Mist Harbor Militia

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The Mist Harbor Militia is a player-run group of people who are interested in protecting and defending Mist Harbor.


The Mist Harbor Militia was re-established in 5119 after a period of quiet. Socius announced he would be re-establishing the group on Charlatos 3, 5119. At this time, Avawren began to actively recruit new members for the militia. Over time, members of the militia joined with the Defenders of Mist Harbor to propose and fund a Safe Haven which is used by all citizens for protection during invasions or other dangerous times.

Note: The OOC request was first made by Khobra during the Premium OOC meeting in January 2019 for the militia to be re-established.


The current leader and recruitment member is Kalyrra. Please contact her if you wish to join.


Anyone may join. You do not need to be a citizen and you can be a member in more than one militia.


Members of the Mist Harbor militia may often be recognized by a brass Mist Harbor militia badge they wear. It reads:

In the Common language, it reads:
Mist Harbor Militia


During invasions, Mist Harbor is often divided into four sections based upon level. There are Captain(s) of the Mist Harbor Militia (unofficial title) assigned to lead each quadrant.