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A simplified chart showing the various factions fighting over the Landing, updated as of 30 April 2021


A Knight To Remember is a storyline run by GM Kenstrom, started on September 1, 2020.

Spotlight NPCs

  • Amos - New Landing citizen expanding established business operations to the frontier and aiming to take ownership of Dragonsclaw Arms. Owns sole rights to distribute and work on the newly-developed hand pylons. Ran for the interim marshal position and Steward of the Guilds position on the town council. Later became the head representative of the Darkstone Bay Consortium.
  • Barnom Slim
  • Casiphia - A militia member and Thadston's lover, who nonetheless spoke in favor of his removal as marshal during his competency hearing. Ran for the interim marshal position afterward.
  • Cordarius Hodges - Regional Envoy of the Landing, who maintains relationships between the frontier town and key Imperial figures. Placed directly by Earl Jovery.
  • Dunigan - Captain of the town guard, which maintains everyday peacekeeping in the streets. Appointed by Khylon after the mayor appointed the latter to the interim marshal position. Uses hired mercenary help in addition to the town guards.
  • The Knave - An unknown figure leading a band of mercenaries establishing a foothold in the northern area of town and warring with the Rooks, Rone, the Lich King's army, and Malluch Burdos' disciples.
  • Larsya - The twelve-year old sister of Breshon Caulfield and Spensor Caulfield, currently acting as commander of the Hendoran outpost in the absence of the former. Currently a member of the Darkstone Bay Consortium.
  • Malluch Burdos
  • Mother - Leader of the Brotherhood of Rooks, currently attempting to hold territory in the southern and northeastern areas of town against the Knave, Lich King's army, and Blood Son's disciples.
  • Renpaw - The lifetime-appointed sole judge in the Landing, who would face Mayor Leafiara's request to remove Thadston from power, then later a request to postpone the Steward of the Guilds decision pending investigations. Whereabouts are currently unknown as it's claimed that the Consortium escorted him to Mestanir.
  • Rone - A mysterious figure wielding a set of the deceased Alchemist's magical gauntlets. Motives and goals, if any, remain largely unknown after nearly two years.
  • Stephos DeArchon - Wealthy merchant with connections throughout Idolone and a shady history of selling arms to the krolvin, which was pardoned by Mayor Cruxophim in a successful bid to retrieve Rodnay from captivity to Dennet. Ran for the Steward of the Guilds position. Whereabouts and condition are currently unknown as he's missed payments on the construction of his house.
  • Thadston Andrews - Former militia marshal removed from his position until such time as he can resolve his body being also occupied by Gabriela, the spirit of a dead woman from the Bleaklands. Ready to war against the factions laying claim to areas of the Landing when he's back to being himself.
  • Thrayzar - The technically current militia marshal, who was abducted by the Alchemist in 5118, then cursed by Raznel in 5119 before he could sufficiently recover to reclaim his position. Currently under protection of the Silver Gryphons and militia captains after being rescued from Jantalar fighting pits.

Supporting NPCs

  • Cutlass - Owner of the fish shop. Ran for the interim marshal position.
  • Dakris - Owner of the furrier shop. Ran for the Steward of the Guilds position, but shortly thereafter withdrew for unknown reasons. Later became a member of the Darkstone Bay Consortium.
  • Goblyn
  • Kilron - Owner of the pawnshop. Ran for the interim marshal position not during 5120, but during 5119. Currently a member of the Darkstone Bay Consortium.
  • Octaven - Grand Magister of the Hall of Mages who's attacked the Landing once in an attempt to get to Dennet Kestrel, but offered sporadic aid afterward. Also organized a sham trial of Pylasar. Was captured in a bane coffin by her underling Vlashandra and was going to eventually be released by Magisters Raelee and Cordarius, but rumors say her coffin has gone missing.
  • Vlashandra - Former Adjudicator of the Hall and a disciple of the Lich King Barnom Slim. Rumored to be active somewhere in the Landing as the Lich King establishes a foothold on the west side of town.
  • Walward - Owner of the siegery shop. Ran for the Steward of the Guilds position, but withdrew following an attack on his wagons, which he claims reminded him of focusing on the business he loves. Later became a member of the Darkstone Bay Consortium.

