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The Pinefar Trading Post is located in the frozen north of western Elanith. It contains most of the service shops which a town would have, located within a single large building. It is adjacent to the northeastern portions of the wilds surrounding Icemule Trace, and adventurers often travel between the two to trade services in Icemule Trace as Pinefar itself is a relatively small settlement. Adventurers continuing on to The Rift are also frequent visitors. Transportation spells or items used anywhere to the north of (but not in) Nightmare Gorge will bring you here. You will not be able to communicate with adventurer's in Icemule Trace unless you climb the rocks on the other side of Nightmare Gorge, which can make rescues of dead bodies sometimes difficult.

Local Stores/Shops

Staying Warm

A large fireplace, with a basket of wooden sticks, exists in the main foyer of trading post. If an adventurer is feeling a bit chilly from the winds located on Aenatumgana, they can pick up a stick and either start or fuel the fire by typing "RUB MY STICK".

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

  • the halfing Belle - For a halfling, Belle certainly has a commanding presence. The proprietor of Pinefar Trading Post bustles about her domain with aplomb bred of efficiency and spiced with a saucy grin. Her frock is a somber contrivance of black silk and taffeta that might look passable on someone twice her height. However, after a few minutes in the diminutive lady's company, you're left with the conviction that Belle wouldn't be the same dressed any other way. Her long, dark hair is piled on top of her head in a riot of bobbing curls and her eyes twinkle in a deep shade of blue. In one hand she carries an old, worn ledger.
    • "Belle strolls around, her voluminous red skirts rustling. She pauses beside a piece of furniture and checks for dust with a quick swipe of a finger. Her curls bob as she gives a slight nod, apparently satisfied that the Trading Post is up to muster."
    • "Belle paces about, her taffeta crinoline rustling like a basket full of autumn leaves. She pauses and opens up a locket hanging from a chain around her neck. Her expression softens as she gazes at the miniature and sighs audibly. As she breaks her reverie, you hear her murmur something that sounds like, "Aye darlin', I loves ye still.""
    • "Belle gazes around the room with a proud look on her little face. Seeing a picture hanging slightly askew, she scurries over to straighten it, the sharp heels of her shoes making a staccato percussion on the floor as she goes."
    • "Belle hums a merry little tune beneath her breath as she circles the room, her long eyelashes lowered as she peruses her ledger-book. She ticks off items on a page with a stubby pencil as she walks."

  • a small brown kitten
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There is a Voln monastery located adjacent to Pinefar; however, you can only rest and check your favor.

Nearby Hunting Areas