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The February 2021 (Feb 12th-Feb 28th) Duskruin Event includes:

New for 2021 Duskruin

Item attunement

A 25% discount to item purchase price, not available on all items

Main Post from Wyrom: Official Forum Post

Attuned Certs will Attune an item: Official Forum Post

Clarifications from Discord Discord Discussion

  • Account bound only for 2021-February, character bound will be released at later time.
  • Not all items can be attuned without significant overhauling.
  • No, the amount of items that will have the option won't be a large number. HESS will have it where it can. Some other big items may have it as well.
  • It's aimed at expensive items right now.
    • More and more items have been added daily.
  • If it's a HESS cert that requires a GM to redeem it (and not the kind you can redeem), it's possible to have the attunement on those. For example, if you did VolnArmor unlocks, it would attune the armor to you.
  • Yeah, right now there are no plans to change that discount rate of 25% between the two, but we're going to start with account and see how it goes.
  • What would happen if you had two accounts and transferred a character with the account-bound item between them? Is it not usable by that character anymore?
    • Wyrom: Correct, character bound will follow the character.
  • Enchanting and ensorcelling will be fine with attunement -- I assume other characters/accounts can hold the items, but not use them (for stuff like that or passing)?
    • Estild:But yes, for armaments (weapon, armor, and shields), it should only restrict using the equipment, not handing it off for other professions to work on.
  • Can we get a bonus to enchanting attuned stuff?
    • Estild: No, the benefit is a cheaper price to buy said item.
  • Wyrom, any chance we could get a list of what will be attunable from DR? Particularly the new stuff and unlocks?
    • Wyrom: Yeah, we'll have a better idea soon. It's mostly aimed at HESS this run though.
  • Does this only apply to items or will there also be attunement available for tier certs? For example, if I already have a sigil staff from a prior DR but want to upgrade its tier, can I attune the tier cert for the discount and it make the staff account attuned?
    • Estild: Correct, unlock certificates are eligible for this process too. When you buy the certificate, it is attuned to your account and only you may use it to unlock an item. When it is used to unlock an item, it will then also attune the item to your account. Items that are already attuned cannot be unlocked by a certificate that is attuned to someone else. Note: due to the way this works, you can't buy attuned certificates and sell them to someone else.
  • FYI, Spellbound will offer attunement discounts for the x/day items. Source
  • Retser: Okay... Parasite Weapons, Parasite Armor, Energy Weapons, Energy Shields, Sprite Weapons, and Sprite Armor are all now updated to allow for attunement purchases.
  • Retser:I didn't include it in my announcement, but the update for attuning stuff also includes Twin Weapons and Night Shroud cloaks.
  • Does full surcharge price still apply if you are doing attunement? (I assume so)

Flat Discount for Platinum and Shattered

  • Will shattered and plat discounts only be HESS, or also stores? Thinking like Spellbound, to be specific.
    • Wyrom: Platinum and Shattered will be all shops that have alt currencies automatically.

Treasure from winning package can be Recalled for 30days

Wyrom: The random piece of treasure you get in your winnings package, burlap pouch, or when you SEARCH in the sewers or STEAL in the heist will now be temporarily loresong unlocked for 30 days (at the time you generate it). This only works just like what a bard can offer you. You'll be able to RECALL the details. If you place it in a playershop, it will also work there. If you want to see weighting or padding levels, you'll need to still have it ASSESSed.

Shop Listing

Main Post: Official Forum Post

New for 2021:

Hess Cert List (without prices)

Main Post: Official Forum Post

Items Added after initial posting: Thanks Tivvy

  • some orb-shaped fused links - add fusion slot
  • a white sanctifying card - make item sanctified

