The Nazhor Chronicles

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The Nazhor Chronicles is a storyline by GameMaster Quilic set in Mist Harbor that had minor environmental messaging begin in January 2019. The official start of the storyline is projected for March 2019 and to potentially run throughout the rest of 2019. Expected characters from this story previously showed up in The Green Lady and Those Aren't Tears.


To be completed.

Persons of Note

Meeks are protectors of balance and there is one assigned to each alternate reality of Elanthia. Adventurers were introduced to Meeks during the Nazhor Chronicles. There were six Meek known to adventurers:

  • Elspie current meek of this Elanthia
  • Nazhor, the Fallen Meek of this Elanthia (deceased)
  • Aahlara, the Bloody, the Adversary, or "Blood Meek"
  • Music Meek (unnamed) of the Sound
  • TBD, Memory Meek (deceased)
  • TBD, daughter of and new Memory Meek


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