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Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Magic Systems
Message #: 2630
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: Fri 7/11/2008 8:55:29 PM
Subject: Doubts, Dispelled?

Dateline 7/11/2008: DOUBTS, DISPELLED?

Perhaps, or perhaps not. Time will tell. Magic, on the other hand, certainly can be!

Powered by reworked core magic dispelling mechanics, 'new' mass dispel spells have been added to the Major Elemental and Major Spiritual spell circles. These, named Elemental Disjunction (530) and Spiritual Abolition (230) respectively, fill the previously empty 30th level slots.

Spells 530 and 230 will dispel a random number of spells from a target, favoring spells from the same sphere before out-of-sphere spells. Diligent training in the appropriate spell circle (Major Elemental for spell 530, Major Spiritual for spell 230) helps to increase the minimum number of spells dispelled. Caster and target levels are also factored in determining the number of spells dispelled. At minimum one spell will always be dispelled.

For the purposes of in-sphere and out-of-sphere designation, spells from hybrid spell circles are considered to be in-sphere for both (e.g. Sorcerer Base spells are considered in-sphere for both Elemental and Spiritual dispels, Empath base spells are considered in-sphere for both Spiritual and Mental dispels, etc.).

The mana cost for these mass dispel spells is a static 30 mana.

With these new spells, and new core dispel mechanics, come some enhancements to spells 417 and 119, Elemental Dispel and Spiritual Dispel.

The mana cost for these spells is now reduced by one (1) mana per seventy-five (75) skill bonus in the mana control skill appropriate for the spell. Additionally, a chance to inflict nerve damage has been added when dispelling a prepared spell from a target as an added benefit.

The mana costs for dispelling a prepared spell or burning a target's mana remain a flat 17 mana, and are NOT affected by mana control skill training. The sphere interference cascade effect, triggered when single dispel spells of different spheres are used on the same target in combination, remains intact.

With the addition of spell 230 Spiritual Abolition, the 40th level Empath Base spell slot, previously home to the Empathic Dispel spell, has been freed for future development.

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Magic Systems
Message #: 2632
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: Fri 7/11/2008 9:34:28 PM
Subject: Doubts, Dispelled?

<< Is the nerve damage thing applicable to 230 and 530? >>

It is not. Nor will the mass dispel spells dispel prepared spells.

Naos, can't say that five times fast...

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Magic Systems
Message #: 2641
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: Fri 7/11/2008 10:10:05 PM
Subject: Doubts, Dispelled?

<<How does the Mana Control skill work to reduce the mana for empaths using 119?>>

119 is a spiritual spell, so only Spiritual Mana Control factors into it. Likewise for 417 and Elemental Mana Control.


Category: Empaths
Topic: Empath Spells
Message #: 3695
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: Fri 7/12/2008 7:19:50 AM
Subject: Re: Spell Slot 1140 Freed

>>Don't forget to take 1140 away from seers.

All creatures that previously cast 1140 are now casting 230, as well as all creatures who previously cast Elemental Abolition are now casting 530.

= - GM Oscuro - =

Cleric/Empath Team

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Major Elemental Circle
Message #: 715
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: Fri 7/12/2008 3:55:33 PM
Subject: Re: Spell 530: Elemental Disjunction Released!

>>Little known fact: Eye Spy can also be dispelled. First cast will set off the 60 second 'get your eye back here!' message, second cast will force the eye to return or inflict a missing eye scar if the eye is not present.

Eye Spy, and other 'pet' type spells, were made non-dispellable a while back.

Category: Magic Spells and Systems
Topic: Magic Systems
Message #: 2678
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: Fri 7/16/2008 5:55:05 PM
Subject: Mass Dispel Spell 530 and 230 Change

Spell 230: Spiritual Abolition and spell 530: Elemental Disjunction will now dispel a minimum of two (2) in-sphere spells per cast. This assumes the target has at least two (2) in-sphere spells per cast. This change does not impact the maximum number of spells that would be dispelled for a given skill set.

(e.g. If a cast of either spell would normally dispel 1-4 in-sphere spells, it will now dispel 2-4 in-sphere spells.)

-- Naos