  • This might be an easy question to answer: when's the latest you can redeem a certification?
    • Thandiwe: 2 weeks after the close of the event
    • The cert itself has a deadline, some have been adjusted to only 1 week after HESS ends.
  • Can the 3x per day item superchargers be combined with the x/day combiner from HESS creating 1 6x per day supercharger?
    • Estild: The combiner service only works with the new style x/day magic items. Not old style or other scripts (which the supercharger item is).
  • How many items can be combined?
    • Estild: Up to 10x/day, but the service is to combine 2 items. The 10x/day just means they both could be 5x/day, but if you have 10 1x/day, you have to buy 9 certificates.
  • Why isn't Sanctification cert on the HESS list? (note:it has since been added, please read below)
    • Estild:We're still discussing sanctification. It may or may not be available due to the pending overhaul of the bless system, which impacts sanctification. We may or may not be able to preview the design before Duskruin is over. We potentially could still offer the service, but it would be with a disclaimer that you're purchasing it knowing the details of the system will potentially change in the future and you may or may not be content with the end result and you would not be eligible for a refund or compensation. It's not that we don't want you to have it, but we don't want you to purchase it, then be unhappy with the changes (which is never the goal and I think most players will be, but despite everything we offered with the archery items during that review, there was still a few players who thought they deserved more).
  • Last DR all my hess certs were done without my intervention, so just being online at a table while you sleep is fine if you put appropriate details in your redeem messages
    • Haliste: But, if you want to sit AFK at a table, you can do that -- just be sure you put all the specifics in your WHISPER to the certificate when you redeem it ... (well, before you do) so that the GM doesn't have to ask you any questions about it.
    • Haliste: Really - we can do EVERYTHING without any input from you as long as you make that initial whisper include all the details we may need.
  • Haliste: I just want to mention here that the "No claid..." message on the enchant certs was an error. It has been removed.
  • While we're talking about resists, has there been any consideration to allowing us to switch resist flavors in light of the recent skill revamps?
    • Thandiwe: It's a great suggestion and, while I can't guarantee anything, it might be a good idea to mention it as a future option for HESS.
  • I have a question. So, when I analyze my weapon, it shows two stamps. Does this mean that the services I bought were applied? I must have missed the messaging if this was the case.
  • Can you do more than two per run, the cert seems to imply you cant
    • they did make it so it auto deducts, when you request beyond 2 Player-Gespry
There are currently 2 Duskruin stamps upon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
You pay the service surcharge of 25,000 bloodscrip, which leaves you with a remaining balance of xx,xxx
  • Different limits for buy/attune next time would be interesting as well
    • Wyrom: It's all a WIP with this stuff. We're pivoting and changing a lot of game design.
  • Wyrom if you're still around, I was hoping to get attuned add sprite to current from HESS,[content trimmed] Is this going to happen?
    • Thandiwe: The plan is to make this available attuned. As I mentioned before, we'll know more at Restock.
  • Also, I'm reading people say that restocking is just handling returns
    • Thandiwe: Restock is when all of the returned items go back out. However, as mentioned, we plan to offer the statue attuned. Therefore, the statue will go back out with the option to attune or not.
  • RT on HESS sounds like such a familiar thing... did that exist for one run at some point? Either way, it makes sense to do
    • Estild: Yes, there use to be RT on purchase at HESS. The option was accidentally omitted this run. It'll be on during the restock.
  • For the spellbooks, can you redeem, say, 3 spellbooks for the same spell circle and incur 1 surcharge? Or is there a hard cap of 2?
    • Those are limited to 2 per run. Not possible to use the surcharge to get more.(The wording does not mean 2x forever) Thandiwe

Property Removal NPC

Located in the HESS building and through curtain.

A perky bearded dabbler straightens herself as if preparing for a meaningful encounter, and with a practiced     |
smile, says, "My skill lies in the removal of special properties from your most valued possessions.  I am able   |
to REMOVE a wide variety of properties, including things such as WEIGHTING, PADDING, SIGHTING, SANCTIFICATION,   |
FLARES, DEFENDER or AS bonus, TD, BANE, RESISTANCE, and some SCRIPTs.  I deal only in bloodscrip, and the cost   |
for my service, regardless of which property I remove, is 5000."  She turns her head to the side, covers her     |
mouth, and clears her throat, directing her attention back to you.   