Deceased NPCs

  • Khylon - Former captain of the town guard, who successfully ran for the interim marshal position and was a former marshal... but was killed in an ambush by the Knave shortly thereafter.

Villain Factions of Landing Streets

Beginning with the return of A Knight to Remember storyline (November 2020), the town's areas have been carved into various territories where some unlawful and villainous groups have attempted to claim as their own. Since the murder of the town marshal Khylon, and the explosion of the town barracks, and militia members hunted and Rone injured, the situation has invited a rise in criminal activity. Below is a rough map of some of the territory zones.



[Note: These are highly abbreviated summaries of events largely intended as refreshers or teasers. For more details and (in most cases) full logs, please click each one.]

09/01/20 - Streets of Rage

Zealous thugs wipe away Malluch's followers' blood markings, then push further and set fire to Murdos' shop. While town defenders rush to protect shop and streets alike, three inbound ships fall prey to a mysterious explosion and the bandits slaughter most of the survivors as they make it to shore. A lone sailor makes it back thanks to Rone, but is unable to answer questions in his condition as he coughs up green ichor. Mother arrives to give him a claimed mercy killing and says the ships were the Rooks' and this new faction has sent a message they'll regret.

09/02/20 - Salvage the Situation (afternoon)

Debris from the explosions washes up and adventurers investigate to find elemental essences of air, earth, and water, silver coins, pewter statuettes of a bear, boar, and stallion, and a small shard of blood marble. Town guards collect and store bloated limbs for investigation and Gillien gets some green ichor on himself while kicking apart the debris, leading to a disease-ridden death.

09/02/20 - Town Matters, Marshals, and Mayors (evening)

Marshal Thadston announces that members of the Faendryl Enclave have agreed to act as his representation at his hearing before Judge Renpaw in two nights over whether he's fit to remain marshal. He says that we have no town mayor and if he loses his case, Leafiara had better go further and come for his citizenship, because in spring he'll come for her office--and even though he's under review, just as many eyes and ears are on her.

09/04/20 - Hearing Him Out or Hearing Him In

Judge Renpaw presides over a hearing unprecedented in his lifetime as Marshal Thadston's fitness to serve is put under scrutiny. Despite mounting questions over the magical light surrounding him, Thadston refuses answers and seeks to turn the tables, instead criticizing the double standards of challenging only him when the previous Marshal Thrayzar had been cursed into the body of an orc and when Captain Shinann, Mayor Leafiara, Captain Stormyrain, and the Order of the Silver Gryphon have done questionable things including most recently escorting Malluch Burdos' followers. Heated personal attacks fly and the hearing comes to a head with his lover Casiphia provoking the magic in view of the public until Thadston--or the Bleakwalker possessing him--declares everyone weaknesses and failures who weren't good enough for their lovers and families.

09/05/20 - The Lion's Share

Businessman and relatively new Landing citizen Amos the Lion does merchant work in the Sleeping Dragon Pub, an establishment he hopes to soon own, working on the newly-developed hand pylons--a market he now controls. He banters with adventurers as all parties get to know each other.

09/06/20 - Judge Dread

Judge Renpaw delivers his decision that Thadston did not exceed his authority as the laws are written now, but nonetheless is unfit in light of the magic influencing him and has been removed; if and when he can address and resolve that problem, his authority will be reinstated. Immediately after the verdict, though, a shadowy figure wielding acid-shooting hand pylons fires on about half the courtroom in a deadly attack! As questions mount about the attacker, Thadston is found stumbling around in Helga's back alley, saying he sacrificed himself to close the Bleaklands portal but none of them were worth it. As everyone tries to extend aid, Thadston pushes them away (sometimes literally) and says "she"--the voice with him--is all he has left of his wife and to leave them be.

