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The Defenders of Mist Harbor is a player-driven and player-run group of people who work closely with the Mist Harbor Militia to support Mist Harbor. The Defenders of Mist Harbor were established in early 5119. They are a non-militaristic group who uses a varied set of talents to support the town.


The Defenders of Mist Harbor gathered on Lormesta 11, 5120 to discuss their mission and interests. Those present agreed upon the following series of statements.

The Defenders protect all entities living or visiting the Isle who are not actively working against the Isle, and they protect the Isle itself.
The Defenders protect the Iyo who are not actively working against the Isle or who have been lied to and coerced into something they do not understand.
The Defenders are unique people with varying methods, but when acting as Defenders will band together under one purpose.
The Defenders are a semi-independent force who work with the rightful owners of the Isle of the Four Winds cooperatively in accordance with the mission of the Defenders.
The Defenders reserve the right to refuse to act in any manner against their mission.


While some members have an official prename title granted for their actions during several Mist Harbor storylines (marked with an *), others do not. An official prename title is not necessary for inclusion in the group. Darcena has frequently held the group-given role of spokesperson and leader and can be reached with any questions.


The Defenders of Mist Harbor hold a casual gathering on Tilamaires nights (Tuesday) at 9 pm elven at Stumbling Pebble Bar II that is open to all.

Dear Mist Harbor citizens and visitors,

The Defenders of Mist Harbor are inviting you to attend a casual weekly meetup at the Stumbling Pebble Bar II starting this Ivastaen 4 at 9 pm elven time. Please bring silvers if you would like to purchase refreshment from Greth Rottgut or feel free to bring your own refreshments for yourself or to share. Our intention is for this time to be used to connect with each other and build stronger bonds across Mist Harbor.

We feel that every leader on this Isle is important and as such, we are seeking volunteers who would like to be the host for each week’s meetup. Please contact Ishan Darcena Wolf-Valslayer or Akenna Laeraun if you would like to volunteer to host a meeting. Hosts are responsible for arriving five minutes before the scheduled time and greeting everyone who is there, helping with introductions, and being a friendly face. Hosts are not required to have answers to questions or know anything about events on Mist Harbor, just to be friendly and welcoming.

We hope to see you there,
Akenna Laeraun, Leader of the Mist Harbor Militia and Defender of Mist Harbor
Ishan Darcena Wolf-Valslayer, Leader of the Defenders of Mist Harbor and Mist Harbor Militia Member

The gathering is currently being hosted by Kalyrra. They are held on the first and third Tilamaires of the month at 9pm elven.

Meet Up at Greth's Minutes