the vellum and suddenly blurts, "Koar's kipping kittens! The Grand Prize is ten million coins! I'd better get registered to perform!" She rolls up the vellum and hurries off, muttering about finding an Aspis officer.

Leafiara surprisedly says, "Oh, Bardfest is soon."

Pukk quietly says, "That was one loud cleric."

A faint streak of purple light can be seen in the night sky above Wehnimer's Landing.

Balley softly says, "Purple."

Speaking suddenly to Pukk, Leafiara says, "I am not--"

Leafiara suddenly says, "Oh."

Bernadette softly says, "Ahh purple."

Ghianna exclaims, "Hooray for Bar-fest!"

Balley softly says, "Oh Pylasar."

Bernadetta asks, "Is that what they call a viral ad?"

Bernadetta says, "I think it made me sick."

Speaking quietly to Leafiara, Pukk says, "Not you. That one with the paper."

Dergoatean exclaims, "I'm a goin east!"

Cryheart says, "Moving easterly."

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a polished bleakstone statue, a bone-framed bulletin board and a large purple wooden barrel.

Also here: Faennian, Conquerer of Reim Ysharra, Conquerer of Reim Xorus, Conquerer of Reim Lylia, Lady Cerridween, Hapenlok, Mistress Ghianna, Guarrin, Lord Pylasar, Rhayveign, Relic Hunter Madmountan, Nodyre, Tikoshi, Alasatia, Stormyrain, Aeith, Lyrna, Event Planner Leafiara, Lord Zolis, Gillien, Magister Raelee, Zosopage, Chaoswynd, Grand Lord Gnaeusprimus, High Lady Lauranathalasa, Elphieya, Gypsy Scribe Balley, Shinann, Bernadette, Pukk, Master Eledryn, Sir Cryheart, Dergoatean, Lord Thrassus, Lazaryth, Nimaera

[composite shot of people gathered there, comes from later in the evening]

Leafiara amicably says, "I should go get food."

[retrieval of the cart]

Balley softly says, "I hope he is doing ok."

A circular ebonwood cart comes rolling slowly into the room and stops.

Balley softly says, "From the other night that is."

Speaking quietly to Leafiara, Pukk says, "Make sure that cart follows us, that would help out a lot."

Speaking mischievously to Pukk, Leafiara says, "Oh, I'm with ya."

Zosopage says, "Well he's purple so that's a good sign."

Lyrna says, "What other..."

Speaking to Pukk, Eledryn says, "Could we get chrisms and deed gems on that cart? That would be exceptionally useful."

Leafiara proclaims, "Despite the dire circumstances, Twilight Hall and many other Great Houses will keep you fed as long as our supplies last."

Balley softly says, "I am just nervous around him."

Speaking quietly to Eledryn, Pukk exclaims, "Food is much better than those!"

Speaking to Leafiara, Dergoatean says, "I swear people work actual magic to keep those carts stocked."

Leafiara adamantly says, "We just have to make sure to end the witch sooner than later, and then everything should be alright."

Speaking to Pukk, Eledryn says, "I wasn't suggesting taking any of the food off of it."

Speaking mischievously to Dergoatean, Leafiara says, "Best believe it."

Speaking to Leafiara, Dergoatean says, "I've never seen them run out of a single thing."

Elphieya quietly says, "I am worried about everyone in town. All I see are empty carts and rotting fruit and fish everywhere."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Aurien says, "It has been too long Lady Stormyrain."

Speaking helpfully to Elphieya, Leafiara says, "Well, the ones with surviving crops are, you know, on their farms and such."

Gillien asks, "Has anyone seen to the city's defenses lately?"

Speaking to Elphieya, Leafiara continues, "So you wouldn't see as much of them."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Aurien asks, "You performing at bardfest?"

Speaking quietly to Leafiara, Elphieya says, "True. I just hope there are enough of them."

Speaking to Aurien, Stormyrain says, "I am not. And it has been too long, our paths should cross more often."

Speaking to Leafiara, Eledryn says, "With how many empty carts I have seen, I am wondering just how many might still have crops."

The voice of Thrassus says, "Yes, the adventurers will stay fed. I'm sure the townsfolk will absolutely fine with that."


Lord Pylasar just arrived.

Speaking quietly to Leafiara, Elphieya says, "I worry about the orphans and those in Shanty Town. They are the ones this is likely to hit first."

Speaking to Elphieya, Aeith says, "I checked the grocers, and they seem to still have well stocked supplies for now. Once those run out though, we'll see..."

Balley softly says, "Hi Pylasar."

Stormyrain says, "Aurien and Satia in one night, tonight is a good one."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "... Pylasar."

Pylasar waves.

Speaking thoughtfully to Elphieya, Leafiara says, "I think the Rooks are trying to take care of them there."

Pylasar says, "Hi."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Aurien exclaims, "Yes I suppose someone as beautiful as the lady Stormyrain has no need of 10 million silvers!"

Cryheart says, "Good evening ye purpleness."

Speaking quietly to Cryheart, Pukk exclaims, "I see that you are working on your speed of walking! Just goes to show you that old geezers can still walk fast!"

Speaking to Aurien, Stormyrain says, "No one wants to hear me warble around anymore."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee observes, "You walked here."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Chaoswynd says, "I beg to differ."

Pylasar says, "I stralked here."

Speaking to Chaoswynd, Stormyrain says, "Stop, they'll think I paid you to say that."

Pylasar says, "Streaked, then walked."

Pylasar shrugs.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Aurien says, "I am always willing to watch you warble around as much as you like."

Balley softly says, "Oh that works."

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Pukk says, "I was kinda expecting you to float down while holding balloons."