09/09/20 (and 09/11/20) - Amost Curious Offer

Amos says he'll do what he can to figure out who was behind the attack on the courtroom. Meanwhile, he extends an offer to fill the role of Interim Marshal to quell chaos and unrest and potentially bring Thadston back to his senses. Objections are raised and Mayor Leafiara says she'll consult with the captains. Amos also says he's preparing a proposal to renovate Shanty Town and Leafi muses that, if anything, he should aim for Beldrin's council seat, which is business-related. He seemingly agrees to go through the process of candidate selection via the town council. Two nights later, Captain Stormyrain asks why the council doesn't consult the captains regarding filling the marshal position and says that she and potentially Captain Shinann will write to them.

09/13/20 - A Rone Cold Ultimatum

Rone comes to Moot Hall, having caught wind of Mayor Leafiara's proposal for a formal alliance, but the vigilante has other ideas and warns her to denounce the Rooks and all crime elements in the town or else justice will come for her too. Leafi presses for evidence or leads to no avail, but nonetheless is left to consider the idea. Meanwhile, a clerk brings word that Judge Renpaw wishes decisions on the two vacant town council seats by week's end. Candidates for Interim Interim Marshal are Amos, Casiphia, Khylon, and fish shop owner Cutlass. Candidates for Steward of the Guilds are Amos, Dakris the furrier, Stephos DeArchon, and siegery shop owner Walward.

09/15/20 - Barring Further Problems

The Rooks' urchin boy Acorn brings the names of Amos' "fireflies," but meanwhile drunk dockworkers in Helga's are taunting an also-drunk Thadston into a tavern brawl! Thadston eventually winds up in the Rook tunnels, where they warn everyone to leave so they can "take care" of him--which town defenders can't abide. A violent clash breaks out and even the new bandit faction finds its way there. After everything is clear, Thadston says that, title or no, he can rally the militia to attack the tunnels and end the Rooks--or maybe he should become a vigilante.

09/17/20 - Slick Burn

It's a busy night for three of the four Steward of the Guilds candidates as Dakris withdraws from the race, Amos has a potential lead on a man named the "Knave" being behind the pylon attacks and another potential lead on a well-trained red orc, and wagons of Walward's goods are set ablaze. A surviving mercenary protecting the wagons reports something sounding like the familiar hand-pylons...

09/18/20 - By the Books Die the Books, Lie the Hooks Why the Rooks

Suspicions run high and wild as Amos' ships come in and mass chaos ensues at the docks, River Tower East, and the Black Sands. Thadston defies the captains' orders to conduct an inspection by breaking vases--because he's inebriated, to relieve stress, or does he suspect something sinister? Figures appearing to be the Rooks ask for protection money at the docks and fire a brand new pylon at the second ship when they don't get it--but how and where did they get those resources? The ship diverts toward the beach, but the Rooks are already there lying in wait beneath the sands to ambush--but how did they know the right spot? Town defenders stave them all off, so Amos successfully delivers rune-etched hammers for himself and caged four-armed ogres to be released for a future hunt--but where or how did he acquire either of them and are his plans as simple as he claims? By the end of the night, there's an earnest debate as to who's a worse pick for Steward of the Guilds: Amos or one of the Landing's most hated men, Stephos DeArchon.

09/20/20 - Tacticalegalese

Mayor Leafiara delivers to Judge Renpaw her selection of Guard Captain Khylon, now to be Interim Marshal Khylon, as Renpaw and Captain Stormyrain discuss further details of Khylon's health and expectations for the presence of him or any Marshal. As for Steward of the Guilds, Leafiara requests a postponement on the decision pending investigations of the remaining candidates as suspects in the attack on Walward; Renpaw permits a 45-day extension.

09/22/20 - First Orders of Business in Order and Business

New Interim Marshal Khylon makes a splash with a jovial yet productive meeting on stopping crime in town. By the end of the night, following suggestions from town defenders, Khylon's agreed to seek a meeting with Mother, step up security at the docks, issue an arrest warrant for Rone, coordinate with new Guard Captain Dunigan to look into Amos and Stephos, investigate Dragonsclaw Arms and the Daily Darkstone, and look into Grand Magister Octaven's rumored disappearance.

