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Saraphenia Di'Martina Silverglen Bianchi Sparr'Hawk Autumnwind, or Phenia to her friends and lovers, was born on the 10th of Charlatos, 5089 on the Aelotoi Homeworld of Bre'Naere. Born a slave, she managed to escape the Kiramon when only a small child. She is a monk and now a citizen of Wehnimer's Landing. Known also as the Aelotoi of Love, Phenia is a cheery girl with a sunny disposition; however, make her angry and she will reveal her darker side.

Saraphenia Autumnwind
Race Aelotoi
Culture Cyrtae'ni
Profession Monk
Religion Love!
In-a-Word Love!
Disposition Sunny
Demeanor Happy on good days
Flaw Too trusting
Greatest Strength Passionate
Greatest Weakness Passionate
Hobbies Singing, playing the theorbo, dancing
Soft Spots Kitties
Loyalties Wife and friends
Best Friend Leafiara, Lahanna
Spouse Leafiara
Loved One Leafiara, Lahanna, Julenne


You see High Lady Saraphenia Autumnwind the Grandmaster of the Ancient Way.
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Cyrtae'ni Clan.
She is shorter than average and has a well-toned frame.  She appears to be an adult.  She has almond-shaped blue-black eyes and olive skin.  She has waist length, glossy blue-black hair pulled back with a regal silvery green ora filigree diadem accentuated by fire opal shards, leaving her side-swept bangs to brush across her temples.  She has an oval face, an upturned nose and a generous mouth.  She has alternating cherry and vanilla polish brushed onto her neatly rounded fingernails.  She has a pair of long, bronze-veined, silver-hued wings decorated with a mistwood lily charm nestled in gold-swept emerald leaves on each.
She has a row of tiny bejeweled butterflies in her right eyebrow, an ebon-lined plum dragonfly tattoo on her wrist, a sleeping black dragon tattoo on her arm, a diving eagle tattoo on her leg, a golden lute tattoo on her wrist, a soaring eagle tattoo on her neck, and a winged heart tattoo on her leg.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a tiny diamond heart earring, a slender silver collar with a leaf-caged fire opal centerpiece, a copper stein insignia, a drake-winged insignia, an elegant thigh-slit scarlet dress with ivory edges, some lightweight owl-painted scarlet gloves with ivory banding, a silver dragon-embossed ring, a coppery red gold wedding band with tiny floral details, a trio of silver and gold hip-chains trailing glass-encased dragonfire emerald wings, some ivory satin leggings patterned with twining scarlet vines, and some lightweight eagle-painted scarlet slippers with ivory edges.


5123 Town Council Campaign

RYSK Q&A - Koaratos 22, 5123

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Question 1: Position in RYSK

Julenne: So Phenia, some may ask about your position in RYSK. Will that cause an issue or will ye be able to separate?
Saraphenia: My position in RYSK will have no bearing on my duties as a Town Councilor. I have to be fair to everyone if I am to effectively do my duties as a councilor.

Question 2: Divided Factions

Chandrellia: What are your views and thoughts on bringing the factions together within Landing?
Saraphenia: For clarification, do you mean factions like the Rooks and Remnants, and others?
Chandrellia: The Remnants will have no part of this town, I was referring to the Consortium and the Rooks. Both have a strong hold within Landing but seem to be at each other.
Saraphenia: As a Councilor, I will do my research on what I feel is best for Landing. Now granted, I will have to bring everything like that to the full council and the mayor, but as long as I know what can happen to bring the groups together and have them work together, I will do what I can to get them to work together with us to make this town safe.

Question 3: Other Candidates

Julenne: Phenia, do ye know the others running for council? What do ye think ye have an advantage of?
Saraphenia: One of my potential Council members is here tonight. [indicates Tayler]
Saraphenia: I have the advantage of passion and knowing when to let it go and rein it in.
Saraphenia: Plus I can work with anyone. I am easy to get along with.

