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Enhancive items are items which increase various statistics or skills of a character when the item is held or worn. Almost all enhancive items have charges and are not indefinite, but can be recharged through the Adventurer's Guild (in 10 charge increments). Enhancive items can even grant knowledge of a spell, but these are very rare and generally only found in auctions or special raffles. An item can also be made enhancive via the Premium points system.

Mana, stamina, and spirit enhancing potions/trinkets, as well as potions/trinkets for boosting some statistics, may be made by pure professions via Alchemy (see list below).

Enhancive weapons and armor can be enchanted with the use of an ayveneh pre-tempering potion made by a wizard skilled in Alchemy. The type and bonus of the enhancive item will determine the difficulty of the enchant.

The command to pause or turn enhancives on and off is INVENTORY ENHANCIVE ON/OFF.

Benefits & Levels

Enhancive item benefits can be seen through the SKILLS or INFO commands. There are 4 levels of enhancive items.

  • Level 1 - Gives a statistic bonus or increases max mana, health, or stamina
  • Level 2 - Increases a skill's bonus
  • Level 3 - Increases stat recovery for mana, spirit, stamina, or health
  • Level 4 - Increases a character's ranks in a given skill


Though there are items that will increase base stat and stat bonus, or skill ranks and skill bonus, the items will stack and obey the base/bonus stat and the skill rank/bonus relationship. That is, if a base stat increases by +2, the stat bonus will increase by +1 (whether by stat growth, enhancive items, or combat maneuvers such as surge of strength).

The behavior is identical for skill ranks and bonus, though the relationship between the two is non-linear. That is, the first 10 ranks of a skill each provide a skill bonus of 5, the following 10 provide 4 each, and so on (a character with 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 ranks in a particular skill will have a skill bonus of 50, 90, 120, 140, or 150, respectively). All following ranks increase the skill bonus by 1. Consider the following character examples:

This non-linearity of the benefits granted by skill rank enhancives is the reason that rank enhancives are more expensive to charge, though with sufficiently high training (40 ranks) in a particular skill, the skill rank and bonus enhancive items provide identical benefits.

Enhancive Limits

Enhancive items can not be used to increase quantities indefinitely, there are hard limits to the bonuses which can be provided by the enhancive system:

Note: These limits do not stack. Meaning you cannot have 40 strength base + 20 strength bonus. the combined cap is 20 Bonus for a stat

Skill bonus and rank items will stack until a combined enhancement of +50 is reached. Similarly, base/bonus stat enhancers will stack until there is a total of +40 to the base statistic. Items which enhance maximum health, stamina, mana, and spirit also stack with the relevant skills and stats towards their enhanced limit. For example, a character with an enhanced constitution score will have increased stamina and health and this contributes towards their limit of +50 to each. The case is similar for harness power and aura for mana and spirit, respectively (note that a character's stats at level 0 contribute towards their mana total rather than their current stats). This is of special interest to those seeking to enhance their max spirit, as it may affect low-spirit penalty thresholds.

In addition, abilities which show an enhanced stat, such as the combat maneuver surge of strength count towards this limit (a character with a base strength enhanced by +40 will see no benefit when using the surge of strength combat maneuver).

Example: A Dwarf Warrior with 100 strength would have a strength bonus of 25+10 from racial for a total of 35. The dwarf could then add 40 strength from enhancives to have a total of 25+10+20 strength bonus= 55 total bonus. The racial bonus and the bonus from your Normal stat do not count against your enhancive 40str/20str bonus limit. However, if the dwarf warrior activated rank 1 surge of strength for +16 strength, (which counts as enhancive) the enhancive cap would already have been reached with wearable enhancives and would not increase from the bonus of 25normal+10race+20enhancive.


Charges have a chance to be drained from unpaused enhancive items when worn (jewelry/containers/armor) or wielded (weapons/shields). Items which are 'crumbly' will disintegrate when the last charge is used from the item. Persistent items will simply stop providing the enhancive bonus until recharged.

Enhancive charge drain is based on the outcome of a hidden "degradation roll" that occurs on an unknown frequency. Every active (equipped and unpaused) enhancive item is checked 30-60 times per hour, and a degradation roll is made if enough time has passed since the last degradation roll (effectively a real-time cooldown for the degradation roll). The degradation roll cooldown is tracked per item irrespective of the number of enhancive lines on a single piece of equipment. The act of equipping (or unpausing) an enhancive item does not itself have a chance to immediately drain a charge, but a degradation roll will take place (potentially resulting in a charge drain) if the degradation roll cooldown has expired.

Removing/pausing enhancive items are functionally equivalent. Wearing/unpausing enhancive items are functionally equivalent.