09/23/20 - Rooking Forward

At Captain Stormyrain's suggestion, Mother meets with town defenders to discuss the Rooks' recent tactics and discuss their mission: protecting the Landing's independence as factions of the knaves, Barnom Slim's men, and Malluch's cultists move in to destroy the Brotherhood and potentially the Landing itself. After lengthy and contested discussion, Stormy concludes that she has what she needs from the meeting and Mother says to either watch the Rooks live or die, or join them as they fight to live or die. Meanwhile, the Knave puts a twenty million silver bounty on Rone, dead or alive...

09/27/20 - Rough and Tumble, Tough in Rumble

Adventurers, the militia, the town guard, Rone, and--to some extent--the Rooks race to defend the Landing and the tunnels beneath it as the Knave's men and the hand-pylon wielders of the shadows launch attacks on Burrow Way, Cutlass' fishing shop, Tykel's weapon shop, Walward's siegery shop, a targeted assassination of Magister Raelee in the outpost, the North Docks and the movers, and the Shanty Town boatyard. Rone takes an acid shot in the battle as three hand-pylon wielders, but tumbles away--to safety or into enemy hands?

9/28/20 - A Larsya, A Lark, and Alacrity

Larsya, currently in charge of the Hendoran outpost, celebrates her twelfth birthday with love and gifts from many local adventurers. Meanwhile, Amos says he's reached a deal with her to assist with exports to Bourth, but he'll be traveling for a few weeks to seek information on Thrayzar and get him back from a Jantalarian collector of creatures--either by bargain or, with aid, by force.

9/30/20 - Khylon's Last Battle

The Knave's forces ambush and overwhelm a group including Sir Cryheart and Magister Raelee about halfway to Solhaven while mounting a simultaneous attack in the Landing using mercenaries in impersonation militia uniforms. Marshal Khylon and the real militia do away with their uniforms and he orders a one-night pass for the Rooks as the Brotherhood gives support fire, but an ambush from the Knave forces Khylon into an explosive trap that leaves the militia barracks in ruins and the Marshal slain.

10/01/20 - Re-Rout

The Rooks and townspeople pay respects at the destroyed barracks, with the former group saying they'd help end this conflict. Thadston arrives later, saying it should have been him and not Khylon in the rubble, and relents that he needs help, asking that everyone plan how to rid him of the Bleakwalker. He's been quieting it with drink, but needs a lasting solution, for his sake and for Wehnimer's.

11/02/20 - Secret Agent Thad

Thadston brings information on the state of the Landing as four factions vie for territory and battle amongst each other in a turf war while the hunted militia withdraws in hiding. Pressed for his opinion on the likely identity of the Knave, he guesses Amos, Stephos, both, or someone pulling their strings, and suggests killing them both--or at very least taking them into custody--starting with Amos. The two men share a history in protection work that he relays to the gathered crowd, and how Amos came to be "the Lion"...

11/08/20 - Shipshape

Aboard the Albatross, which he ends up purchasing before the night is over, Amos briefs everyone that he's confident Thrayzar is in Jantalar and has arranged a deal with Alendrial and Ayred to get us there to take him back home after his allies among the Scions of Shaundara finish collecting information for him. He expresses hope that we smoke out the Knave sooner than later, but after he leaves, suspicions fly among the gathered crowd.

11/20/20 - Given the Rooks of Things...

The Knave seemingly revisits his tactic with the impostor militia attacking merchants, this time using impostor Rooks to slaughter the Frontier Days merchants before the real Rooks rain arrows down on them. Fighting spills into the streets, focused around Shanty Town and South Ring Road, with some concerns over a greater target like the militia barracks. However, town defenders and Rook arrows manage to drive the mercenaries off before anything more can come of the night... for now.