Pylasar says, "I am still very..."

Pylasar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Pylasar says, "Tired."

Zosopage says, "Hopefully streaked as if flew."

Madmountan says, "I can imagine."

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok corrects, "Broken."

Cryheart says, "I can imagine why."

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara acknowledges, "It was a very long night. Longest of all for you, too."

Pylasar nods.

Pylasar says, "But good, I suppose."

Pylasar says, "I remember some things. For now."

Speaking to Pylasar, Lyrna asks, "Did the experience aid YOU at all?"

Pylasar says, "Before I...well..."

Pylasar asks, "Does anyone have any questions?"

Gillien says, "Now that's some lightning. I can't remember the last time I've seen it that intense."

Cryheart asks, "Hae ye been able to sleep?"

Balley softly asks, "No, is there anything you need to share?"

Speaking curiously to Pylasar, Leafiara asks, "Any idea how we can find the paragons?"

Pylasar says, "Sleep? No."

Pylasar says, "I miss my family."

Lyrna quietly says, "And what that means that they are.. 'paragons'."

Balley softly says, "I can understand that."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean says, "We're here for you."

Pylasar says, "In some ways, I also miss Rachel."

Bernadette softly says, "I knows ye does."

Ghianna asks, "Is this gonna be a standup fight or another bug-hunt?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "That is to say, I am sorry for that, but it was necessary."

Balley softly says, "It is hard when you are separated from the one you love."

Cryheart says, "Is understandable."

Speaking softly to Pylasar, Stormyrain inquires, "Are you one of the paragons, Mage?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "Of course you do."

Speaking carefully to Pylasar, Leafiara says, "Well... some things can never come back."

Pylasar says, "No."

Stormyrain slowly empties her lungs.

Stormyrain murmurs, "Thank the gods."

Pylasar says, "But..."

Balley softly asks, "Are there paragons amongst us?"

Pylasar slowly empties his lungs.

Pylasar says, "No, not anymore."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "How do the paragons work? Do they keep her alive while they're alive?"

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Elphieya asks, "Not...anymore?"

Faennian asks, "What's happening over here, fun stuff?"

Balley softly says, "Well that is good, maybe.."

Madmountan exclaims, "From what I gathered the other night, the answer could just as easily be "not yet" - ha!"

Speaking to Faennian, Lylia says, "This depends on your definition of 'fun.'."

Speaking to Faennian, Dergoatean says, "Important stuff, for sure, but maybe not fun."

Pylasar clears his throat.

Pylasar says, "Raznel learned how to gain near immortality, and that she continues to come back to life over the centuries, because she has displaced fragments of her own essence in the blood of others throughout history."

Speaking to Pylasar, Lyrna asks, "You seem much less... scattered than usual. Did the remembering... help?"

Leafiara says, "Yeah, it did seem to be something like that."

Balley softly asks, "Fragments?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Eledryn asks, "The scarabs?"

Zosopage says, "So kill them all meant kill all with her blood perhaps."

Bernadette softly asks, "Ye able to focus?"

Speaking quietly to Eledryn, Elphieya asks, "Do you think so?"

Pylasar says, "Many pieces of my memory have returned. But it will not last forever."

Pylasar says, "Weeks? Months? I am not sure."

Pylasar says, "So we will act as quickly as we can."

Bernadette softly says, "We here to helps ye."

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara urges, "Yes... please do."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Do you have anything in mind for neutralizing these paragons?"

Lylia says, "Of course."

Paragon Problem

Pylasar slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking to Elphieya, Eledryn says, "I do not know what to think. I am not sufficiently studied. But I can speculate."

Pylasar says, "Let me speak of some things..."

Pylasar says, "And then any questions...I will do my best to answer."

Elphieya tentatively asks, "Any chance we can speak out of the rain?"

Faennian says, "Weather has not been a good sign around here lately."

Speaking to Elphieya, Stormyrain murmurs, "At least it is not blood rain, that takes ages to get out of my damned hair."

Lylia quietly says, "Standing in the lee of Moot Hall seems to suffice. If we move, we risk losing stragglers."

Speaking to Faennian, Leafiara says, "Well... at this point the crops that are surviving need the rain, so..."

Faennian says, "This is true."

Speaking to Chaoswynd, Stormyrain mouths, "Ages."

Ysharra says, "The rain may even clear off the withered and decaying a little faster."

Speaking quietly to a polished bleakstone statue, Pukk says, "Even if we don't keep mov....."

Pukk blinks in surprise as though just becoming aware of Lylia's presence.

Lylia taps Pukk lightly on his shoulder.

Ysharra says, "...though I do worry if the soil will also be eroded."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Pukk says, "Even if we don't keep moving we lose people."

Pylasar says, "Raznel, over time, has mastered converting others blood' into a substance like her own, that is almost poisoned or cursed, in some temporal fashion. This allows her a connection to these "paragons", as she describes them, even though they exist in the past. Once a paragon dies, or is killed in some way, Raznel does not suffer because there are always others in the stream of time to replace the gap."

Santiel takes a moment to observe a polished bleakstone statue.

Santiel says, "That's new."

Blades glances at a polished bleakstone statue.

Blades asks, "Uh... was that there?"

Lyrna asks, "A couple weeks?"

Speaking offhandedly to Blades, Lylia says, "Oh, that? A gift from an admirer."

Pylasar says, "...Larsya was one of her latest paragons."

Blades squints at Lylia.

Blades says, "Soso."

Lauranathalasa asks, "The pirate girl?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Cerridween says, "Does that mean for each moment in time, multiple paragons exist to overlap? Almost like scales of armor she has built around herself."