If your script had not been approved YET:

A perky bearded dabbler says, "I haven't received approval to work on that script yet, so here's what I'm gonna do for you.  I'll go ahead and let my manager know about your item.  Hopefully, it won't take too long to get someone to look at it, but some scripts take longer than others."

[OOC: This script needs to be reviewed and added to the dabbler's list of approved (or denied) scripts.  Nothing else needs to be done on your end - someone will take a look and get back in touch with you.]

non-mechanical script removal

>ask dabbler about help
A perky bearded dabbler says, "I can remove certain properties on many items.  ASK ME about REMOVE to see what kinds of things I'm able to do for you.  My standard fee is 5000 bloodscrip, but for a script that has no mechanical value whatsoever, I will charge you only 1000 bloodscrip."
  • Can the property removal NPC not remove armor spikes?
    • Thandiwe: There are a lot of properties. Some of them need to be reviewed. If the NPC said that he couldn't work for you, then fear not, it will inform a GM and then will track you down later to look over the item.
  • Careful with property removal it will make you remove your script first (autoscripter zests in this instance)
    • Yes, this is intended Thandiwe
    • Any script has to be reviewed. The NPC will learn, over time, and will remember which ones are okay to just take off an item (and know how to do it!)
    • For the more complex requests (ie: scripted items with subscripts and other properties all together on the same item) - these things really confuse the NPC and instead of her guessing as to whether or not something is okay, she'll just forego it and forward a message to the review team. Those will have to be handled by someone, and probably won't ever be able to be automated. Haliste
    • So, the way it works at the moment, is that all scripts get reviewed. Much like the light/deep notes. There are many nuances on a variety of scripts and the system needs to be taught those nuances. If you don't want to wait for that review, and don't care about the script, then feel free to remove it. Thandiwe
  • i don't think u could redeem certain certs without removing the scripts first
    • Those things have to be reviewed and researched. That would have taken the time for a GM to do the same. But now once they're done, it's all saved to the NPC and set up for repetition.Tivvy
  • I just got a bunch of approved scripts. Once I get those in, and she learns more over time, it's much faster this way. Xojium Robes, NerveStaff, (not with subscript, only as primary), Rotflares (as primary), Gifts of Atan Irith(Surita), Elven Armor, Anfelt, Buckling boots, Auto Closing Bag, Banshee Flares, Lesser Moods. Haliste
  • Hmmm... I didn't get that OOC message when I asked about remove flares. Does that mean my script won't be reviewed? That seems to indicate I should ask about remove script... but I was scared to... cause I really do not under any circumstances want that script removed
    • Nothing happens there without confirmation (in terms of removals) Haliste
  • The dabbler currently doesn't review scripts unless you ask her to review scripts. But I can see why someone might want her to review scripts when asking about OTHER things. (trimmed)Haliste
  • Okay, sounds good. Should I ask her to remove it so that it's tracked? I need to head to bed
    • sure. If it breaks, just assist.Haliste

February 2021 Duskruin Item Teasers

Animate Dead Weaponry by GM Zissu

  • I didn't get to do anything for this DR. I do have more I want to do with the animate wands, but will have to wait until next DR unfortunately. source

Sigil Cloak by GM Estild

  • No sigil cloaks this run. source

Elemental Gloves by GM Quilic

Main Post: Official Forum Post
Analyze Teaser: Official Forum Post

Clarifications from Discord: Discord Discussion

  • Elemental Gloves sell OTS at +25, which equates to +30 if you match the attunement
  • They come with Cat B flares. The flare in the teaser is a Cat B "version", and that's what determines the gloves' attunement.
  • Fire flaring gloves (which use Cat B). When someone attuned to fire uses them, they're mechanically improved, and get an extra +5 (up to +50)
  • WAVE will still hit undead (the gloves can't normally be blessed).
  • So you can wave many times during 45 seconds? Correct
  • Clench starts the timer, and energizes the gloves. While energized, Wave functions as the attack.
  • 3 seconds, haste-immune, so it's always 3 seconds. Hard RT on the WAVE for these.
  • Unlock certs for more [clench] charges/day, 10/day max.
  • Works for kroderine souls.
  • Brawling training is not factored in in any way with regards to the SMR attack.
  • They do have to remain gloves. There's four different 'styles' for each element for sale. Roughly equivalent to, "super not fancy, common, kinda fancy, fancy." Nothing mechanically different about them, though. Just trying to provide OTS options for people's outfits.
  • Fingerless gloves would be OK.
  • Element CANNOT be changed after purchase. Make sure you buy the ones that match what you're attuned to. Or buy one of each!
  • There's demeanor stuff built in, different messaging for each element (with or without matching the character's attunement).
  • CLENCH and WAVE work with your hands full. source

