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The Mordrakam Clan is one of the Dwarven mountain clans, specializing in refining invar, a type of dwarven steel.[1]

The Mordrakam Clan built the city of Mordram in the deepest caverns of the Dragonspine, near to several iron mines. Unlike most of their kin, who wielded pickaxes, or war hammers and other blunt type weaponry, the Mordrakam crafted mostly blades. The stout nature of the dwarves had some bearing on this craftsmanship, however, as these were no ordinary blades. Many races were already familiar with the practice of refining iron, to make steel. The Mordrakam, though, specialized in Invar, also called dwarven steel. Invar is created through a complex method of refining standard steel, and intricate forging and smelting methods. Though this process is duplicated elsewhere in Elanthia in the modern day, the finest Invar creations are generally of the hands of a Mordrakam dwarf. Invar, they discovered, added an edge to a blade unlike many of the other metals, but it was still quite light.

Claidhmores became the weapon of choice for the Mordrakam Clan dwarves, and many an orc faced the wrath of this unnaturally sharp blade.


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