Isle of Dehkat

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The Isle of Dehkat is the largest island of an archipelago in the Great Western Sea and a former Krolvin and Half-krolvin colony.

Initially settled by the Krolvin, along with other nearby islands like the Isle of Kakhan, Dehkat was taken over by the Krolvin pirate Keelagh the Scarbeard, who subjected its inhabitants to slavery and dark magic experimentation. Keelagh was the not the last tyrant to rule the island. Centuries later, Sankir the Bloodfist arrived and occupied the island in the same manner as his pirate predecessor.

The island was discovered in recent times by an expedition operated by The Fortuneers to kill Sankir and find his treasure. The mission succeeded and the Fortuneers left the island with Sankir's galleon and much of the pirate treasure brought their by Keelagh. The body of Karsch, a lieutenant of Sankir's was also discovered on the island.

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