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Ebon Gate 2021 opens Friday, October 1, 2021, with Caligos Isle as the Ebon Gate Festival area.

Once you arrive on Caligos Isle, you will be able to explore at your leisure.

Some live games will have limited capacity. You will need a Service & Raffles pass to enter both the live games and GHOUL.

Instance Dates Event
Platinum October 2 - 7 Live Games
Both TBD Shops Open
Both Digging, Multi-Games, Mist Survivor, Fishing
Prime October 9 - 15 Live Games
Platinum October 8 - 15 Merchant Week
Prime October 15 - 22 Merchant Week


A Shopping Pass is not needed to purchase items for sale for Ebon Gate seashells

Item Cost Length Applicability
Shopping Pass 1000 SimuCoins Event Duration Account
Raffles & Services Pass 3000 SimuCoins Event Duration Character
10 Characters for Platinum
Games and Digging Pass 1500 SimuCoins 7 days from redemption
14 days for Platinum
A Caligos Isle Day Games Pass 400 SimuCoins 1 day from redemption Account
Fishing 50 Ebon Gate seashells Fish caught/leave area Per entry
Diving Competition 50 Ebon Gate seashells  ?? Per entry
The merchant event is scheduled to be 7 days in each instance (Prime and Plat) as noted in the schedule, but the pass is set up for the duration of the event to cover any mishaps or rescheduling.

Announced Services

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Use your ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble to earn favor by participating in the following quests:

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Quest Reward Item Conversion & Information

You do not need to gain favor for any of the 'fluff' components of the item. If you do gain favor, you will get the following:

Benefit Breakdown

Total Favor Point (at target) Cover
- Adds an intimidate debuff to the target that reduces the targets DS/TD by: Must follow Deity Item is Attuned To - Lasts 5 minutes, Sheer Fear Boost will increase user's sheer fear level by:
1000 favor 5ds/3td, 5x/day 1, 3x/day
2000 favor 10ds/6td, 10x/day 2, 2x/day
3000 favor 15ds/9td, 15x/day 3, 3x/day
4000 favor 20ds/12td, 20x/day 4, 4x/day
5000 favor 25ds/15td, 25x/day 5, 5x/day

Checking Favor

You can check favor in two locations, either in the temple at the top of Caligos OR in the fissure in the Fishing Village. Simple step inside and use the verb PRAY

Where to Convert Bracelet Away from Ghezresh

To convert it to a new deity, go to one of the following NPCs and type GIVE my (item) to NPC_NAME

NPC Location Deity Alignment Transformed Item Information Page
Brother Aoden Promise of Winter (shop) Lorminstra Gold-strung onyx tile jewelry
Priestess Lucinne Mantle of the Elapid (shop) Luukos Sinuous gheztye serpent jewelry
Seer Veidae A Modest Square Grey Linen Tent (shop) Gosaena Sterling feathered jewelry
Wise Woman Omiko Fishing Village Charl Imflass wire jewelry
Nereid Galaytea Fishing Village Niima Nacre and ghezyte dolphin jewelry
Warden Shaemire Caligos Isle, Jungle Coast on a Rickety Pier Imaera Gold-banded ghezyte jewelry
Kielipso (she's the wandering artist) Wandering Caligos Proper Zelia Labyrinthine cresent-woven jewelry

Automated Games

Arena of the Abyss

Newly opened in 2019, Caligos has its own arena, run by demons. The arena entrance (Lich Room# 28549) can be accessed via green portal from the hazy chamber near the fishing area, or by rowing a gondola from the pier in the next room. The rowing is a bit of a puzzle. The entrance fee is 100 redeemed seashells. PAY 100 when standing in the entrance and the abyran'ra will escort you to the arena grounds. You do not need a games pass to enter the arena.

Once inside, you can BEG the spirits to speed through the announcements if you wish, then face five undead creatures one at a time. To avoid death, you can SURRENDER, but you will also surrender your prize. Once you have defeated all five, you will be removed from the arena and awarded a prize. Prizes include breakable hearts similar to other breakable items found in digging- usually containing a few silvers or a gem, Fusion Shaman tokens, green Roleplaying award orbs and rarely a necrotic ring.

