Sonic Shield Song (1009)

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Sonic Shield Song (1009)
Duration As long as the Bard
is singing the song
Defensive Magic  
Subtype Create Shield 
Defensive Strength +10 base + (SpellSongs/2) 
Enhancement base shield bonus 
Availability Self-cast 
Bard Base Spells
Holding Song (1001) Attack
Vibration Chant (1002) Attack
Fortitude Song (1003) Defensive
Purification Song (1004) Utility
Lullabye (1005) Attack
Song of Luck (1006) Utility
Kai's Triumph Song (1007) Offensive
Stunning Shout (1008) Attack
Sonic Shield Song (1009) Utility
Song of Valor (1010) Defensive
Song of Peace (1011) Utility
Sonic Weapon Song (1012) Utility
Song of Unravelling (1013) Attack
Sonic Armor (1014) Utility
Song of Depression (1015) Attack
Song of Rage (1016) Attack
Song of Noise (1017) Utility
Song of Power (1018) Utility
Song of Mirrors (1019) Defensive
Traveler's Song (1020) Utility
Singing Sword Song (1025) Utility
Song of Sonic Disruption (1030) Attack
Song of Tonis (1035) Defensive
Troubadour's Rally (1040) Utility

Sonic Shield Song creates a shield made from pure air, wielded in the left hand. The base enchant of the shield is +10 (2x), and is increased by +1 for every two Bard Base circle ranks, up to a maximum bonus of +35; essentially a 7x shield. Because the spell rank bonus includes the initial 8 ranks prior to learning the spell, and the spell itself, a Sonic Shield will actually be +15 when the spell is learned (the bonus is also rounded up). Additionally, the bonus provided by spell ranks is not capped at level.

Training in Shield Use is required for a bard to be successful in using a Sonic Shield, just as it is required to generate defense with a normal shield.

The default shield size sung is a medium size, but other sizes (small, medium, large, and tower) may also be sung. If you have previously sung a different type of shield, that shield will be remembered in future casts.

Sonic shields will persist for 60 seconds when worn, and for 60 seconds when DROPped. All Sonic Shields weigh 1/10 of a pound (16 coins), meaning the bard will be less encumbered than with a normal shield.

Renewal Cost

4 mana

Lore Benefit

Training in Elemental Lore, Air reduces the shield hindrance penalty when evading an attack. Starting at 20 ranks, a Sonic Shield will be considered one size smaller for hindrance purposes. While at 50 ranks, the Sonic Shield will be considered 2 sizes smaller. And finally, at 100 ranks, a Sonic Shield will be considered to be three sizes smaller. Essentially, this means that a bard with 100 ranks of Air Lore could use a sonic tower shield and only receive the hindrances associated with a small shield.


After preparing the spell, SING {shield type} . If no shield type is specified, the last one sung will be used.

Alternatively, INCANT 1009 {shield type} .

Available Shields by Size
Small Shields Medium Shields Large Shields Tower Shields
  • buckler
  • kidney shield
  • small shield
  • targe
  • heater
  • heater shield
  • knight's shield
  • krytze
  • lantern shield
  • medium shield
  • parma
  • target shield
  • aegis
  • kite shield
  • large shield
  • pageant shield
  • scutum
  • greatshield
  • mantlet
  • pavis
  • tower shield
  • wall shield