Question 4: Landing Voice

Ashumm: Mine is simple, I hope. what can we expect from you as our voice?
Saraphenia: As your voice for the town, I will work to give you the safety and security you need, and the freedom and autonomy you want and deserve. I will do my best to protect this town and her citizens from the encroachment of the Empire.

Question 5: Experience and Qualifications

Toxyrox: Well, my question has mostly been covered, but I'll ask anyways.
Toxyrox: We touched on your RYSK're a leader in RYSK and that seems like good experience. What other experiences and qualifications do you have that you can bring to this role?
Saraphenia: I am a member in good standing of Ord an Dragan, Drakes Vanguard, House Onoir, Fenog's Regulars, The House of Paupers...we covered RYSK...
Saraphenia: The Black Hand Trading Company, The Claws of the Drake...
Saraphenia: I have worked with a lot of organizations in this town.
Saraphenia: I think my work is telling of how I can work with anyone and everyone if given the chance.

Question 6: Best Alternative

Julenne: If ye had to vote in the election, who would you vote for and why?
Saraphenia: If I weren't voting for myself, you mean?
[Julenne nods]
Saraphenia: Honestly, and no offense to you, Tayler, I would vote for Kayse. She has the experience and wherewithal to serve another year. I think, other than myself, she is the best candidate for this town.
Nickonai interjects: Isn't Kayse an Imperial supporter?
Saraphenia: I don't believe she is a supporter of the Empire.
Saraphenia: I can only speak for myself, and my opinions, and what I have seen of the others. I can't speak for them...well, maybe Tayler...
[Saraphenia grins at Tayler]

Question 7: Marital Conflict

Chandrellia: Please don't get mad at me for this... just thinking like a Yardie here.
Chandrellia: You being married to Leafi who was at one time a Mayor and a Town Councilor, do you feel you will be singled out as showing favoritism if she presents anything to the Board?
Chandrellia: I forgot to mention a known Rook as well.
Saraphenia: She has just as much right to present to the Town Council as any citizen does. Her being my wife is completely irrelevant. I can NOT, and WILL NOT show favoritism in my decision making, and she knows this. As you all will know that.

Question 8: Irreconcilable Differences

Leafiara: When answering an earlier question, you said you want to make efforts to get certain groups working together that normally don't...
Leafiara: However, you're likely to find that there are some cases where the differences of philosophy are too much for them to come together...
Leafiara: How will you handle groups or even individuals who simply don't wish to work with you or with others?
Saraphenia: There are already those folks in Landing, as I have been finding out as I campaign. I will say that for those that don't wish to work with me, they will have to put their animosity toward me aside and at least listen to what I have to say if things are to get done effectively around here.

Question 9: Unpopular Decisions

Chandrellia: Having been in the same seat you're trying for now, how prepared are you to upset the Mayor with a decision or choice that must be made should it come to that?
Saraphenia: As much as I desire to work WITH the mayor and the council, if there is a decision that I make that goes against them, as long as I believe in my own convictions, I will make my decisions as I will.
Saraphenia: My main concern is this town and her citizens. If that means I upset the mayor or the other council members by a decision I make, as long as I feel it's in the best interest of the citizens of this town, then so be it.

Question 10: The Rooks

Leafiara: What are your thoughts on the Rooks?
Chandrellia interjects: Be honest, we can take it.
Leafiara: We've been taking it for almost two years.
Saraphenia: I think the Rooks, those that I know, at least, have the best interest of this town as their main focus, as I do.
Nickonai interjects: And if I may, how informed are you about them?
Nickonai: They can be pretty nefarious I hear.
Saraphenia: I'm rather well informed. Mind you, I'm not fully informed, since I am not a member of the Rooks, but I AM married to one.