Magic Marker @shop Make Your Mark by GM Tivvy

Magic Markers Update!: Official Forum Post

"The Magic Markers sold the past few runs will be returning to Make Your Mark in Bloodriven Village, at a lower price point. For those of you who purchased them last year, I've added a new customizable feature to them that will unlock automagically on the existing paintbrushes and gravers after DR begins." - Tivvy

  • Magic Markers allow you to alter normal treasure found items like heavy quartz orbs, small statues, silver wands, etc. This helps you keep track of them after charging them to differentiate fresh from otherwise. For example, a golden wand would become "a golden wand marked with a dot of pink paint"

Elven Armor by GM Oscuro

Main Post: Official Forum Post

Pricing Released Official Forum Post: OTS/T1:5k, T2:25k, T3:50k, T4:120k

Clarifications from Discord: Discord Discussion

  • It was inspired by the D&D item "elven chainmail," which let anyone wear chainmail. I didn't try to create an exact analog.
  • Anyone can wear the armor. There's as much messaging for non-elves as the elven types. It's just more specific for elves.
  • 47% of gemstone characters have elven heritage.
  • This isn't a script to add to existing armor. It's new items.
  • It will be available in every AsG from 11 (studded leather) to 20 (full plate).
  • It's a script. (Cat D)
  • There are 4 tiers. The tier 4 ability is a flat 1% spell hindrance reduction.
  • The spell hindrance intentionally does not scale.
  • This can allow paladins to have 2% spell hindrance in full plate.
  • Any future spells that permanently enhance armor in the same vein as enchant or ensorcell will have this armor script get updated for the bonus to apply.
  • [Elven Spell Barrier] is Bolt DS and TD. You have to keep casting to keep it going.
  • All verbs are available OTS/T1

Animalistic Spirit Armor by GM Avaluka

Main Post: Official Forum Post

Additional information: Initial TeaserTaser and Updated Animal List

Clarifications from Discord: Discord Discussion Part 1 Discord Discussion Part 2 Discord Discussion Part 3 Discord Discussion Part 4 Discord Discussion Part 5