Leafiara repeats, "Was?"

Pukk quietly says, "We should paint a mustache on the statue so we can tell the difference."

Xorus dryly says, "You are all welcome."

Raelee quietly says, "That makes sense."

Pukk quietly says, "Either that or Lylia can grow one."

Cryheart says, "Poor Larsya."

Pylasar says, "It is safe to assume, by healing Larsya somehow, she has now created another one."

Leafiara slowly says, "Oh... I see."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Pukk says, "Eat some dwarves and you might be able to."

Balley softly asks, "How does she create these paragons?"

Pylasar says, "I do not fully know. But I aided in many of them."

Cryheart asks, "Blood and magic?"

Pylasar says, "I had forgotten, it had been..."

Pylasar says, "Locked away, if you will."

Berkana offers Blades a shot of Elanthian Comfort.

Blades accepts Berkana's Elanthian Comfort.

Blades says, "You know the way directly to the hole that was supposedly a heart."

Pylasar says, "She does not make them easily."

Pylasar says, "If I had to guess, seven more exist."

Lyrna quietly says, "That is hard. I have had such a thing happen to me, and it is not an easy thing to remember... to know.."

Pylasar says, "Perhaps now eight, after the loss of Larsya."

Speaking to Blades, Berkana asks, "Hmm, lost cause?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Gillien asks, "How did you help?"

Santiel says, "Not a fan, but the artist express themselves."

Balley softly asks, "8?"

Leafiara surprisedly asks, "...wait, only eight?"

Cerridween asks, "At least when we cure these paragons, we buy ourselves some time to figure out a more lasting solution?"

Lylia says, "Eight is quite a few, when we consider that she has imbued her essence in them. She is a fractured creature."

Shinann says, "We do not have time I fear."

Lauranathalasa asks, "Are the paragons those infected by the scarabs?"

Dergoatean asks, "How would we even count? If some lived, and died, and were replaced by others, how would one be "active" and another not?"

Speaking to Cerridween, Hapenlok asks, "Cure?....or kill?"

Pylasar says, "There is no curing of the paragons."

Speaking to Eledryn, Santiel says, "Charl may rule the seas. But darkness still lurks in the depths."

Pylasar says, "I will be absolutely honest."

Bernadette softly says, "Not sure bout that but it sure trubbles me some."

Speaking quietly to Bernadette, Pukk asks, "You're a paragon?"

Speaking to Hapenlok, Cerridween asks, "To live as a puppet or...?"

Pylasar says, "We will kill the paragons."

Gillien asks, "...but?"

Lylia says, "Most would probably welcome death, given their circumstances."

Lyrna asks, "What of Larsya? Was that the solution for.. her?"

Bernadette softly says, "I bet not be."

Leafiara wryly says, "Well, we're pretty good at killing around here. The question is just... how, where, and when to find them."

Cryheart asks, "And how do we kill these so-called paragons?"

Lylia says, "Xorus was Larsya's solution."

Balley softly asks, "Is there a way to test to see if someone is a paragon? Or are people a paragon and do not know it?"

Potential Solution

Pylasar says, "I have sent word to a woman, who, funny story...we had a few rough run ins in the past..."

Pylasar says, "But regardless, I sent word to a woman to come here."

Pylasar says, "To aid us."

Dergoatean says, "Oh bother..."

Xorus says, "It was complicated and expensive, I would rather just kill them."

Speaking to Cryheart, Hapenlok says, "With everything we have. Spell, blade, bow ...and maximum effort."

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia asks, "A woman we know?"

Eledryn whispers something to Balley.

Pylasar says, "She will be able to help us perhaps navigate to these valences, little pockets in the past, but outside of time, if you will."

Speaking to Cryheart, Hapenlok says, "...and no mercy."

Pylasar says, "Perhaps? I do not know. Her name is Chrysamber Epoch."

Pylasar says, "She is a chronomage."

Leafiara musingly says, "Oh, that makes sense."

Dergoatean says, "It's as if there's one grand timeline that unifies past and present at certain points, into a single progression."

Pylasar says, "Our relationship has been, rocky at best, but, enemy of enemy of enemy or something."

Cerridween says, "I don't like the idea of a hunt if we can't accurately identify who we seek. Do we have a way to suss out if someone is one? Well at least... at the moment we ask... I suppose if we test someone and then they later become a paragon..."

Cerridween says, "Time magic is confusing."

Lylia says, "A practical turn of mind. Yes."

The pungent scent of decomposing flesh wafts into town from the forest beyond. [ambient messaging]

Eledryn says, "By the sounds of it, a chronomage sounds like precisely the right ally to have."

Lyrna asks, "And how were these people chosen? Do we have the right to simply take their lives? I assume by that you mean a True Death and not a glance at the Gate?"

Lylia says, "Now, pockets of time, you say..."

Balley softly asks, "Do you know how to spot or test for paragons?"

Blades says, "Smell that? That's why I stay in the Nations."

Pylasar says, "I know of the remaining seven paragons."

Dergoatean asks, "The seven? Not the eight?"

Speaking sternly to Lyrna, Hapenlok says, "If the choice is between us and them? I choose us."

Balley softly asks, "Do you know their names?"

Thrassus asks, "The question is, what grossly inflated fee is she going to charge?"

Pylasar says, "When the time comes, we'll explore deeper into my mind, with Chrysamber helping us, so what we see, she can find."

Leafiara asks, "The first being... the one we saw four nights ago?"

Speaking to Hapenlok, Lyrna counters, "What if the choice IS of us."

Ysharra asks, "We saw that worm that she used to make the first from your visions. Is that something that could be made visible, leave a trail that we could follow?"

