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Item property removal is a service provided occasionally by merchants and through the automated dabbler at the High End Scrip Shop at Duskruin Arena. The service is sometimes held for premium subscribers in Mist Harbor

Properties Able to be Removed

The following item properties may be removed:

Not included are enhancives (singular or complete), natural item properties (e.g. the weighting from a claidhmore, sanctification from white ora), item scripts, and negative modifiers (e.g. armor vulnerabilities).


At pay events such as Ebon Gate and Return to Coraesine Field (RtCF), Ledirth may appear to assist players who wish to have their items stripped of some property so that another may be added. He has also done script removal. At RtCF, armor vulnerabilities could be removed on a point for point basis as a part of resistance adding, or could be stripped in conjunction with the removal of their associated resistance prior to adding new resistances to the same armor.

Behind the Scenes

This service was once held by Juramis, but GM Qortaz left staff in early 2015.

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