  • There is indeed a set bonus with a wielded weapon or shield, but details will be forthcoming.
  • There will be all types of armor, up to and including full plate. It is only a 2 piece set bonus. But you probably get a lot of extra perks already having weapon + shield + armor, I guess.
  • No, they do not need to be the same animal or even the same type. Go wild. Have a wolf on your armor and a cat on your weapon. Doesn't matter.
  • I mean ... technically the fluff portion of this armor script lets you detail the accessories on the armor to appear in the messaging, like describing the helm or the greaves. But that'll be detailed more in another post.
  • The "voluminous cowl" portion of the messaging I teased is customizable, for example. Or you can remove it if you don't want robes with a hood.
  • The robes in the clip are the ones available OTS in the shop, FYI. So the robes you know have a raven in them OTS.
  • You got it, though. Buff to Health/Mana/Stamina Recovery.
  • It is a mix/match unlock, too, so you can pick just 1 out of the 3 Recoveries to buff, or a combo of any of the 3 together. Or all 3.
  • This is an unlockable feature - OTS won't have it. But expect the OTS armors to be similar/same price as the weapons/shields.
  • This particular armor feature buffs the recovery for +15.
  • Well. It is not a permanent +15 buff. It is +15 for 15 minutes 1x an hour.
  • Sadly, no add to existing this time. I am not saying it is not a possibility for the future. But most all new armor scripts don't get add to existing off the bat, I don't think.
  • It is 4x off-the-shelf.
  • The DS boost has nothing to do with the enchant, but this particular example armor I am using is fully unlocked in all respects.
  • Its allegory on the weapons/shields is Wild Backlash in respects of how the unlock works. Single unlock, tiered based on flare tier unlocks.
  • Rest assured each [flare] unlock on the weapons/shields raises the damage potential ceiling by a set amount each unlock.
  • That clip is without the set bonus kicking in, which is hilarious levels of spam added to that.
  • Yes, the SMRV2 sonic flare triggers upon you getting damaged. I'm assuming maneuvers, as well. Spell damage, too. Like the weapons/shields, there is a Revenge unlock to have a chance for it to trigger on evade.
  • For any of the parry/block/evade reactive stuff, you do need to be in forward+ stance and actively attacking stuff/in combat recently for things to happen. But a Monk with Evade Mastery would be pretty good with the set. source
  • Separate unlock for STOMP. AoE, can't hit flying.
  • Set is armor + 1 of weapon or shield. Weapon and shield is not a set, boots and gloves are not a set.
  • If you have, say, UCS gloves and UCS boots ... and your gloves are more mechanically unlocked than the boots, it'll favor the gloves since that gives you a better chance of the set bonus firing off.
  • Ravens are a mob, not a stampede. Each animal category potentially has their own group noun. (Not currently live for existing gear.)
  • The set bonus essentially is the armor "calling for help" to the wielded weapon/shield to add the weapon/shield's flare to the SMRV2 knockdown. (Not a guarantee, there is a scaling chance depending on unlock level of armor and weapon/shield.) So you can get damage + debuff on top of the knockdown+RT if the set bonus goes off. source
  • Since I have to do any of the noun alters, I'd offer to change up the group name at the same time. If you use a Spirit change certificate, though, it clears out anything and everything to the default values.source
  • Certificate can only change group. Raven is the default for Corvids. To get crow you'd need an alteration.
  • [Animal descriptor/sound/group] cannot be changed with Sadie as any GM can grab a Sadie Scroll. [You need to visit one of Avaluka's merchants]
  • Bestial Barrier = Wild Backlash in terms of prices. Revenge is the same price unlock as the weapons/shields. Flare tier unlock prices are the same. Fluff unlocks the same price. The Untamed Vitality - the Health recovery unlock is half the price of the other 2, but the total pricepoint for that would be like if you had unlocked up to T5 of Savage Power on the weapons/shields.
  • Untamed Vitality - if you had all 3 unlocked, it'd be +15 to Health Recovery, +15 to Stamina Recovery, and +15 to Mana Recovery all for 15 minutes, 1/x hour.
    • Avaluka Yes, they are all activated at the same time. All +15, 15 minute duration.
  • Script only flares defensively. You can get a regular flare added to the armor, though, no problem. source
  • [For the set bonus], feature unlocks do factor in. Any of the mechanical unlocks. Just not the fluff ones. Even an OTS weapon and an OTS armor has a chance for the set bonus, it just goes up to a max of 10% if both are fully unlocked mechanically. source
  • Panther in the double leather. source
  • The sonic displaced air comes with a set of ots armor Avaluka?
    • Avaluka: Yes, OTS the armor will have the defensive version of the flare when you get hit/damaged, not the Revenge one.
    • You can look for something akin to this for the OTS defensive flares : Spidery lines of <color/misty green> light spiral up from the point of impact
  • Is there an in-game merchant name associated with the Animal Spirit series of weapons/armor?
  • Can you tell us what goes into our skill with the SMR displaced air reactive?
    • Avaluka: I beleive it is mainly your level and the unlock level. It should work fine on like-level foes I should think.
  • just checking, you added acuity onto an Animalistic Spirit runestaff, and the flare change from Fatal Afflares targeted the acuity, and not the Script flare right?

