Clunk (prime)

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Clunk LikeARockson
Master Blacksmith
Race Dwarf
Culture Dwarf
Class Fighter
Profession Blacksmith
Religion Eonak
Affiliation(s) House of Rising Phoenix, Voln Master, Warrior Guild
Disposition Grumpy
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Inquisitive
Secondary Trait Perseverance
Flaw Inquisitive
Greatest Strength Forging
Greatest Weakness Easily Distracted
Habits Elanthian Town Visits
Hobbies Rock Collecting, Drake and Arkati history
Soft Spots Owls
Likes Dwarves
Dislikes Undeads
Fears Demons
Loyalties Zul Logoth
Best Friend Reklawhtur, Sianan, and lots more maybe (?)
Spouse None
Loved One None


Name: Clunk LikeARockSon
Profession: Warrior     Gender: Male
Recognized at various times as:
 Master Forger
 Hero of Zul Logoth
 Defender of Wehnimer's Landing
 Rock Collector
 May be best known for spending too much time in Zul Logoth.
He has a thickset build.  He appears to be in the prime of life.
He has hazel eyes and tanned skin.
He has thinning, white hair with a large bald spot.
He has a missing upper portion of his left ear, adorned with a tightly puckered scar.
He has a braided silver beard.

He is wearing a well-forged dwarven war helm, an invar-banded dark leather cap fitted with a row of dwarf-cut rubies, a crystal amulet, a glass dragon egg pendant, a gold anvil symbol backed with petrified haon, a golden Eonak medallion, a bright red traveller's cloak, a golden phoenix pin, a ruby-eyed drake armband, a pair of crossed golden sai mounted on a bronze nautilus shell, a scuffed golden anvil symbol pocked with dark bronze, a stylized golden griffin pin, a Lorminstra badge, a veniom-plated Ilyan Cloud charm, some scorched leather forging gloves, some gold and brown forging gauntlets, a diamond-inset dwarven war harness, a pure white vultite greatshield, some imflass brigandine armor, a golden anvil crested forging apron, some riveted iron bracers, an engraved mithril ring, an iron and mithril band, a diamond-inset dwarven war girdle, a carved ivory warhorn, a blackened silver flask etched with a ruby-hued gryphon, a large white fur hide sack, a perfect iron-handled mithril forging-hammer, some gold trousers decorated with a line of crossed sais down the legs, some black leather forging chaps, and some dwarven infantry boots.


Full citizen of Zul Logoth
Member of House of the Rising Phoenix
Master in the Order of Voln
Member of the Warrior Guild
Follower of Eonak (on really good days, Eonak follows Clunk)


Strongest foe vanquished: a hellish fiery-winged horror

Memorable Moments:

* Having an iron bucket dropped on his head by Walkar during the final battle of Cross Into Shadows
* Running from Tiope at ShadowGuard when she transformed into a shadow demon.
* Guarding Vordillian during battles of All the Lich King's Men
* Bolted by the Horned Cabal lich Raukturga
* Defeating the Dark Soul that led an undead invasion against Ta'Vaalor
* Solving the Zul Logoth Deed Puzzle
* Meeting Eorgina (face-to-face)
* Being picked up by a Drake and Flown Far Away, and then being made to walk home.
* Fighting a ghost at Anwyn Castle (over three times his level) ... and winning
* The Ancient Dwarven Test of Worthiness
* Being slapped upside the head by Berr Zerkcer during his early days in the lands, and being told to 'maneuver'.  Clunk had been knocked over by a wolverine while wearing full plate, then could not get up.  Clunk was level three or four at the time.
* Forging his first perfect handaxe.  
* Climbing out of Goblyn's lair
* Valley of Gold - Perhaps now, humans and elves can get on with the mission of fighting the undead.
* Khlast took his ear at Caligos Isle, 5119.
* Return of Barnom by Vlashandra when claiming to seek saving Aralyte

Quote: "Buy your weapons at CBD weapons in Zul Logoth"