Bristenn slowly observes, "Discussing the anchors, then."

Pylasar says, "I do not wish to recall them at this moment."

Pylasar says, "My mind, sadly, is very fragile at the moment."

Raelee says, "The opportunity to work with a Chronomage would be... most welcome."

Speaking to Lyrna, Lylia says, "Then we make that choice to save the Landing from becoming the Bleaklanding."

Speaking to Bristenn, Ysharra agrees, "The paragons."

Pylasar says, "We will unlock what we need, when the time comes."

Pylasar says, "I know of seven paragons. If Larsya has been removed, it is likely she now has eight."

Speaking to Pylasar, Chaoswynd says, "Unless she replaced Larsya already, like you had suggested a moment ago."

Cerridween asks, "So we have to remove them AND prevent new ones?"

Santiel says, "I heard you visited a cave of memories. I bet that must have been tough on you."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "That makes me all kinds of curious, too. To see more of what they can do."

Hapenlok asks, "Disean?"

Lyrna says, "So it is not worth the time and expense to potentially save ..."

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok asks, "Disean?"

Pylasar says, "No. We will kill the paragons."

Pylasar says, "It is the only way to end Raznel for good."

Pylasar says, "Her death only brings rebirth for her, unless her fragments are gone."

Gillien asks, "But how can we know that he doesn't have more stocked away in other pockets of time?"

Madmountan says, "She."

Lyrna says, "I mean those paragons..."

Balley softly says, "Oh I wonder if that is what my vision meant when it said to kill them all, even.."

Ysharra asks, "Will she be diminished, by losing one, and then another, and so on?"

Speaking quietly to Diamondelille, Pukk says, "Since you just came into the conversation, they are talking about some pears and they are now gone."

Speaking slowly to Balley, Leafiara says, "...yes."

Cerridween asks, "I am curious if we one of the paragons were sufficiently strong willed enough, if we could somehow use them to bind her instead of simply killing those she is bound to?"

Lylia dryly remarks, "I did not realize that the Vaalor quailed at death as much as did any etiolated Illistim handmaiden."

Speaking to Balley, Leafiara adds, "And the other vision last year, about killing the paragon and then the rest."

Diamondelille says, "Wot be pears I be tinkin."

Ysharra asks, "...must we kill them?"

Cerridween says, "Her greatest strength may prove to be her only weakness.."

Balley softly says, "Very true."

Balley softly says, "My mind gets jumbled at times Leafi."

Pukk whispers something to Diamondelille.

Lyrna says, "Quailed at death? I am saying only that we do not know who these people--paragons are."

Leafiara asks, "How many times does he have to say there's no other option?"

Leafiara says, "Even if there were... Pylasar doesn't think so."

Lylia explains, "If she is creating new ones, and if their deaths deliver a sort of...psychic shock or jolt to them, then we may need that advantage."

Ysharra asks, "These women have already been bartered and sold for her fell immortality gamble. Forgive me for wanting to be sure, hm?"

Lylia says, "Otherwise, she would create new ones as soon as old ones were slain."

Speaking to Leafiara, Madmountan says, "Twenty-seven and a half."

Raelee states, "If these seven or eight are not killed, the death toll from Raznel's actions will undoubtably be far higher than eight. There is no logic in holding these eight as sacrosanct above all others."

Lylia says, "Just so."

Dergoatean asks, "And yet, Larsya lives, and is cured?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Shinann asks, "Did you say you were one once or did I misunderstand?"

Lyrna says, "Not what I was trying to say."

Lylia says, "It is regrettable, but I see no reason to doubt Pylasar on this."

Leafiara adamantly says, "Let's just get the job done."

Xorus says, "I worked on Larsya for many months."

Ysharra says, "Doubt and regret are not the same thing."

Leafiara adds, "And, besides... again... if there is another way, Pylasar's not the one who knows about it, seemingly."

Speaking to Xorus, Dergoatean says, "Surely you would reach higher efficiency with scale."

Lyrna says, "Time frame is relevant to the discussion."

Ysharra says, "And I, at the least, was expressing the latter."

Eledryn asks, "The paragons entered into this willingly? So one would not be one unknowingly?"

Hapenlok says, "Time and time again, we've thought we obliterated her, and she's come back."

Speaking to Eledryn, Dergoatean says, "I do not understand that to be the case."

Pylasar says, "I helped her create the paragons."

Speaking deeply to Leafiara, Zolis says, "He might've forgotten if there were."

Aeith asks, "Are these paragons willing vessels of her essence? Or were they cast upon or brought into this against their own doing?"

Speaking quietly to Leafiara, Pukk says, "Like bad chicken, she keeps coming back and haunting us."

Pylasar says, "Time and again, she used me and blocked it away."

Lylia says, "Though I well understand the reasoning behind wanting to save however many lives we can, in this matter... yes. I trust that when the one who helped create them says we must, then we must."

Cerridween asks, "If not willing, at least knowingly then? The paragons would know themselves to be one?"


Xorus says, "What we saw of her paragon work the other night looked very different from what happened to Larsya."

Pylasar says, "We cannot hope to save the ones before Larsya. They are not of our time, of our world anymore, truly."

Speaking to Zolis, Leafiara says, "Very possible. I'm not saying there can't be another way, but we'd have to explore that with others and not Pylasar."

Balley softly says, "The pools of shadow in her eyes.."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Do you have an idea of Raznel's ultimate motive? Is it simply to exist forever, across time, or is there something more?"

Pylasar says, "Larsya, concerns me."

Pylasar says, "Not for her now, but..."

Pylasar says, "The manner in which she created Larsya was new."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Causing the most pain and suffering she can? Power over all others?"