Question 11: Two RYSK Candidates

Julenne: As we have 2 board members in RYSK running for office. How does that make ye feel running against another one. Have yall talked to see how to work together for the good of Landing?
Saraphenia: I haven't seen Irval except a brief moment last night where we exchanged campaign buttons. I know a lot of folks would rather not have Irval on the Council, but if he does get voted in and I do as well, I will definitely work with him. I would hope that his thoughts would be the same as mine, in respect to how we are our own individuals with our own thoughts and opinions. I would expect him to vote his conscience and heart as I plan to. I would expect that of any council member.

Bonus Questions

[As the audience ran out of serious questions, more fluffy ones followed. They were...]

Chandrellia: Where do babies come from?
Saraphenia: Eggs, mostly.
Chandrellia: Not according to Pukk! [She proceeds to explain it's a longstanding joke with Pukk.]
Nickonai: What's your favorite color?
Saraphenia: Scarlet, ivory, purple, and royal blue.
Toxyrox: Don't you just love kittens and puppies?
Saraphenia: Both!
Toxyrox: And what's your favorite kitten color?
Saraphenia: Seal point Siamese!

Darts and Answers - Koaratos 28, 5123

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Question 1: Bodohal

Yardie: Bodohal is set to go to trial very soon.  Considering how justice seems to you have any faith that we'll get a fair trial and decision?
Saraphenia: In my opinion, he will get a fair trial in this town, and if he does not, I will make sure that those who fix his trial are held accountable.

Question 2: Law and Morality

Nalver: Are you willing to go beyond the law for what you believe is the correct thing to do? And are you willing to kill to accomplish that goal?
Saraphenia: As a town councilor, I don't believe that I am above the law, and if I can get things accomplished without breaking a law, that is the optimum...however, I have had to kill to get my point across in the past, even being the Aelotoi of Love, and IF it comes to it and I have no other choice, then yes, I will.

Question 3: Upbringing

Tairngaire: How do you think your upbringing will impact your term as Councilperson? In what ways do you think it will benefit or hinder?
Saraphenia: Having been born a slave, I have the determination to better everyone's a former bardess, I have a good stage presence and I can talk with most a monk, I have the discipline to keep my emotions in check at least somewhat to make sure I don't get over emotional making decisions.

Question 4: Pookia

Mauss: Whass yer opinion on Pookia?
Saraphenia: She is lovely, and fun.

Question 5: Teamwork

Yardie: How do you feel about the other candidates and do you think you can put personal feelings aside to work with them should you get elected?
Saraphenia: I have nothing against the other candidates, even Irval. I could work with all of them.

RYSK Roundtable - Koaratos 29, 5123

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Saraphenia: My name is Saraphenia Autumnwind. You can call me Phenia. I am the Aelotoi of Love. The Frost Queen. I am running for town council to secure our safety, and help us remain free and autonomous. I am also hoping I can make the Landing more prosperous. I am a shop owner and I say that anything that allows us to help keep the town's wealth with her citizens is a good thing.

Question 1: Allegiances

Julenne (reading a submitted question): As a Town Councilperson, you would represent the vastly diverse community of Wehnimer's Landing - do you have any allegiances or biases that might prevent you from serving the interests of your constituents?
Saraphenia: I have many allegiances in this city, varying and diverse. I belong to the House of Paupers, Drakes Vanguard, Ord an Dragan, I'm an officer in RYSK, a member of the Black Hand Trading Company and many other organizations...
Saraphenia: While I have many diverse allegiances, as a Councilor of this town, I will have to be fair and make decisions based off of my OWN values and beliefs. I can't let anyone, not even my beloved wife, my Goddess, sway my decisions one way or another.

Question 2: Boundaries

Julenne (reading a submitted question): Since the Empire is allowed in our territory, but we are not allowed in theirs... how far are you willing to go to keep the Empire at bay?
Saraphenia: The Empire has overstepped its bounds with our town. They might not be saying it in words, but are in deeds, by taking over the lands outside the gates. If I have to do so, to defend our town, I will go as far as laying down my own life in defense of her! I have no misgivings on what I am willing to do to protect our town and all who dwell within her!
[after others' answers...]
Julenne: Anything else to share on this question?
Saraphenia, to Vaemyr: We are on a slippery slope with the Imperials, Vaemyr. I may not be as well versed in the affairs as you and Kayse, since you've been on council, but I know that they do not have our best interest at heart.

