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As part of the Elanthian Fashion Week scene, we are pleased to announce that this year's event will be a day to celebrate culture and fashion and, in particular, the influence of flora and fauna. Since it fortuitously coincides with Fowl Fashion Feastday this year, the day will culminate in grand style with the crowning of the "most fashionable" duck on the Flotsam Throne.

To complement this event, there will be a special edition of Elanthian Vogue.

Programme of Events

Organisations and individuals who are interested in participating and/or hosting events are welcome to reach out to Rohese Bayvel.

Feastday, 3rd day of Phoenatos (Saturday, August 3rd)

All times Eastern

Date Time Event Host/s Venue Decription
Feastday (Saturday), 3rd 1pm Meet the Elanthian Vogue Team The Looking Glass Ailanthus Manor, Studio (Ta'Illistim, lich #28301) Get a quick peek behind the scenes before the lecture as well as a chance to pick up a copy of the latest Elanthian Vogue.
1.15pm Second Nature Elanthian Elegance Ailanthus Manor, Classroom (Ta'Illistim, lich #28300) A brief lecture looking at how the world of fashion draws upon the natural world for its creativity.
2pm Fashion Wars! Revenge of the Fashionistas House Sylvanfair, Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass Ta'Illistim Green (Ta'Illistim, lich #24555) A return of the siegery tournament with representatives of the fashionable elite. Siegery toys will be available but feel free to bring your own.
4pm Life on the Ocean Wave Gilded Talon Consortium Airmen's Rest, Gathering (Mistwatch, lich #31485) Dress in your nautical finery as we set sail for the flotilla on board the Leviathan. Don't forget to bring your Life Aquatic Collection Device and keep an eye out for marine life!
5pm Fowl Fashion The Great Piratical Flotilla, near Ta'Nalfein Witness the flotilla's annual Fowl Fashion Feastday. Which duck will take home the prize?.


This year's theme is "Flora and Fauna"

Chalat Award: TBD

Awarded in honor of Chalat Greyvael Illistim, Former First Couturier of the Argentate