Speaking to Dergoatean, Lylia says, "I have always wondered about that myself."

Pylasar says, "Which tells me, she is trying to expand her way of creating them perhaps."

From nearby, you hear Faennian yell, "Body in TSC if any of you clerics can spare time!"

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "It was quick and efficient, and presumably repeatable in a short period of time."

Blades yells, "Bury it in a hole."

Pukk yells, "Tell the body, that it should die on its own time!"

Marex asks, "This looks fun, what's going on here?"

Speaking to Blades, Ysharra asks, "The town well has a nice big one, hm?"

Speaking to Marex, Dergoatean says, "We're plotting against an evil witch."

Blades says, "Could drop it from the tree."

Pylasar says, "I cannot speculate on what drives Raznel."

Marex says, "Raznel? I am in."

Pylasar says, "She is evil."

Xorus says, "When Larsya was being purged, Raznel carved the date in her flesh."

Pylasar says, "Chaos, death, perhaps."

Leafiara muses, "The immortal can achieve any goal they want since they have all the time in the world, so... even if she didn't have any other goals right now, it makes sense as a first thing for her to do."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Berkana says, "Hey... no need to call me names."

Xorus says, "I would not presume to know Larsya is truly safe even now."

Pylasar says, "She was broken long before she could not bear children."

Pylasar nods at Xorus.

Balley softly says, "Do you know why she gave scarabs to people? Is she collecting blood or gathering other things."

Pylasar says, "It is likely so she could rebuild a new paragon in the same year, or close to it."

Speaking quietly to Balley, Pukk says, "They are fashion statements."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "I'm sorry, Gracie is not Rachel's daughter?"

Pylasar says, "No."

Lylia coldly says, "I dislike fashion statements I did not choose."

Speaking to Pylasar, Cerridween says, "Her needing to seek a replacement sounds like a good opportunity."

A woman can be seen shouting nearby as she indicates a basket full of rotted fruit and she storms off weeping.

Dergoatean says, "No..."

Pukk quietly asks, "Rotten fruit now?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "What do you know of Quinshon's interests, and his involvement, in all this?"

Pukk quietly asks, "Is everything dying now?"

Pylasar says, "There came a time, when eventually, Rachel and I were no more."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr asks, "She did not seem to like the Crescent, what is that?"

Lylia says, "The blight has reached some orchards, yes."

Dergoatean says, "Er, I'll pause that last question if you have more to add."

Pylasar says, "We had both been run out of the Arcanum..."

Speaking to Pukk, Eledryn says, "That is one reason I have decided to join in this task."

Pylasar says, "And in time, she had been run out of the Hall as well."

Cerridween says, "If she must seek a replacement, we might be able to turn that situation to our advantage."

Pylasar says, "In fact, I aided in trying to hunt her."

Bristenn neutrally agrees, "We saw, yes."

Speaking seriously to Eledryn, Pukk says, "If food is rotting...this is very serious."

Pylasar says, "I came to one day take a wife, and we had a child."

Pylasar says, "I...I lost them."

Cryheart says, "Sorry Pylasar."

(Blades props his feet up on the statue.)

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr asks, "What happened to them?"

Blades looks over at Lylia and shakes his head.

Pylasar says, "A plague, magic in nature, almost similar to that which Reannah suffered from."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "You found at least some of her that night, in the plinite cavern."

Blades says, "Nothin like you."

Pylasar says, "Raznel took them from me."

Leafiara says, "Mmm... so that Talon's been no end of magical illnesses."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr says, "She must be ended."

Pylasar says, "She will be."

Xorus asks, "Those memories were six hundred years ago. Have you been walking the earth this whole time, or have you skipped ahead?"

Speaking softly to Pylasar, Balley says, "What happened to Gracie."


Pylasar says, "We will know more when Chrysamber arrives. But I am warning you..."

Pylasar slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "We saw him get hit with that...pulsing flicker, as well..."

Pylasar says, "You do not need to go with me, if you do not wish."

Balley softly says, "Warning me or all of us."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean says, "See how many people that deters."

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara says, "The witch will try to throw all kinds of obstacles in your way. You'll need help."

Speaking to Leafiara, Hapenlok whispers aloud, "Especially if I'm one of them."

Pylasar says, "Murder is not easy or clean business."

Balley softly says, "No it is not."

Lyrna says, "Nor should it be."

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Pukk says, "If the witch throws a halfling at you, just jump over."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Do you see any other way for us to help, aside from this murder business?"

Pylasar says, "And they will be protected, imagine a lich's phaylaltrjwjalxcerl, but...living things."

Bristenn loudly sighs, "Phylactery."

Raelee says, "... phylactery."

Pylasar says, "That's what I said."

Pylasar says, "Phaylaltrjwjalxcerl."

Dergoatean asks, "You all need to clear out your ears?"

Pylasar smirks.

Bristenn grouses, "I suppose that's the old Kannalan root of it."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "What do you know of Quinshon's interests, and his involvement, in all this?"

Pylasar says, "I do not know."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Could you tell us more about your working relationship with Dennet and Octaven, and when that took place?"

Pylasar says, "I believe Quinshon may have had a role in some of my memories."

Madmountan asks, "Or a hole, am I right?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean says, "He certainly seemed interested in keeping you forgetful."

Pylasar says, "But, much of my condition occurred from Raznel and I's final battle in the Wizardwaste."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra says, "He was trying to get you to stop recalling them, at the end of the journey."

Pylasar says, "Just before where one might encounter the Breach..."

Eledryn whispers something to Nimaera.

Dergoatean says, "Surprising that anyone or anything would come away from being that far in."

