Lithyia (prime)

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Lithyia Medeea, The Nefarious Knitter
Lithyia Cropped Adjusted.jpg
Lithyia Medeea, generated using artflowai AI by her player
Race Human
Culture Allace
Hometown currently resides in Icemule Trace
but hails from Ubl
Class Rogue
Profession Tavern Proprietor, Gossip, Glassblower
Religion Niima and Onar
Affiliation(s) Sentinel of the Dae'Randir, Black Thorn Resistance, RYSK
Demeanor Friendly, outgoing
Hobbies Painting, knitting, cheese-making, event-planning.
Likes Spending time with her partner Wolfloner and her friends, brewing booze, hosting events, training to be the best rogue she can be.

Also, touching Yardie's brown sugar.

Lithyia Medeea is a human rogue residing in Icemule Trace, who owns and operates the Purple Kraken Tavern.


You see Mistress Lithyia Medeea the Gossip.
She appears to be a Human from Allace.
She is shorter than average.  She appears to be in the prime of life.  She has long-lashed chestnut brown eyes and olive skin.  She has long, meticulously kept deep brown hair which falls in loose spiral curls.  She has an angular face and high cheekbones.  She has glossy white-tipped lacquer brushed onto her squared fingernails.
She has a tiny pave diamond stud in her right nostril, a tattooed symbol of Niima on her wrist, and a trio of walrus ivory rings adorned with intricate scrimshaw in the ridges of both her ears.

The Purple Kraken Tavern

An image of the Purple Kraken Tavern generated by the player of Lithyia using AI. Used with permission.
Logo for Red Wolf Distillery generated by the player of Mystiq for the player of Lithyia using Midjourney AI. Used with permission.

The Purple Kraken Tavern featuring Red Wolf Distillery, is located on Hope Alley in Icemule Trace.
Look for the oak-framed stucco salon!