Vaikalimara Clan

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"a braided mithril armband"
You see a mithril armband, the material looped about itself and braided several times. A small sigil is pressed lightly into the widest of the braids, the marking difficult to decipher into something legible.


Vaikalimara Clan, an all-female clan, doesn't associate much with other people, including other giantkin. It is believed that they are the handmaidens to one of the Arkati, to one of the remaining drakes, and to other various unseen powers. It's also believed that they are very likely all insane.

Brief History/Notes

The Vaikalimara Clan lives up in the Northern Steppes, between the eastern edge of the DragonSpine Mountains and Ta'Ardenai. Their origin is unknown, although the first members were undoubtedly from T'Kirem.
As they are an all-female clan, they cannot reproduce within themselves. To gain new clan members, they take fallen giantwomen from the field when they have died or would have died if not given healing and return them to their holds. Then the giantkin is healed or resurrected, and introduced to their surroundings and their new clan members. Once healed, the initiate is trained in axe work (double-bit and throwing axes usually), stealth, and various other skills. Strangely, for whatever reason, the initiate never chooses to return to their former life, instead staying to eventually become a full member of the ranks.
This clan is removed from all other Clan interaction, standings, and orders.
Recently unearthed journals have led to a windfall of new information about this relatively unknown clan.
It is possible that the Vaikalimara were founded by a Wsalamir female warrior, named Mishka. Mishka had fought in the Battle of Maelshyve, but returned from the Undead War, wounded and insane. She eventually left her clan and vanished into the wilderness. This insanity may have been connected to the purported insanity of the Vaikalimara.


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