Cerridween says, "As much as I disdain taking a life, if right now it is our only option then I will be accepting of that duty. However, it is foolish to not also seek out wisdom from sources we have not yet tapped or are even awares of. It being the option now simply means it is the option now, that can change."

Dergoatean says, "With any bit of sanity or identity or health remaining."

Speaking to Cerridween, Leafiara praises, "Well said."

Pylasar says, "I'm also warning you..."

Pylasar says, "The witch has her allies and ears."

Pylasar says, "And we cannot hope to hide what we plan to do."

Lylia says, "I never assume that anything spoken aloud on the town's streets are secrets."

Pylasar says, "She is going to bring all she can now."

Balley softly says, "Ok."

Cryheart says, "That is to be expected."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Could you tell us more about your working relationship with Dennet and Octaven, and when that took place?"

Pylasar says, "I did not work with them."

Eledryn says, "Perhaps one could stage a diversion..."

Lylia says, "If I invite people into a closed-door meeting in my office, people talk."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Ostensibly you had some sort of contact with them, in a... professional capacity?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "... they disagreed with you."

Lylia says, "And hammer at the door and wonder why I am so secretive, and if it is because I am Faendryl."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee asks, "About what?"

Pylasar says, "I knew them within the Hall, and we disagreed on many things."

Pylasar says, "Many. Things."

Speaking dryly to Pylasar, Leafiara says, "I can only imagine."

Pukk whispers something to Chaoswynd.

Balley softly asks, "Do you think Raznel is watching us now?"

Speaking to Lylia, Eledryn says, "Your fish are dying, crops blighted, and wild game diseased. If people making wild assumptions about what goes on in a closed-door meeting in your office is anywhere near your top concerns at the moment..."

Speaking raspily to Balley, Hapenlok says, "I don't doubt it."

Pylasar says, "Her bugs are in your skin, her bloodsuckers are in your crowd."

Pylasar says, "So yes."

Speaking to Bristenn, Cerridween says, "You never know whose interest you might perk by having free conversations. It may prove to turn out a beneficial it of knowledge but equally so, it may spur another into actions opposing."

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok says, "And then ...there's me."

Lylia says, "Hardly my top concern, and I cannot imagine where you got the impression that it was. I simply pointed out that matters of secrecy here are moot."

Lylia leans against the Moot Hall.

Lylia says, "So to speak."

Pukk whispers something to Chaoswynd.

Dergoatean says, "And for what it's worth, Grishom Stone is likely watching as well."

Speaking frankly to Balley, Leafiara says, "There was never any hope of her not finding out about these plans, to be honest."

Pukk whispers something to Chaoswynd.

Speaking to Pylasar, Chaoswynd says, "I don't suppose you would happen to know of a means of extricating said bugs."

Dergoatean says, "On whatever side of a door that we choose."

Pylasar says, "I do not."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee asks, "... and which 'thing' that related to Raznel that would float to the top of your memories of them?"

Speaking to Leafiara, Dergoatean says, "Maybe better to discuss later, so as not to further derail the present conversation."

Lylia wearily says, "For what it is worth, flensing does not remove the scarabs. Neither does limb removal. Bleeding out. Balefire. Evisceration."

Pylasar says, "I do not recall."

Pylasar nods at Raelee.

Eledryn whispers something to Lylia.

What's In A Name

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "How did you come to be Pylasar, instead of Peter? Is there a meaning behind the name?"

Speaking to Lylia, Cerridween asks, "Have we tried herbals and spiritual interventions?"

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "It just burrowed in further to the muscle, I bet."

Eledryn whispers something to Lylia.

Leafiara curiously says, "There's nothing to say that memory was related to Raznel. He recalled a memory of an insect walking on the grass, after all..."

Balley softly asks, "What color was the one she put in you Lylia?"

Lylia whispers something to Eledryn.

Cerridween says, "That's more my sphere of knowledge."

Speaking dryly to Lylia, Bristenn teases, "Perhaps white fire, good mayor?"

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "It did. It eluded me death after bloody death."

Lylia icily says, "I would not speak to me of fire."

Eledryn whispers something to Lylia.

Pylasar says, "Pylasar was the name of a fictionary "warmmage" Gracie once created and had me recount stories of before bed."

Pylasar says, "Warmmage, mind you. Not warmage. I dared not correct her."

Dergoatean says, "Oh."

Chaoswynd amusedly murmurs, "Warm mage.. that's adorable."

Dergoatean asks, "Made things almost uncomfortably hot to the touch? By means of magic?"

Speaking to Dergoatean, Hapenlok comments, "Nothing wrong with that....usually."

Pylasar says, "I need to rest."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Hapenlok says, "Except when I explode in flames upon death."

Pylasar says, "But.."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Dergoatean says, "Sounds like an above-average type of mage, on the whole."

Lylia murmurs, "I can well imagine."

Blight Plight

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "One last question, if I may."

Chamorr heartily asks, "But?"

Pylasar says, "Chrysamber has been looking for me for awhile. So because I have sent word, and informed her of my location, I would expect her arrival within a week, perhaps two."

Pylasar asks, "Yes Mayor?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "This blight...if it is something familiar to you, I would like to know. And if there is anything we can do."

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara suggests, "Better take extra precautions for your safety until then. Raznel won't let this go uninterrupted until that time."

Speaking to a spotted great horned owl, Berkana asks, "What have you done with Owly?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "I have already ordered dry goods shipped in. The docks are busy, if the farms are not."

Cryheart whispers something to Berkana.

Pylasar says, "The blight, it is familiar in the sense, it reeks of her."

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Chamorr says, "This blight is a boon to the Rooks."

