Isle of Kakhan

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The Isle of Kakhan was an island in an archipelago in the Great Western Sea and home to a half-krolvin settlement.

The isle first came to the eyes of scholars in the year 5104 when a military and treasure expedition under the command of The Fortuneers discovered it. Knowledge of the isle had been learned prior from the native half-krolvins of the isle, Colgan and Airn, but the exact location was not known until the expedition. The island was initially a colony of the Krolvin Empire, until it came under the domination of Keelagh the Scarbeard.

After Keelagh's death, the island retained some peace until the shipwrecked arrival of dissidents from the Turamzzyrian Empire. After a period of conflict, the humans and krolvin agreed to live in peace. This ultimately resulted in the establishment of half-krolvins on the islands. Many years later, Sankir the Bloodfist arrived and subjected the inhabitants of the island to slavery and magical experimentation. Sankir's legacy was a population obsessed with revenge and to that point, they sent out eight men and women with magically forged Krolbane weapons to find Sankir and kill him.

It was for the purpose of hunting down Sankir and his treasure that the Fortuneer expedition arrived at Kakhan. In the process, due to a terrible mix up, the Fortuneer contingent engaged in a fierce pitched battle with the Krolvin defenders of the island, who shared an equal abhorrence for Sankir. Once the miscommunication was discovered, the inhabitants of the island offered food and assistance to the expedition. This included the provision of cures to Sankir's infamous mind control worms, and the construction of rafts to travel to the neighboring Isle of Dehkat.

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