Energy Shield by GM Retser

Main Post: Official Forum Post

  • Any set bonus with weapons/armor?
    • Rester: It is as you see it right now.
  • I still want to make Energy Armor eventually
  • Does the +AS work for melee/ranged only or is bolts included?
    • Retser: Same as the weapon, AS for all!

Cursed Armor by GM Xeraphina

Main Post: Official Forum Post

Initial Teaser: Official Forum Post

Teaser Part 2: Official Forum Post: Remove, Pull, Touch, Bow, Rub

Teaser Part 3: Official Forum Post: Affinity, Crack, Scratch

Teaser Part 4: Official Forum Post: REDACTED, Stretch, Raise

Teaser Part 5: Official Forum Post: Breathe, Exhale, Surrender

Pricing Released Official Forum Post: OTS:30k, T1:70k, T2:200k, T3:500k

Clarifications from Discord: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

  • "Cult benefits stripped" means any active society abilities will end with no deactivation cost (eg, no additional spirit loss, no spirit death, does not cancel stifle bleed abilities).
  • All ASGs will be available.
  • T2/T3 activates upon being attacked, lasts just the instance they occur.
  • T1 and T2/T3 can happen in the same attack.
  • T4 activates on your attack, single instance.
  • Cat D slot only.
  • Remove Curse only necessary to remove the armor, not get it back from your enchanter.
  • It can be enchanted/ensorcelled/worked on by players.
  • Unlocks via certificate in shop.
  • how affinity works for the armor, it is gained by killing like-level non-undead creatures. Similar to shadowdeath, the armor absorbs 1 spirit from the dead creature. There is also a chance that no affinity is gained
  • Also... like true black ora weapons, you have a small window (30-45 seconds) to safely remove the armor before the curse is actually activated.
  • 20% flare chance source
  • The upgrade certs for Cursed Armor are unlimited. source

Alchemy_Jar_Container by GM Tivvy

Main Post: Official Forum Post

Clarifications from Discord: Part 1, Part 2

  • Puts alchemy ingredients into jars in the container, including gems.
  • Leaves overflow loose.
  • RUMMAGE can pull single items from inside of jars in the container.
  • Back, cloak, shoulder, and belt-worn options.
  • No unlocks.
  • Are you able to adjust or request an adjustment to SORTEDVIEW so that jars are handled separate from containers and alphabetize based on the contents of the jar instead of the description of the jar?
    • Tivvy: Above my paygrade to make those changes but I can certainly ask about it :)
  • Is there a cert to add the script to an existing bag
  • Will they work with the WR lady at Rumor Woods?
    • Tivvy: I'd only be guessing to the answer to that question, I'm not familiar with how that NPC works or what the requirements are for items to be eligible; but my suspicion would be that it's a no.
  • If I threw 25 diamonds into my magical alchemical sack, and I had a 20 jar and a 50 jar... would they magically shift from the 20 jar to the open 50 jar after I add #21?
    • Viduus: if that's all you have (21 gems and a 20 + 50 jar), they'll move over to the 50 jar
  • I just found a bug with the new alchemy bags and it caused a large subset of my jar contents to explode out into the knapsack. What should I do though if I am well over the item limit?
    • I did assign that to the creator, but I'm also going to make others aware as it may need more of an emergency fix. Tivvy
  • Did deepening certs work on the alchemy bags?
    • yes, i have a 200 capacity 6 pound backworn, should have lightened first.Player-Rolfard

