Sneaking (617)

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Sneaking (617)
Mnemonic [SNEAKING]
Base Duration 1200
Added Duration +60 sec per rank
Span Stackable
Utility Magic - Skill Enhancement  
Subtype Skill Enhancement 
Skill Enhancement Stalking and Hiding 
Availability Self-cast 
Ranger Base Spells
Natural Colors (601) Defensive
Resist Elements (602) Defensive
Wild Entropy (603) Attack
Nature's Bounty (604) Utility
Barkskin (605) Defensive
Phoen's Strength (606) Offensive
Sounds (607) Attack
Camouflage (608) Offensive
Sun Burst (609) Attack
Tangle Weed (610) Attack
Moonbeam (611) Attack
Breeze (612) Utility
Self Control (613) Defensive
Imbue (614) Utility
Call Swarm (615) Attack
Spike Thorn (616) Attack
Sneaking (617) Utility
Mobility (618) Defensive
Mass Calm (619) Attack
Resist Nature (620) Utility
Nature's Touch (625) Defensive
Animal Companion (630) Utility
Nature's Fury (635) Attack
Wall of Thorns (640) Defensive
Assume Aspect (650) Utility

Sneaking increases the caster's ability to hide by controlling the sound emanated from their body while sneaking through outdoor areas. The bonus to Stalking and Hiding in natural terrains is increased with more ranks in the Ranger Base spell circle.

Combining Natural Colors or Mass Colors with Sneaking makes the caster nearly imperceptible when moving from room to room, even when not actively trying to keep themselves hidden. Only the most perceptive individuals will notice the caster's passage, although anyone who actively looks around when the caster is not keeping himself hidden will notice his presence.

Note: In order to receive the benefit of imperceptible movement, the ranger will need to have one of the colors spells on him before casting Sneaking (617). Alternatively, the caster can use the movement verb to activate the sneak option.

Lore Benefit

Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings decreases the chance the caster will slip in icy conditions while Sneaking is active.


You begin to move with cat-like grace.
You are no longer moving silently.