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Posts relating to the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia.

Clerk Locations

Category: Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses)
Topic: Anouncements
Message #: 70
Author: GS4-ALYIAS
Date: 2/25/2011 7:11:05 PM
Subject: New CHE Clerk Locations!


House Clerks have been placed in the remaining major towns that did not have them. They are now located at the following locations:

Wehnimer's Landing - Moot Hall
Teras Isle - Company Store
Solhaven - Town Hall
River's Rest - Purser's Office
Icemule Trace - Clerk's Suite
Zul Logoth - Munincipal Building
Ta'Illistim - Lost Home
Ta'Vaalor - Wyvern Keep
Four Winds Isle - Atrium


House Pins

Interrealm Teleportation

Category: Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses)
Topic: Interhouse Discussion
Message #: 2545
Author: GS4-ALYIAS
Date: 2/1/2011 8:21:38 PM
Subject: Dateline 2/1/2011: CHE HOUSE PINS RECEIVE MAKEOVER

Effective immediately, CHE house pins have been updated to have the ability to teleport a member to the location of their House from any place within town limits, even from far off realms! In order to do so, simply TAP your pin to be whisked back home. Upon using such magics, however, the pin will not be able to teleport you again until 30 days have passed.

Please note that this teleportation is one-way only! Those teleporting to their houses for events, meetings, or just plain old companionship will have to travel back from whence they came via normal means.

Intrarealm Teleportation

Category: Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses)
Topic: Interhouse Discussion
Message #: 726
Author: GS4-ELIDI
Date: 03/31/2017 01:56 AM EDT
Subject: Annex transport update to House pins!

Thanks to GM Retser (who you all know and love), you can now TURN your house pin from most rooms in town and be transported to your House annex in the same realm! Simply TURN the pin again to return to your starting point. And it's unlimited!

(NOTE: If you try to exit the annex area, you'll be automatically transported back to where you entered from since this is not a shortcut to anywhere. Also if the room currently blocks magical transport IN or OUT, this will be blocked as well -- sorry Vaalorians!)

All new annexes built after this release must have their locations reviewed and approved for inclusion in this teleportation system.

Big thanks to GM Retser for coding it, GM Wyorm for QC'ing it, and GM Coase, GM Sleken, GM Galene, and GM Haliste for approvals to make this possible!


New Website and Headquarters

Category: Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses)
Topic: Interhouse Discussion
Message #: 623
Author: GS4-ELIDI
Date: 09/08/2015 06:55 PM EDT
Subject: HSN: The CHE gets a new website and headquarters!

New CHE website for officers!

The all-new primary resource for CHE officers, the website has all the details on officer requirements, reports, in-game commands, influence, prizes and much more!

Visit the site at

The influence guide is now located on the website and has been updated to clarify IP charges for building and maintenance. Prize closet items are now available on a quarterly basis with a firm list of prizes.

In addition, reports will now be submitted using the forms on the new website. This includes post-event reports, quarterly reports and monthly event support requests. Pre-event reports are no longer required! In-game house notes for events are no longer required!

As part of the new reporting requirement, ALL houses must submit quarterly reports without exception. Reports are due by the 7th of the month following the end of the quarter.

Please review the updated guide on the new website.

New CHE Headquarters!

Commissioned by Lord Ruthiford Pennington, Arch-Steward of the Cooperative Houses of Elanthia, Ebonstone Manor is now open. The Manor is located in Wehnimer's Landing, down the marble walkway in the CHE Festival Grounds on North Ring Road.

As a small thank you to the officers who work tirelessly for the CHE members and the community, quarterly officer reward prizes are now available in the office at Ebonstone Manor. Each officer may select one of the current prizes through the end of December.

Want to bolster the attendance at your CHE events? Rent one of four new rooms in Ebonstone Manor with portal access in all major towns. The areas available for event rentals can be viewed by looking in the windows in the foyer at Ebonstone Manor. The Enchanted Garden was Merelle's winning design from the contest. Details on renting a room can be found on the new CHE website.

Please direct all questions or feedback to

GM Elidi

WL Locker Location

Category: Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses)
Topic: Announcements
Message #: 42
Author: GS4-ELIDI
Date: 02/26/2016 05:59 PM EST
Subject: CHE lockers located in Moot Hall are moving!

Members only lounges and lockers in the Landing are moving from Moot Hall to Ebonstone Manor! Up the staircase in the foyer, the members of Moonstone Abbey, Cairnfang Manor and White Haven will find their new members only suite and lockers. If you haven't yet visited the new headquarters of the CHE, you'll find it down the marble walkway from the festival grounds which is located off of North Ring Road.

The lounges and lockers that are currently located upstairs in Moot Hall will remain open until March 15, 2016.

~*GM Elidi*~


Category: Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE/Great Houses)
Topic: Interhouse Discussion
Message #: 811
Author: GS4-ELIDI
Date: 07/06/2020 07:52 PM EDT
Subject: New CHE Officer Perk: HOUSE TRAVEL

CHE Officers may now use HOUSE TRAVEL to claim two chronomage spheres per month to travel to towns of their choice for CHE-related activities. These orbs expire, so don't save them - use them!

Please note that there are no longer two free ticket rides on the Glaesen Star from Wehnimer's Landing to Teras each month for House officers. If you wish to travel to Teras Isle for CHE-related activities, you'll need to use the HOUSE TRAVEL option for the chronomage spheres.

Special thanks to GM Retser for his help on this update!

~*GM Elidi*~