Speaking to Lylia, Eledryn asks, "Have you any plans for the livelihoods of the farmers and fishermen who are affected?"

Pylasar says, "I would be rid of that."

Pylasar points at a polished bleakstone statue.

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "And to put more idle hands to work, I have talked with Mayor Tawariell about increasing patrols on the way to Icemule Trace."

Pylasar nods.

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok says, "Well, I tried it....it didn't work so great."

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara says, "It's... not as easy to be rid of as it might seem. Truly."

Lylia says, "It reeks of her."

Lyrna asks, "What can we do with the bleakstone to be rid of its influence?"

Lylia admits, "And...it just reeks."

Ysharra says, "Lylia has been purchasing dry goods and grains out of her own money, for people to eat and store."

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok says, "I was reminded of something I was lulled into forgetting, that she's got my cute little doll."

Lyrna says, "All the pieces of it as well."

Pylasar says, "I cannot say for certain. But it already seems different. Different from last time." [unclear who this is a response to]

Lylia says, "Not only my own money. Hapenlok, Maylan, others have contributed as well."

Ysharra says, "And many here have contributed what they can, both of coin and effort."

Pylasar glances at a polished bleakstone statue.

Pylasar says, "Something has changed."

Diamondelille says, "She be likin dolls."

>look stat

The statue has been formed of polished bleakstone and shaped into the image of a slender Faendryl woman. Smoky grey thunderstones are fashioned into a pair of wide-set eyes, while the coils of waist-length hair have been chiseled meticulously down the woman's back. The woman's angular face looks on stoically, her lips pursed ever so slightly as if mildly amused. A full gown of darkest night wraps about the statue, its dark hue broken up only by whorls of golden specks from the bleakstone.

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok says, "And I have more, if it's needed."

Shinann asks, "Smiling?"

Lylia dryly remarks, "Dolls. And perhaps statues."

You see a lump moving about just under Balley's skin!

Pylasar says, "It screams of blood."

Balley softly says, "Ouch."

Future Past

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Raelee asks, "... you have seen the future. Do you recall it now?"

Lyrna softly says, "It always comes back to blood."

Lylia says, "I would like to move this outside of town, but that man who delivered it...Clyve? Clewe? Something of the sort."

Speaking to Ysharra, Eledryn asks, "I recently participated and sang at an event in Mist Harbor to raise funds for defensive shelters there. Perhaps a similar event could take place here for those most afflicted by the famine?"

Pylasar says, "No."

Lylia says, "He is nowhere to be found."

Speaking to Pylasar, Shinann asks, "Was it possibly made using the mayor's blood she collected?"

Pylasar says, "I do not see beyond 5119."

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok asks, "Are you surprised?"

Lylia replies, "No, not really."

Pylasar shrugs at Shinann.

Pylasar says, "Anything is possible with Rachel."

Shinann nods slowly.

Pylasar says, "Sorry, Raznel."

Lylia says, "Personally, I would prefer mithril cladding of the statue. Keep the gift, turn it to our own town's greater glory."

Xorus asks, "Do you have any special insight now into the similarity of the Bleaklands and Wizardwaste?"

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Chamorr says, "Send it back to the Bleaklands."

Speaking to Pylasar, Ysharra agrees, "I call her Naimorai."

Madmountan says, "I'll cover up some of the stinky blood on it with my own."

Lylia clearly repeats, "I cannot move it. It is rather heavy. And large. And made of stone."

Tucking his hematite pavade against his body, Madmountan squeezes his left hand into a fist and holds it out over a polished bleakstone statue. Blood streams through his fingers and along his hand, dripping down onto it.

Pylasar says, "Very similar, yes."

Pylasar says, "If I had to guess, perhaps the Bleaklands is a controllable Wasteland."

Speaking to Lylia, Cerridween asks, "Mithril... cladding? Creating a barrier around it that deafens magic?"

Xorus nods.

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Chamorr says, "It was brought in a wagon."

Pylasar says, "The Wizardwaste was an accident, in many senses."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Controllable in what sense?"

Pylasar says, "The Bleaklands, made with purpose."

Pylasar says, "It's growing."

Raelee says, "... even grave accidents can teach us something."

Pylasar says, "That is no doubt her doing."

Dergoatean says, "As the Wizardwaste."

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara asks, "But the Wizardwaste isn't?"

Speaking curiously to Lylia, Cerridween says, "I wonder what the effects of covering it in veil iron would be."

Speaking to Eledryn, Ysharra says, "I like your idea, though I admit at the moment our effort is likely to go to the chase here, and the resolution of the witch's work."

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia asks, "Did she truly intend the Bleaklands to be Tamzyrr, not Talador, do you think?"

Diamondelille asks, "Is it killin the grass round town?"

Pylasar says, "It's been argued the Wizardwaste is, yes. Even by all accounts of journals, those few that exist."

Speaking to Cerridween, Lylia says, "It would look magnificent in veil iron, too."

Xorus says, "I have never been able to.. see, ascertain... clearly the accident of the Wizardwaste."

Leafiara says, "Ahhh."

Speaking quietly to Diamondelille, Pukk asks, "Maybe it is something underground that is killing all the grass?"

Pylasar says, "But its growth pales in comparison to the Bleaklands."

Pylasar shrugs at Lylia.

Cerridween says, "It is possibly.. a..."

Cerridween glances at a polished bleakstone statue.

Pylasar says, "I do not know."

Speaking to Ysharra, Eledryn says, "Not all have the skills to fight the sort of creatures I have heard of. And we involve the common folk who are out of work it gives them purpose."

Pylasar says, "With her knowledge of what is to come..."

