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Ghezyte quest items were first released at Ebon Gate 2017 on Caligos Isle. Initially, only a ghezyte chelioboros jewelry item was available and upgradeable for those who had gained favor on the Isle. In the final run of Caligos Isle, during Ebon Gate 2021, the option to update the deity to one of seven who worked to cull Ghezresh's hold on the Isle and its inhabitants.

List of Items

Item Long, if any Show, if any Deity
Ghezyte Chelioboros Jewelry N/A Shards of ultrafine ghezyte are wedded together with a mercurial compound that resembles silver to form an abhorrent and twisted shape of an eel devouring its own tail. Thin skeins of inky black, indigo-hued ghezyte form the dorsal and underbelly fins, while silver inlay around the black coral eyes gives the anguilline form an insidious cast. Though largely smooth, something about the piece seems sinister and disturbing. Ghezresh
Imflass Wire Jewelry an imflass wire (noun) with blue-green sea glass clusters Soldered onto a ghezyte base are side-by-side strands of imflass, and clusters of sea glass fragments in varying shades of green and blue form decorative breaks between the thin metallic threads. Ambient lighting caught in the multicolored stones is diffused and refracted, creating a gentle wave of blue-green ripples on nearby objects. Whatever was once beneath the imflass overlay is no longer discernible. Charl
Sterling Feathered Jewelry a sterling silver-feathered (noun) with green abalone accents Flashes of indigo within the ghezyte beckon from beneath the sterling silver-feathered overlay, though the play of light on the vanes etched into the paler, matte-finished metal are far more distracting. Shards of green abalone are interspersed along the contoured edges of each feather, and the blades of the sickle-shaped accent beads glisten as if sharply honed. Gosaena
Gold-Banded Ghezyte Jewelry a gold-banded ghezyte (noun) with tiny malachite vines Several delicate burnished gold bands, each etched with a tiny sheaf pattern, overwhelm the chelioboros ghezyte links that form the base of this (item). Interwoven between ghezyte and gold are malachite leaves inlaid with topaz blossoms surrounding a lion-maned, shaggy Caligos eagle intaglio. Imaera
Gold-Strung Onyx Tile Jewelry a gold-strung (noun) of alternating black and white onyx tiles Blocky tiles of alternating black and white onyx have been fused atop a broken layer of smooth ghezyte, the shards of which are washed in rippled gold thin enough to reveal glimpses of the deep indigo metal beneath. Parallel strands of braided gold are threaded through the tiles with enough room for them to slide and clack together. The ends meet at an interlocking square of gold wrought to resemble a stylized joining of key and gate. Lorminstra
Sinuous Ghezyte Serpent Jewelry N/A Twisted around itself in a muscular knot, the ghezyte serpent is masterfully worked with tiny emerald scales that are placed to emulate the writhing of a living reptile. Tiny eyes of amber wink from its triangular head. The creature’s maw is open to reveal a forked tongue of pale jade, while the interior of its mouth is patterned with intricate rubies. Luukos
Nacre and Ghezyte Dolphin Jewelry a nacre and ghezyte dolphin bracelet with tiny web-spun sea blue tidal pearls Tiny twisted chelioboros-reminiscent links of ghezyte are overlaid by interlocking pieces of nacre, forming a leaping dolphin. The piece is dotted with tiny, web-spun sea blue tidal pearls inked with filaments of gold netting the entire item with its delicate, glittering framework. Niima
Labyrinthine Crescent-Woven Jewelry N/A Intricately woven into complicated twists and turns, the soft grey hue of alum wire forms a backdrop for platinum, copper, faenor, and dark iron strands. The copper and faenor pieces are twisted into crescents that face one another at opposing ends of the broad expanse, while the platinum and dark iron threading is woven into intertwining knotwork patterns that resemble the complicated dance the sisters Lornon and Liabo often engage in. A fine toggle, wrought in the unlikely image of an eel, allows the piece to carefully be worn. Zelia