Custom Flare Messaging by GM Haliste

Main Post: Official Forum Post

Initial Teaser: Official Forum Post

Clarifications from Discord: Part 1 Part 2

  • No, it's not bondage flaring
  • It’s actually custom flares.
  • But that last line in the post is also a teaser.
  • Ooooh it's custom flare messaging?
    • Sorta, kinda ;-)
  • Messaging in the teaser is custom Grapple flares.
  • Flare functionality does not change at all, just the messaging. And it's sorta like the dragon eel flares from EG - but these are a different slot/script. You could actually have both on an item, but there is a hierarchy involved.
  • Doesn't take up any [item property slot] that has existed before.
  • If you have one of these flare messaging certificates applied to your item - and let's say your item is rotating flares..., and the certificate that you applied is a general (non specific) certificate -- when ANY of your flares "fire", they'll receive this custom message, regardless of the flare type.
  • You can only apply one per item.
  • Only affects messaging from Category B flares; ie, would not affect the specialty flares from scripts unless they are just calling a standard Cat B flare.
  • Flare messaging modifier priority list:
    • 1. Flare Messaging Script (eg: Ghezresh-themed certificates from Ebon Gate)
    • 2. Custom flares (eg: These certificates)
    • 3. Special scripted flares like Greater Elemental Flares or Rotflares
    • 4. Inherent material flares like Drakar, Feras, Low Steel, etc. (unless #1 or #2 override them)
    • 5. Added flares (unless #1 or #2 overrides them)
  • Does anyone know if the custom air flare messaging works for Coraesine flares?
  • I was considering getting the Acuity customization thingy from the Fatal Afflares Shop. If I later add more acuity to my staff (currently its 7x acuity), will it replace the flare customization?

Bloodtooth Bracer @shop Bloodbenders by GM Kenstrom

Main Post: Official Forum Post

Q&A (including prices) Official Forum Post: OTS/T1:15k, T2:20k, T3:25k, T4:30k

Shield Harness @shop Get Thee Behind Me by many GMs

Main Post: Official Forum Post

For this Duskruin, we (Lanandriel and I) have dusted off an old script to give it a new benefit. Khaladon's old pocketed shields now have an unlock tier.

  • At the new tier, you'll have access to the following new verbs: Flip, Pull, Spin, Twist, and Wave.
  • Additionally, at any tier, you will find that you can now customize the buckles and the webbing of the shield. Any merchant can do this.
  • Lastly, at this new tier, you can wedge a Warrior-made Sheath into the webbing and this will allow the shied to hold a weapon weightlessly.
  • Certificates will be available to unlock old shields and new shields have been made available in "Get Thee Behind Me", a shop created by Xayle.

Spellbound X/day items @shop Spellbound

  • FYI, Spellbound will offer attunement discounts for the x/day items. Source
  • Estild, spellbound wands don't work with bazzelwynn gloves do they?

  • Green Mossbark Wand: Wild Entropy (603) - 40x/day
  • White Ora Rod: Condemn (309) - 40x/day
  • Twisted Crystal Wand: Phase (704) - 40x/day
  • Earthen Brock Rock Trinket: Tremors (909) - 40x/day
  • White Eonake Cross: Remove Curse (315) - 3x/day
  • Golden Shield Pin: Mantle of Faith (1601) - 3x/day
  • Blue Quartz Pin: Mindward (1208) - 1x/day
  • Small Statue Clasp: Spirit Guard (1712) - 1x/day
  • Shiny Gold Coin Pin: Arcane Decoy (1701) - 20x/day
  • Green Leaf Symbol: Phoen's Strength (606) - 1x/day
  • Shiny Knight Symbol: Dauntless (1606) - 1x/day
  • Pearl-edged White Ora Cube: Benediction (307) - 1x/day
  • Bright Yellow Potion Trinket: Adrenal Surge (1107) - 3x/day

Climate Wear Hoods: non-feature concealing @Mar and Scar

A sales clerk steps over to you and says, "A shadowy climate wear certificate will cost 250 Duskruin Arena bloodscrip to purchase."
read certificate
You take a closer look at a shadowy climate wear certificate.
This certificate will unlock Climate Wear hoods on anything without a hood that is higher than OTS.

News and Updates


2:53 AM Wyrom: There are no plans to change arena mechanics for Feb 2021. Anything we do will likely be in August 2021. The only plans I have are to possible make the heist more in sync with the arena is terms of awards. For August 2021, some ideas we've talked about are new types of arena matches, streamline award structures, bring back moonshard pendants in a limited fashion, and those multipliers. But everything in the arena will be as-is for next run. 2:53 AM Wyrom: And that's not a guarantee about any of those changes. Those are just ideas.

