Odelgarde Brindlestraffe

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Odelgarde Brindlestraffe
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Storyline Nations on the Brink
North by Northwest
Tales of Solhaven
Gender Female
Race Human
Culture Vornavis
Status Alive
Affiliation(s) Hall of Mages
House of Malwind
Image of Odelgarde Brindlestraff portrayed by GM Thandiwe on MidJourney.
Image of Odelgarde Brindlestraff portrayed by the player of Meliyara on MidJourney.

Odelgarde Brindlestraffe is a Magister with the Hall of Mages specializing in weather magic. She has a preference for simple names or descriptors, and has a matter-of-fact and no-nonsense demeanor.

Odelgarde helped Mistress Grenhal treat Baron Dunrith Malwind's wet lung illness when he became ill for a prolonged period of time in late 5122.

In early Lormesta 5123, she helped coordinate bringing supplies north from Vornavis to the new Barony of Darkstone to aid the settlers who were trying to survive the extreme winter weather conditions. The supplies had been collected at Lady Athalia Malwind's behest after hearing of the settlers' plight.

Odelgarde was present when Athalia met with Solhaven's merchants to convince them to change some of their pricing practices in order to promote greater trade.

Still aiding Grenhal with the Baron's illness by using her skill with weather to remove moisture from his bedchambers, Odelgarde overheard Athalia and Grenhal talking about the need to finally send for Salnim Malwind to return to Vornavis in early Fashanos. Odelgarde was shocked to learn of the old healer's betrayal when Grenhal attacked both Lady Sayilla Javilerre and Steward Jarnsaixa. She later witnessed Captain Gurbah interrogate the pirate captured shortly after Grenhal's attack.

After the death of Lady Kasendra Malwind, Odelgarde and Captain Kimrella de'Naut met the elven ship carrying Kasendra's remains back to Vornavis in early Charlatos, in spite of the actions of Harbormaster Wilhard to prevent it from docking. The next evening, after a court session led by Athalia, Odelgarde spoke with attendees in the vestibule of Vornavis Keep, relaying what she was permitted to share about Salnim's presence in Ta'Illistim, Emperor Aurmont's plans for Kasendra's mourning rites, the illness plaguing Baron Dunrith, and the injury that Jarnsaixa had sustained. Some present offered their perspectives and advice regarding both the Baron and Jarnsaixa. Several days later, Odelgarde met with the Solhaven healer Sargassa alongside several adventurers to further discuss the nature of what was afflicting the Baron and Jarnsaixa and provided samples to those interested in trying to find a cure.


You see Magister Odelgarde Brindlestraffe.
She appears to be a Human from Vornavis.
She is shorter than average.  She appears to be in the prime of life.  She has tilted sea green eyes and hazelnut brown skin.  She has tight, small-curled caramel hair pulled back from her face and triple-wrapped with a silken headband, leaving the springing curls to splay outward around her head.  She has a high-cheeked, subtly rounded face, a slightly flared, flat nose and connected-lobe ears.
She has a dark blue inverted triangle sigil tattooed on the back of her left hand, and a cascade of thin alchemical runes tattooed from temple-to-collarbone along the edges of her face.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a thick heavy weave scarf, a hooded thick teal longcloak lined in leopard furs, a fel-boned brushed suede corset embossed in overlapping geometric patterns over a high-collared cotton shirt buttoned in lapis nodules, a single left-hand mitten of striped teal and brown, a series of layered cotton skirts in chocolate brown with a pair of thick woolen leggings underneath, and a pair of hefty wool knee-socks under a pair of calf-high teal suede boots edged in arctic fox.