11/21/20 - Slim Pickings

The Knave's thugs light fires along South Ring Road, as the blood acolytes make a move elsewhere with blood-dripping swords, but all sides are met by resistance from town defenders, town guards, Dunigan's hired mercenaries, and Rook arrows. Rone makes a return amidst the madness, assuring Captain Shinann that they're on the same side, while the Knave forces double down on the offensive with hand-pylons and prisms. However, as the fighting goes on, Barnom Slim begins to raise the fallen Knave mercenaries as his own soldiers, eventually forcing the knaves and the blood acolytes into retreat. He assures everyone over thoughts that he still wants to meet for a promised dinner soon, with important matters to discuss--but what's "soon" to a Lich King?

12/01/20 - The Plan with the Man

As the Bleakwalker with Thadston grows stronger and harder to resist, he seeks answers on how to be rid of her. Landing adventurers and allies alike (...and also Magister Raelee) bring forth numerous ideas and suggestions, many of them involving Casiphia, and Thadston concludes that he'll work with a plan that doesn't endanger her or involve Grishom Stone.

12/02/20 - Tunnel Vision

Amos lays out the plan to rescue Thrayzar on the 12th, where he'll meet with the Jantalarian trader who owns Thrayzar as a pit fighting slave, while Landing defenders wait in the trader's escape route tunnel as he probably tries to move Thrayzar. After he leaves, the Rooks' urchin boy Acorn arrives to say that they're independently searching for Thrayzar and can help, though not by the 12th. They don't trust Amos--who he says is the one who hired the Armiger mercenaries to protect the town, since the town coffers weren't used and Guard Captain Dunigan doesn't have the funds.

12/03/20 - Coreful Consideration

Councilman Cordarius, Regional Envoy, hears out details and concerns about the rescue mission in Jantalar, which the militia captains and several members of the Order of the Silver Gryphon intend to go on. After some reflection, Cordarius approves of the operation and says that as long as those who decide to go tell him that they've made their decision days in advance of the trip, he'll get that information to needed parties ahead of time to prevent diplomatic incidents over any messes that might need to be cleaned up.

12/18/20 - Digging a Deeper Lich

Lich King Barnom Slim hosts a feast and asks to work together and help him return to his old haunt of Lich's Landing, implying that he doesn't need to be anyone's enemy as he says that Wehnimer's Landing already has enough trouble with the explosions and mercenaries. Those gathered aren't willing to help him force his way into Lich's Landing past Goblyn, who currently controls the seal leading to the underground undead town, but agree to seek her out and ask if she'd accept a new resident--or perhaps an army of them.

12/19/20 - Incurring Rescue

Many town adventurers go to Jantalar to save Thrayzar from his fate in the fighting pits--though the wild orc gives all parties a run for their money. Adventurers break up a slavery ring in the process and begin taking Thrayzar home only to find a slew of Jantalarian soldiers at the portal; however, Councilman Cordarius defuses the situation and the marshal, though still cursed, makes it home safely.

01/21/21 - Bloodlost

Town defenders and the vigilante Rone arrive at the Brass Tower just in time to cut off the blood cult from an attempted sacrifice of abducted citizens. The groups clash and the acolytes reveal a new ability to turn into elementals by sacrificing themselves in their blood fires, but adventurers eventually drive off the acolytes on the streets while the ones inside the Brass Tower remain holed up behind a door that even Rone's gauntlets can't get through.

Afterward, Guard Captain Dunigan's hired armigers seek to arrest Rone, but militia captains Stormyrain and Shinann stand in the way... until the armigers call guards and have them arrested. Mayor Leafiara, Earthdiver, Xainthrax, and Hapenlok attack and drive the armigers off, but in the aftermath, even Rone says that seemed unnecessary. Leafi says Dunigan has yet to respond to her requests for meetings since he replaced Khylon, and Rone vows to learn more about Dunigan; Hapenlok, however, moves to draw him out by issuing a public bounty on his capture.