4:00 PM Creating Adventure - February 2021 A big update coming to the next run of Duskruin is with our shop mechanics for the alternate currencies. We will be slowly introducing attunement options when making a purchase. Not all inventory will have the option, but items that are specially marked to have attunement will have revised usage. Right now you GET/APPRAISE an item to see the costs and then choose to BUY. Debuting at Duskruin, you will now have the option to either BUY or ATTUNE an item. Attuned item can be either character or account attune, but we will be introducing it with account-bound attunement. If you choose to ATTUNE an item, it will come with a 25% discount. That means an item that cost 40,000 bloodscrip will only be 30,000 bloodscrip. In Platinum and Shattered, we will not be offering the ATTUNE option. Instead, we will be moving toward a permanent discount on alternate currencies by default. This includes bloodscrip, raikhen, and seashells.


Official Forum Post:Wyrom The random piece of treasure you get in your winnings package, burlap pouch, or when you SEARCH in the sewers or STEAL in the heist will now be temporarily loresong unlocked for 30 days (at the time you generate it). This only works just like what a bard can offer you. You'll be able to RECALL the details. If you place it in a playershop, it will also work there. If you want to see weighting or padding levels, you'll need to still have it ASSESSed.


11:40 AM Wyrom: I have some minor stuff for the heist and bag drops going in this run. The drop rates are getting a slight bump for the bag of holding and the expanders. It was a little low last run, likely due to the arena being made easier.


Official Forum Post:Wyrom SEWERS UPDATE: The expander drop rates for the veniom thread and sparkling dust are higher, with the rod and swatch a bit lower. HEIST UPDATE: The drop rates for the rarer artifacts have been increased. The blood crystal is doubled from its original rate.

2:28 PMEstild:We're still discussing sanctification. It may or may not be available due to the pending overhaul of the bless system, which impacts sanctification. We may or may not be able to preview the design before Duskruin is over. We potentially could still offer the service, but it would be with a disclaimer that you're purchasing it knowing the details of the system will potentially change in the future and you may or may not be content with the end result and you would not be eligible for a refund or compensation. It's not that we don't want you to have it, but we don't want you to purchase it, then be unhappy with the changes (which is never the goal and I think most players will be, but despite everything we offered with the archery items during that review, there was still a few players who thought they deserved more).

Official Forum Post HESS will be opening at 9pm 10:30pm Eastern on Saturday, February 13th.
The Trove will draw for its first winner on Sunday, February 14th at roughly 10pm Eastern. The subsequent raffle draw times may vary a bit, but will all be around 10PM Eastern.


  • Might have missed it asked earlier was there legendary stones this run?

Official Forum Post1 I just wanted to make sure that I let you know which shops will not be returning in August. Please plan your shopping accordingly. They are:


  • I dont believe these drop rates are held constant throughout the event...not sure how i feel about that
    • Wyrom: Nothing changes on a per day basis, heh. The differences will always be volume of participants.
    • Wyrom: More RNG more stuff goes out. Everything is within the normal parameters.
    • Wyrom: It's a straight roll every single time.
    • Wyrom: There are 120 RPA orbs and 677 tokens already out there.
  • so...chances are higher in the middle of the night with lower participants then if im reading that right.
    • Wyrom: No, higher volume means more.
  • Are F2P treated the same as subscribers in terms of orbs/tokens?
    • Wyrom: Your "boost" carries over every event.
    • Wyrom: Yes, F2P have no restrictions at Duskruin in terms of what they find.
    • Wyrom: So if you found nothing in 2020 and ran it a bunch, your boost will be in 2021 and likely pretty high.
  • Wyrom: Tokens don't drop as often as EG, but the Trove at Duskruin is a higher quality of item. That was what players requested though, and we did that., People wanted the "junk" removed
  • Wyrom: We're talking about restocks beyond returned items(at HESS). We'll post something and give advanced notice.
  • Wyrom: We'll also be adding some cooldowns/RT so one person doesn't BUY/ATTUNE everything.(at HESS)

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