Question 3: Free City

Nikolaii: I'm curious about all the candidates' stances on being a free city-state vs the pawn of a distant capital.
Saraphenia: We ARE a free city that is slowly being choked by outside influences of the Imperials! I do NOT trust Earl Jovery's words. We are a free town, but our freedoms are being eroded.

Question 4: Belief

Yardie: So, considering that we've had former Mayors and Councilors as Rooks working around, Remnants working and killing at the disapproval of the Barony, reivers rather bothered by their circumstances, and all sorts of dealings, not to mention Elidal avoiding just about all sorts of meaningful discourse, I ask the following question:  Why should anyone of us believe in the political process with this election if people feel they need to go around it?
Saraphenia: I will use all the power within my position if I am elected, to keep us from becoming subjugates.
Yardie: I'll phrase my question simpler.  Why should we believe in any of you?
Leafiara interjects: That's an entirely different question, to be honest.
Yardie: I mean, kinda, but not really?
Leafiara: Oh, it's very different. In fact, it's exactly the question I would have deflected your original question with.
Tikba: You do not need to believe in the election to believe in the candidate.
Yardie: Spoken like a true politician.
Saraphenia: You know me better than that, Yardie. I do not let my passions run willy nilly. I am passionate, but I am also able to rein in my passion.

Question 5: Expansion

Leafiara: As was briefly mentioned earlier, town councils from over five years ago, under the old structure of what the town council used to be, declined to claim more land when past mayors made pushes for it.
Leafiara: However, again, as was mentioned earlier, the current mayor and even the other mayoral candidates had seemed open to expansion during their own campaign, so perhaps we could change course and try again...
Leafiara: So what do you all think of formally claiming more land of our own, and why?
Leafiara: Or not claiming if that's your answer, obviously.
Saraphenia: I don't think the lands surrounding our town should be claimed by anyone, not the Empire, not us, not anyone. We have enough property within the town walls to accomplish what we as a town need to do. Those lands are hunted by anyone who wishes. Why would we wish to expand our will upon them when the creatures who live there wouldn't like it any more than they do with the Empire.

Question 6: Stumping

Davenas: For all of the candidates.
Davenas: Since I've moved down to the Landing, I believe I've only seen three of you in my daily life.
Davenas: That's Saraphenia, Irval and Tayler.
Davenas: Kayse and Vaemyr. Why should I... or anyone else... care? I mean.. daily...
[after Kayse and Vaemyr answer...]
Leafiara interjects: Hmm, based on the answers, I'm not sure if the question was expressed quite correctly...
Davenas: It may not have been.
Davenas: I could have been at fault.
Leafiara: Are you basically asking why people who don't follow politics should care or how it would affect their daily lives?
Leafiara: That was how I thought of it at least, but just wondering.
Davenas: I believe the question may be... I've heard other platforms repeatedly.
Davenas: But the other two don't seem to be stumping about to make their positions heard as well.
Saraphenia: I stump my positions because I seek the support. I am not as well known as Kayse and Vaemyr, so I need to work harder for support.

Question 7: Leadership

Crimsoneve: I'm not a member of any organization and usually avoid these meeting, but I really feel the need to raise a couple of issues.  First if elected, would you be supportive of limiting terms to no more than two consecutive and also would you pledge to suspend active leadership in any other organization (other than membership) to avoid actual or the appearance of a conflict of interest?
[people clear up that terms are already limited to no more than two consecutive]
Saraphenia: Being an officer and a board member of RYSK, I try to help the citizens of the Landing as a part of that, and the members of RYSK as well. None before this election have been asked to step down from positions in organizations. My position in RYSK will have no bearing on the decisions I make as a council member.