Isle of Krint

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The Isle of Krint was an island that was home to a significant population of Half-krolvin. It was described as a cold, rocky, and desolate place in the arctic seas.

Architecture was crude and strong. As a warring, barbaric people, solid construction proves necessary for survival and the natural rock of the island was extremely useful for this purpose. Dwellings were built with more of an eye to defense and protection than any other purpose.

The origin of the population came about as a breeding experiment by a Krolvin known as Krintaur around 4050 on the Krolvin home island of Glaoveln. After a period, Krintaur and his "experiments" were run off the island and fled to the island that came to be known as Krint. Some time after 4081, Kintaur's experimental race overthrew their oppressor and established an independent Half-Krolvin community on Krint.

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