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Through the usage of the final tier of Holy Receptacle (325), a Cleric is able to Intercede on behalf of another character, allowing them the opportunity to seek a new path of worship. From a mechanical standpoint, this Tier represents the only IC means of changing CONVERT status.


To create an Intercession gem, a cleric must have:


Syntax - bless deity common 5
>bless deity common 5
As you chant a short litany, the emerald in the palm of your hand emits a subdued white light.

The nature of the light emitted by the gem is based on the Pantheon of the cleric that created the gem.

  • Liabo: a subdued white light
  • Neutrality: a fine grey mist
  • Lornon: a dark shadow


In order to use an Intercession gem, the cleric that creates the gem must WAVE the gem at the pilgrim in order to attune it to them.

Syntax - wave (gem) at (character)

At this point, the cleric should GIVE the gem to the pilgrim. If they desire to CONVERT to the same deity as the cleric, they need only to RUB the gem to create a coffer into which they may place their offering. If they desire only to CONVERT to a different deity in the same pantheon, the pilgrim must then find two other clerics from the same Pantheon, and have them cast Holy Receptacle upon the gem as well.

For purposes of this spell, Zelia, Gosaena, The Huntress, Arachne, and Aeia, as well as unconverted clerics and clerics converted to "other", are all considered to be of the Neutral pantheon.

Syntax - rub (gem)
>rub diamond
As you rub the scarlet despanal, a small crack begins to form, and light starts peeking out from inside.  If you continue to RUB the despanal, it will likely shatter.
>rub diamond (second rub)
You rub the uncut diamond and its delicate structure collapses in your hand.  A brilliant globe of 
light glows in its place for a moment until finally, the light dims to reveal a radiant silver coffer.

Depending on pantheon, the coffers look different:

  • Liabo: a radiant silver coffer
  • Neutrality: a misty marble coffer
  • Lornon: a shadowy obsidian coffer

At this point, the pilgrim must place an offering of coins into the coffer. The equation to determine the exact amount is not yet known, but character level, profession, current CONVERT status, time since last conversion, cost of the gem, and total number of Intercessions are expected factors.

Syntax - put (number) silver in coffer
>put X coins in my coffer
You gently slide some coins into the slot in the lid of your silver coffer and get the feeling that you
have placed a sufficient offering inside it.

Once a sufficient offering has been made, the pilgrim will get a feeling to that effect, and will be able to verify by LOOKing at the coffer.

Syntax - look coffer
>look at my coffer
The coffer is a tiny silver box that glows with a white light. On top of the coffer is a thin slot, just
big enough to fit an Elanthian silver coin.
You recall placing X coins into your coffer and get the feeling that you have placed a sufficient offering
inside it.

With the proper tithe secured, the pilgrim has only to travel to a holy place consecrated to the Arkati or spirit they wish to convert to. It is important to note that some rooms are consecrated to more than one deity, and to avoid jealousy amongst the gods, these areas are not usable. An exception is a shrine where all the deities are present. Only one of these is known to exist in the lands, on the Zul Logoth pilgrimage site. To check if a room is holy, have a Cleric or Paladin SENSE for divine influences in the area. When an appropriate place is found (and any desired ceremonies are performed, the pilgrim can complete the rite by making an OFFERing.

Syntax - offer my coffer to [deity #]
>offer my coffer to 1
You offer up your silver coffer to Koar as a pledge of your devotion. 

The air about you fills with a harsh light, every line you view through it sharply defined.  A commanding
and implacable gaze weighs heavily upon you, humbling you even as it fills you with a quiet pride.  The
sensation of being watched passes, but in its wake you are stronger and more firm in your resolve. 
The coffer becomes luminous, growing far too brilliant to gaze upon.  Abruptly, the light fades, taking
your offering with it, but you find a rich golden topaz crown talisman has been left in its place.

Each deity will give a different feel upon conversion, as well as a different token to mark the occasion. The cleric (or clerics) that attended to the conversion receives experience equal to the level of the newly-converted character times 10 (divided by the number of clerics involved - Level x 10 / 3 in the case of Pantheonic conversion)

A feeling of understanding and connectedness to Koar washes over you since converting another to the fold.

Deity Specific Messaging

Upon making their offering, the character that has found their new faith receives as brief vision as their new patron accepts them into the fold. The coffer that previously contained the characters offering is taken away, as well, replaced by a medallion that marks their new allegiance. While not yet comprehensive, below is a list of conversion messaging, along with the form of the medallion:

Deity Trinket Messaging
Tilamaire a labradorite musical note symbol
Lumnis a multicolored agate scroll pendant
Niima a smooth white opal dolphin pendant
Charl an opague emerald trident talisman Thunder breaks overhead with a deafening roar, and you are assaulted by the sharp scent of seawater. Blue sparks leap up from the ground, leaving jagged afterimages hovering in your vision for several moments after the lights themselves are gone.
Koar a rich golden topaz crown talisman The air about you fills with a harsh light, every line you view through it sharply defined. A commanding and implacable gaze weighs heavily upon you, humbling you even as it fills you with a quiet pride. The sensation of being watched passes, but in its wake you are stronger and more firm in your resolve.
Oleani a pale pink morganite rose pendant
Kai a carved silver tigerfang fist symbol
Phoen a brilliant golden sunburst talisman
Lorminstra a gold-traced banded onyx key symbol
Ronan a silver-edged jet sword symbol
Leya a chalcedony dagger talisman
Kuon a greenish gold zircon leaf symbol
Imaera a dusky carved amber doe talisman A multitude of scents assault you, rich and earthy, clean and fresh. Faint sparks of green and golden light drift on the air, drawn toward you in a lazy spiral. Where they alight, your flesh tingles and itches with a wild energy. After a moment, the sparks wink out of existence, taking the heady odors with them.
Tonis a golden jasper Pegasus talisman A shimmer of gold streaks across your vision, rising upward and fading from view. For just a moment, your ears catch the distant beating of great wings and a staccato crackle of flame.
Jastev a spherical alexandrite pendant
Eonak a polished stone anvil talisman
Cholen an iridescent pyrite lute talisman Strains of music pluck at your ears, woven through with the sound of a distant voice raised in joyous laughter. Your heart grows light, the world more colorful to your eyes. In moments, the distant sounds fade and leave you energized in the wake of their merriment.
Jaston a translucent quartz feather talisman The air thrums with the sound of beating wings. A spill of pale feathers swirl across your vision, curling about you before scattering in all directions and vanishing into nothing.
Laethe delicate black onyx rose symbol
Voaris a crystalline yellow rose symbol
Voln a pure white onyx shield talisman Cold, white light floods your mind, forming a near-solid barrier about your thoughts. Strength courses through your body, bringing with it new resolve and a firm sense of the righteousness of your cause.
Fash'lo'nae a mottled citrine eye talisman A line of yellow light flows outward from your feet, tracing a pattern of growing intricacy on the air just above the ground. The light branches a multitude of times, each strand writhing in place as though barely held in check by some unseen power.
The threads of glowing amber loop back upon themselves, throwing silver sparks as their ends merge. The image of a stylized slit-pupiled eye completes itself and burns, sourceless, on the air about you for the space of a breath before vanishing into nothing.
Eorgina a stylized firestone flame pendant Dark colors, shadowy yet jewel-bright, waver in the air about you, swirling and melting in an ever-changing tapestry of ghostly luminescence. A velvety soft touch alights on your neck, wordlessly promising guidance, but the contact swiftly grows as cold and hard as steel. It forces you down, pushing you lower, enforcing your submission with sheer power, but still the dusky play of colors dances on the air.

That powerful touch fades after a moment, as does the vision of so many reflected colors.

Sheru an iron-rimmed amber jackal talisman
Ivas a milky green jade smoke wisp Heat blooms at the core of your being, roiling outward to burst against your skin in a froth of sudden goosebumps. A curling wisp of smoke escapes your lips as you exhale, dispersing quickly, but you are left with a deep-seated sense of satisfaction.
Marlu a glossy black star diopside talisman A spot of darkness in your vision blooms hazily outward, rippling as it does so with deep violets and sickly greens. Six slender tentacles unfold from the heart of that writhing blackness, barely paler than the void that surrounds them, and form a slowly undulating star. After a moment, the darkness wavers and shreds, sending wisps of shadow curling away into nothing.
Onar a deathstone skull talisman Darkness flickers at the edge of your vision, and a light touch brushes your neck, the briefest caress of bone-chilling cold. A thread of numbness follows in its wake, but it is fleeting, and feeling returns in a warm rush.
V'Tull A black iron scimitar talisman Shadows flood your vision and tinge everything you see a faint bloody red. The clash of battle fills your ears, punctuated by the cries of the dying. Your vision clears in moments and the riotous noises fade to nothing, but you are left with a righteous sense of purpose.
Andelas a dusky chrysoberyl cat symbol
Mularos A bloodstone impaled heart symbol Needles of power stab into you, sending white-hot pain coursing through your body. Sorrow fills your heart, but with it comes acceptance, an overwhelming sense of rightness that stays with you even as the agony fades to a dull ache in your chest.
Gosaena a slender silver sickle talisman A stillness steals over you, distancing you from yourself. A soothing peace seeps outward from your core and strips away the clamor of daily living. Sounds fade away, divorced from their meaning in the cool grip of complete and utter silence. In moments, the silence is broken as though it never was, but though that crystalline quietude passes on, the peace it imparted remains.
Zelia a pale crescent moonstone pendant Lights race across your vision, shifting and merging as they flee faster and faster. Crescents flow into full moons and back again, clouding over with crimson whorls before glowing a brilliant white. The sight is highly disorienting, leaving you dizzy from your attempts to track their movement. A dark speck arcs across a crazily spinning ruby dot just before all the lights vanish into silvery smoke, which lazily drifts away.
Arachne an onyx and garnet spider talisman
The Huntress an eight-tined lapis star symbol Anger surges through you, boiling up from within and threatening to burst into violence. You bring your rage under control through sheer force of will and are rewarded by a growing sense of purpose. Though the unnaturally strong emotion drains away in minutes, your newly-won focus remains.