Pylasar shrugs.

Speaking to Xorus, Dergoatean says, "I heard a story about one research who got right into the middle of it, and only a shade of him walked out..."

Diamondelille asks, "Not somepin goin down, mebbee somepin comin up?"

Speaking to Xorus, Dergoatean says, "The story always ends with some variation of "and that's the closest anyone has come to returning from the breach"."

Balley softly asks, "Do you recall anything from the future?"

Speaking to Eledryn, Ysharra says, "True. Perhaps the Town Council could assist you."

Speaking quietly to Diamondelille, Pukk says, "That is something to think about."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee asks, "... in the past, did you ever see the future change from what you saw?"

Pylasar says, "Ma'am, you are asking questions five minutes after I answer them."

Pylasar nods at Balley.

Diamondelille asks, "Tink the bad water be comin ups?"

Lylia says, "That is a sort of future-seeing, then."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Xorus says, "Things of the waste get sick and die when they try to leave it. Those who enter it are often at least sicker for it."

Speaking quietly to Raelee, Pukk says, "That was a time joke I think."

Pylasar shrugs at Raelee.

Pylasar says, "I do not recall."

Speaking to Lylia, Hapenlok says, "Everyone asked the questions I was going to ask."

Lylia asks, "In recalling more of your past, you have lost your memories of the future, then? At least for the moment?"

Speaking to Xorus, Dergoatean exclaims, "The tale I overheard was that the doomed enterers could somehow become the doomed exiters!"

Speaking to Xorus, Dergoatean says, "Completely unsubstantiated, I'm sure."

Pylasar says, "I do not see beyond 5119."

Balley softly says, "You did."

Balley softly says, "You saw me at one time differently."

Xorus asks, "Do you know what 'Rachel' was doing with the Crescent?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Leafiara asks, "Did you ever help Rachel see into the future, beyond 5119?"

Bristenn acridly comments, "Certainly not ominous, that."

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia murmurs, "Forgive us for having so many questions. We do not often have an opportunity to speak so clearly with you."

Pylasar says, "No. But I did aid her in the creation of the paragons and their placement." [unclear whether this is a response to Xorus or Leafi, so I'm taking it as both]

Pylasar says, "And the..."

Pylasar shivers.

Pylasar nods.

Pylasar says, "She once sought to return."

Speaking to Pylasar, Cerridween says, "You yourself said your knowledge gained is likely short lived. It is good to make use of what you do recall."

Speaking to Thrassus, Ysharra says, "You have a crown of black rain, with more coming down to further decorate you."

Pylasar says, "I did not believe her at first, when she finally told me of her past. Of where she was from."

Pylasar says, "It took awhile."

Speaking sympathetically to Pylasar, Leafiara says, "...understandable."

Pylasar asks, "I think she perhaps wished to use the Crescent for that?"

Hapenlok says, "I've spent a lot of time on this world, I've seen many horrific things, I've probably been responsible for a few of them. But the one that sticks with me is Raznel. I keep thinking we've beaten her and she keeps. Coming. Back."

Pylasar says, "Truthfully, what I believed then, who is to say..."

Pylasar shrugs.

Lylia says, "Had we not witnessed it, we might have disbelieved it too."

Pylasar says, "She was never truly honest."

Lylia agrees, "No. She never was. Nor to me."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Xorus had asked earlier... between the days of the Arcanum and now, do you have a sense of how much of that time you lived and experienced? Or... skipped ahead?"

Pylasar says, "I met Rachel in 4473."

Xorus says, "Interesting."

Pylasar says, "I was..."

Pylasar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Pylasar says, "Nearing two decades old perhaps? Take off a few years."

Avalera carefully asks, "Younger?"

Pylasar says, "It would be years later when the Crescent backfired on us and I..."

Eledryn whispers something to Nimaera.

Pylasar says, "Had some strange side effects."

Pylasar yawns.


Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok says, "I have one final question."

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok says, "I know you tire."

Pylasar says, "I need to..."

Pylasar nods at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok asks, "Do you expect ...or desire to survive this fight?"

Zolis deeply says, "The two hundred and forty-fifth final question."

Xorus whispers something to Lylia.

Pylasar grins at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Zolis, Dergoatean says, "I have just six final questions."

Pylasar asks, "Truthfully?"

Eledryn whispers something to Balley.

Hapenlok nods at Pylasar.

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok says, "This is about as lucid as I've ever seen you."

Pylasar says, "I cannot see beyond 5119."

Speaking to Thrassus, Ysharra says, "I swear the two of you sometimes seem more like brothers than distant cousins."

Pylasar says, "Does she block me?"

Pylasar asks, "Do I die?"

Pylasar says, "I am not concerned on either."

Hapenlok says, "...then you ruined it."

Speaking simply to Pylasar, Leafiara agrees, "Whatever it takes."

Pylasar says, "We need to stop Raznel once and for all."

Pylasar nods to you.

Leafiara flashes a quick grin.

Pylasar says, "Whatever it takes."

Leafiara nods firmly at Pylasar.

Speaking to himself, Dergoatean says, "Whatever it takes... except for being as evil as her."

Speaking to Pylasar, Eledryn asks, "Can you see any visions of beyond today, even if they are merely next of a time next week?"

Lylia quietly says, "For what it is worth? I would imagine not, not if you were there once to see future events. You must have been then, and although you cannot see it now, it still occurred."

Bristenn noncommittally mentions, "Or the saga's not yet fully written. Drafts are scrapped all the time and that."

Pylasar says, "She has taken my everything."

Pylasar says, "We will take hers."

Pylasar says, "Goodnight."

Lord Pylasar just went north.