Bards can determine approximately how many charges are left in a device via loresinging. Pawnshops now reveal this information when an enhancive item is inspected. There are nine levels that can be detected. The levels, per GM Estild, are:

Description Charges Messaging
one charge 1 The <item> looks to have one charges remaining.
a few charges 2 The <item> looks to have a few charges remaining.
several charges 3-5 The <item> looks to have several charges remaining.
a fair amount of charges 6-9 The <item> looks to have a fair amount of charges remaining.
quite a few charges 10-14 The <item> looks to have quite a few charges remaining.
a lot of charges 15-24 The <item> looks to have a lot of charges remaining.
more than your average dwarf could count charges 25-39 The <item> looks to have more than your average dwarf could count charges remaining.
more than your average giantman could count charges 25-39 The <item> looks to have more than your average giantman could count charges remaining.
a huge number of charges 40-74 The <item> looks to have a huge number of charges remaining.
almost innumerable charges 75+ The <item> looks to have almost innumerable charges remaining.

When an enhancive first reaches 1 charge left, you will receive a bolded message. You may also use INVENTORY ENHANCIVE to list any held or worn enhancives with only 1 charge left. In both cases, if the item is visible, you'll sense the exact description of it. Otherwise, just a message denoting some hidden enhancive has reached that point. The exact messages for the former is listed below:


Your <adjective noun> faintly pulses with light and you sense its enhancive magic will be depleted soon.

You sense that the enhancive magic of some unknown hidden item on your person is reaching its end soon.

You are currently accepting the benefits of any and all enhancive items in your inventory.  Their enhancive charges will degrade normally.

You currently have 4 enhancive pauses available.

You sense the following items' enhancive magic will be depleted soon:
  a chipped pestle strung from a leather cord
You also sense that the enhancive magic of some unknown hidden item on your person is reaching its end.

Recharging Enhancive Items

Enhancive items can be recharged at the Adventurer's Guild through the Rewards system. The rules governing the cost of recharging items with various enhancement capabilities are very complex. However, the Treasure Master will provide the cost before recharging any item, and the service must be confirmed before bounty points are spent. The Treasure Master will only quote a price for items missing at least one charge, and the quoted price may not recharge an item fully, only refill a set amount of charges. There is also a tradition to recharge enhancives for silvers at some point around the New Year (could be before or after). As a general rule, the cost of recharging an item in silvers is approximately 17x the cost in bounty points. So an item costing 3,600 bounty points to recharge will cost 60,000 silver to recharge. Notes are accepted by the Treasure Masters. Enhancives may also be charged with Enhancive Potions from the SimuCoin store. There are four types of potions: short-term (30 minutes) and long-term (30 days) versions for both normal enhancives and ones that grant spell knowledge. When a potion is poured on an enhancive item, the item will be powered by the potion for the specified amount of time. This means uncharged items will be reactivated, and charged items will not lose charges, until the potion timer expires. Crumbly enhancives still won't crumble until they lose their last charge, which can only happen after the potion timer expires (due to no charges being lost until then). Items that have been charged in this manner can be ANALYZEd to see when they will expire.

Enhancive Pauses

Players finding their characters to be using many enhancive items and not wanting to remove/wear them on a regular basis may buy enhancive pause passes from the SimuCoin store. Enhancive pauses are accessed through the INVENTORY ENHANCIVE verb. It comes in a 60-use version and 30-day unlimited use version. Individual uses might also be found in the treasure system but cannot be transferred between characters. Enhancive pauses are also granted through enhancive boosts earned via Login Rewards. 60-use version *Comes in the form of a flexing arm token *Costs 50 SimuCoins
>l my tok
This delightfully colorful token is very eye-catching.

[This is an Enhancive Pause Pass.  By redeeming this, you will be able to pause the beneficial effects of your enhancive items and prevent charge loss for 60 uses.  To redeem this, please enter REDEEM token.]
>redeem tok
[You have activated an Enhancive Pause Pass!  You will be able to pause the beneficial effects of your enhancive items and prevent charge loss 60 times.]

>inven enhanc off
You are no longer accepting the benefits of your enhancive inventory items.  They will not lose enhancive charges until reactivated via the INVENTORY ENHANCIVE ON command.

You have 59 enhancive pauses remaining.

* The command to turn enhancives on and off is INVENTORY ENHANCIVE ON/OFF.

Spell Rank Boost

Spell Rank Boosts are considered enhancive items that offer an enhancive of spell ranks for a given spell circle. Duskruin's High End Scrip Shop offers the ability to add +5 Spell Ranks to the spell circle of your choosing. When creating a new item via this method, it is possible to choose its worn location. It is possible to add +5 Spell Ranks to an existing item, up to a total of +50 Spell Ranks. A leather spellbook grants the ability to add +5 spell ranks to an existing spell rank enhancive (purchased from a previous run) OR a new item will be created (with 75 charges) for one spell circle of your choice (except Arcane). This cannot be added to existing items that do not already have the spell rank enhancive. This enhancive will only work for characters who have at least 30 spell ranks in the selected circle, and the trinket is restricted to professions that can natively cast from the chosen circle.

Enhancive Alchemy Recipes

Each recipe has two or three strengths (minor, lesser, greater). See individual recipe pages for which respective profession(s) can make each recipe and at what rank, as well as level restrictions for using each item. *Aura crystal *Constitution crystal *Health-well potion *Intuition crystal *Logic potion *Mana regeneration potion *Mana-well potion *Spirit regeneration crystal *Spirit-well potion *Stamina regeneration crystal *Strength crystal *Wisdom potion


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