01/22/21 - Blurs and Guards, Casting How

Guard Captain Dunigan comes to discuss the previous night, and has Hapenlok tossed in the stocks for good measure until he retracts the bounty, but adventurers end up with more questions than answers. A new Darkstone Bay Consortium including Amos, Dakris, Kilron, Larsya, Larton, and Walward have signed a protection contract with the armigers. The armigers have also transported Judge Renpaw to Mestanir to visit ill family, or so goes the claim. His replacement, in the meantime, is Dakris' nephew Manard. Dunigan laughs off or mocks most of the concerns raised, but says that between the Consortium, armigers, and town defenders, we can push back against the Lich King, Knave, Rooks, and Rone to restore the town. He says he'll tell his armigers to settle down, but warns not to get in their way and that Mayor Leafiara's attack won't be easily forgotten. She says she doesn't want it to be.

01/23/21 - Gab Hold Tight

Thadston brings word that he and Casiphia have agreed that among the proposed plans to be rid of the bleakwalker, sealing it inside the bleakstone Lylia statue seems safest. The bleakwalker herself, a spirit named Gabriela, seems more insistent and capable of overtaking Thadston than ever and says that Casiphia must die and she (Gabriela) needs to be put into a perfect body so that Thadston can love her forever. A peek into Faerinn's bleakstone mirror reveals what looks like the spirit's previous visage, a woman working at the Honey Mine brothel in Talador. Despite the urgency of the situation, questions fly about pros and cons of the plan; however, all is moot unless one problem can be resolved: how to find Vlashandra and get back the statue in the first place.

01/27/21 - CordariuSession

Councilman Cordarius brings a flurry of news: he and Councilwoman Alendrial have withdrawn the Rone bounty, he's thinking of ideas to improve our ground game in town defense, he's sent word to Earl Jovery and Larsya's brother Breshon about the Consortium, and, when the gathered crowd asks, he agrees to send word to Larsya herself that Landing defenders would like to meet with her. However, he hasn't yet been able to track down the whereabouts of Octaven, Renpaw, or Stephos--the latter of whom has missed payments on the construction of his house.

Meanwhile, amidst mounting questions about the loyalties of the town guard, the militia captains arrange for Thrayzar to be kept with the Order of the Silver Gryphon until his curse can be undone. Those aren't the only mounting questions, though, as Cordarius has heard rumblings from the Consortium questioning if Mayor Leafiara is unfit to lead following her rumored attack on the armigers.

01/29/21 - Eclipsing Troubles

The Knave's mercenaries scour and search West Ring Road, but are met with counterattacks from the Rooks and Barnom Slim's golems. Town defenders and Rone join in the battle, driving off the Knave mercenaries for the night, but sketches found among their slain reveal that they're in search of the bleakstone statue. After the streets are clear, Mother arrives in the mayor's office to extend an offer. She can help locate Vlashandra, the statue, or both by next week's end, but she in turn needs help with a planned multi-front strike against the Knave, using information she'd gleaned on his movements and operations. Most of the gathered town defenders seem in favor, but Mother then cautions that casualties will follow what they do. She says they'll be the right casualties in dealing a heavy blow to the Knave and leaves everyone to draw their own conclusions and decisions.

02/03/21 - Consortium Consternation

Amos, representative of the Darkstone Bay Consortium, fields questions about, among other things, the origin of the group (apparently a collective idea not credited to one person), the funding of the hired mercenaries (apparently originally funded by the Town Council, but later by Amos and the Consortium), and the absence of any Consortium members having ever voiced their concerns to Mayor Leafiara or the Town Council. Amos says that the Consortium should be viewed as a welcome ally when we're short on them, but a night of "paranoia" and "hostile questions" ends in him concluding that it's a shame they're viewed in the same light as Rooks in the town's underbelly.

Nonetheless, he claims that the Consortium's influence grows and they don't need validation from the gathered town defenders to restore order and protect the town, with or without their smiles. A lengthy back-and-forth eventually sees Amos agreeing to encourage the other members of the Consortium to share their voices, but with caution, as they're tired of facing scrutiny, tired of politics, and tired of town adventurers who, in their glory, have lost sight of those who barely survive in their shadow.

02/05/21 - Statutory Searches

Going by intel from the Rooks' urchin boy, Acorn, a small group of town defenders led by Mayor Leafiara explores a secret path into Drangell's old lair in search of Vlashandra or the bleakstone Lylia statue. They fight through fire-spewing traps, Knave mercenaries, and Barnom Slim's undead forces along the way; meanwhile, a larger group of town defenders led by Sir Cryheart finds itself battling against Knaves and undead in the streets.

