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Drinking Verbs

Smelling Drunk

Cheap Alcohol Perfume

Looking Drunk

Happy Drunk Portrait Locket

Spiking the Coffee

Alcoholic Coffee

Traveling to the Pub

Traveler's Song (1020)

Sobering Up Quickly

Amethyst is widely known to help people sober up quickly, and can be purchased at the Mist Harbor herbalist. The 2019 new year's eve bells also provided this function.

Stages of Drunkenness

This is not a well-tested list of stages of drunkenness, and certainly is not a complete list of the Quite Drunk messages, there are lots of really cute ones which are not yet on the list, including recitations/songs and references to the "Wext Navern" and "Bare The Way!"

Stage 1 - Buzzed
You feel your nerves loosening as you begin to relax.
You feel tension draining away, giving way to a very relaxed state.

Stage 2 - Tipsy
You feel very relaxed.
You feel your inhibitions drain away as you feel extremely relaxed.

Stage 3 - Quite Drunk
You blink a few times, suddenly realizing that you're quite drunk.
You topple over.
You blink a few times, being quite drunk.
You try but you're just too drunk to do that.
You try to stuff your dark heavy ale in your ear.
Your vision suddenly blurs for a second before returning to a semblance of normalcy.
You feel as though the world around you is spinning rather rapidly.
You hold your head and moan.
You try but you're just too drunk to do that.
You smile a silly little glassy-eyed smile.
You stare with your glazed eyes focused on nothing.
You spout some gibberish.
You grin idiotically.
You try to balance your dark heavy ale on your head.

Stage 4 - Passed Out (this happens all at once, with no warning)
The world around you suddenly begins to blur in a dizzying fashion before everything goes black.
Your mind goes completely blank.
Forced to stance offensive.
That is impossible to do while unconscious!

Stage 5 - Starting to Recover from Passed Out
Your thoughts slowly come back to you as you find yourself lying on the ground.  You must have been sleeping.

Famous Drinkers of Elanthia

Not sure that agreement will be reached about "who belongs here" but the criteria would be player-characters who made themselves generally famous by either:

  • roleplaying a town drunk for a long period of time
  • having a pub/bar/tavern or alcoholic drink named after them
  • incorporating alcohol into their rp unusually and consistently for a long period of time

And the list of people, for starters, includes:

Bartenders of Elanthia

Taverns, Pubs, Bars, Roadside Inns

Alcoholic Drinks of Elanthia

I'm unsure if this needs to be on gswiki, though, I have always wanted a reference list of alcoholic beverages in Elanthia. Name, location/city where found, whether they stun you or not, whether they leave an empty container in your hand after you consume them.

Some "seemingly alcoholic" beverages do not get you to the Passed Out stage, or at least, do not do so very quickly. That needs testing.

  • black demon rum

Alcohol Containers

  • drinking horn (example)
  • flagon
  • flask
  • flute
  • wineskin
  • others

Helpful Resources

Food and drink