Digging, Mini-Games

Every year at Ebon Gate gives you the chance to play and experience multiple games and other adventures. At this year's Ebon Gate we have digging on the beach, and various games of luck. From said adventures you have the chance to pull great prizes. These prizes range from junk to one of a kind unique items.

  • Games, & Digging - All pull from the same shared feeder. Quest items will not be found in fishing.
  • All automated games (Mini-Games, Digging, and Fishing) share the unique/jackpot feeders.

Dig along the black sands of the beach, and unbury long lost treasures! NPCs available along the shore's edge will sell shovels in convenient 1-use and 20-use sizes, which cost 2,000 and 40,000 silvers, respectively.

A few Mini-Games can be found in the sea caverns, and will require that your pockets jingle with silvers in order to play. Mini-Games are not compatible with notes, so fill your pockets will silvers!

Both Digging and Mini-Games participation will require a Games Pass, available in the SimuCoin store. Passes are account-wide and are good for one week's play time.

Diving Competition

Have you ever wanted to jump off a cliff and perform the most perfect and beautiful swan dive? Or would you rather curl up your body and crash into the water like a cannonball? Now you can! And, you'll be scored on your efforts. The top five divers at the end of the festival will be known forever as a Caligos Diving Champion (a post-name unique title). This activity costs 50 seashells. It does not tie into the prize feeders, but it does offer some unique gems that are not available in other games. A partial list of gems can be found at EG Diving Competition Gems.


It will cost 50 Ebon Gate seashells to enter the fishing area (a games pass is not required), and top tier unique/jackpot rewards pull from the same shared feeder as the activities above. Once inside, (make sure you take your fishing gear with you!), you will remain until you catch a fish. After a successful catch, you will be removed from the room. Caught fish will need to be CUT to receive your prize (and maybe a filet). Fishing will yield items that are not found in other games, but can produce both Unique and Jackpot items.

Fishing does not require any specific skill, though a bit of survival may help you cut out a filet. General knowledge of the fishing system will help, as fishing can be a bit time-consuming, especially when unfamiliar with this activity.

You will need a fishing pole, fishing line, and bait, all of which can be found in the Fishing Shack(which is outside the game's fishing area) down on the pier in Caligos Isle, though you're not required to purchase items from this specific shop - ANY fishing pole/wire/bait will function the same, but should be with you before entering the jetty. You are not warned for not having your own fishing supplies before entering the fishing area until it's too late, so be prepared!

Fishing is the exclusive place to obtain the required item for conversion to Ghezresh. Those who do not want to convert will have an alternate path if this item is found. This item is also tradeable.

Trick or Treat

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Live Games


Date Time EST Game
Saturday, 10/2 1PM EST Entrail Toss
Sunday, 10/3 1 PM EST Caligos Comestibles
Monday, 10/4 6PM EST Spooky Storytelling
Tuesday, 10/5 9PM EST Pick Your Poison
Wednesday, 10/6 9PM EST Sing Me An Epitaph
Thursday, 10/7 9PM EST Anemone Anagrams


Date Time EST Game
Saturday, 10/9 Noon, ET Entrail Toss
Sunday, 10/10 2PM ET Sing Me An Epitaph
Monday, 10/11 9PM ET Pick Your Poison
Tuesday, 10/12 9PM ET Anemone Anagrams
Wednesday, 10/13 9PM ET Spooky Storytelling
Thursday, 10/14 9PM ET Caligos Comestibles
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Use QUEST TRANSPORT EBON to transfer to Caligos Isle from any town, or use the portals listed below.

Entry Locations

Town Room Lich ID
Icemule Trace South Barbican, Gate 2486
River's Rest River's Rest, Underbridge 10839
Solhaven Liabo Plaza
Ta'Illistim Ta'Illistim, City Gate 751
Ta'Vaalor Entrance to Ravelin 10681
Teras Isle Copper Avenue, West Docks 1870
Wehnimer's Landing Town Square, Southeast 282
Zul Logoth Hall of Arches
Four Winds Isle Oleander and Daisy 3650
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