Leafi's group finds the bleakstone statue, but that's not all, as Magister Raelee notices stored remnants of elementals from Dennet Kestrel's studies. Everyone gathered helps get the statue back to the square, most notably with a Stone Fist from Hapenlok, and a group of scattered militia members--one notably having a warcat tattoo--take the statue away on a wagon, vowing to Captains Stormyrain and Shinann to keep it safe until they need it.

02/06/21 - Riled Wild West

Following Mother's plan, Mayor Leafiara, Dergoatean, and Hapenlok lead one group each to intercept an expected Knave shipment of supplies and weapons at respectively the T-intersection near the Abandoned Inn, the edge of the Locksmehr River, and the north docks. Meanwhile, the blood cult stages a large scale attack in town as Sir Cryheart's group defends the streets.

The Rooks' intel turns out equal parts correct and incorrect; rather than Knaves it's mercenaries and armigers, and in the midst of battle with the armigers, the Rooks do make off with a weapon shipment--of hand pylons! With those collected, all groups, including the now-better-armed Rooks, reassemble to drive off the blood cult for the night.

Afterward, Mother says this was no trick and the information was the best they could get, having plucked it from old hideaways of the siegery merchant Walward, a former ally of the Brotherhood who's since severed ties. She thanks everyone for assistance gaining an edge in coming weeks and months, saying that others have asked to work with the Rooks and try something different, so they did, and any ally against the Knave is welcome.

03/05/21 - Ah, She Stole Her Face, and Now We're Beleaguered

After the Landing refuses to give Vlashandra the bleakstone statue, she constructs a makeshift fortress of bone walls and launches an attack, calling upon flesh golems, reapers, undead lightning-throwing griffins, and even skeletons flung into the streets from catapults. Most town defenders assail the walls and others split up to protect the streets, as do the Rooks and Rone; meanwhile, the armigers guard the square and aim a pylon skyward.

A griffin begins to carry Chandrellia off in the fray, but a Rone gauntlet blast to save her also lands her between the walls right near Vlashandra's position, providing others a route to portal and fog in. Vlashandra admits the statue has been hidden too well, but says she knows the town's plans and they can't be executed if it stays hidden forever--so, before withdrawing her forces for the night, she says she won't stop coming back for the statue.

03/06/21 - Statueticians

Councilman Cordarius says he's sent word to Earl Jovery updating on recent developments and asking for aid from Hendor, among whose soldiers many will still be loyal to Thadston after he's restored to himself. Nonetheless, he aims to keep the Empire at bay to some degree and insists he won't support any plan that doesn't involve destroying the bleakstone statue after the bleakwalker is moved into it, since otherwise the Empire will never give up trying to claim it for themselves. Exactly how to destroy the statue, however, remains an open question even after a lengthy discussion.

03/10/21 - Ship Off the Old Bleak Block

Councilman Cordarius convenes with town defenders to lay out and finalize plans with the statue. Magister Raelee, among others, convince him that the night to destroy the statue or render it inert might have to be separate from the night of moving Gabriela into it; so, with time running short for Thadston as the bleakwalker grows more powerful, he remains the priority. The plan? Bring in the bleakstone statue on a heavily armed and pylon-guarded ship to draw fire from Vlashandra as a distraction while secretly spiriting it away through a portal below deck to a location of Thadston's choosing, where Gabriela will be moved into the statue.

03/16/21 - Pitfalls of Working A Rone Alone

While investigating the Daily Darkstone, Rone avoids a hand pylon attack from a Knave agent and springs into pursuit across town. The agent escapes through the bay to the Black Sands, where adventurers help Rone fend off Knave mercenaries--but the hand pylon wielder gets away in the skirmish. Adventurers let Rone know they can offer aid if the vigilante merely asks, and Rone agrees it's time to coordinate; with the next trail discovered, we'll pursue it together.