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Krinklehorn was one of the two major cities in the mountainous Barony of Dragach in the Turamzzyrian Empire.

The town sprung up in a valley in the DragonSpine range, at the southern end of MacGregor's Pass. Krinklehorn was a small city, well defended and very orderly. It became home to many travelers who halted their northern travels upon seeing the daunting DragonSpine.

The town was named for a great bighorn ram that confounded hunters in the region for nearly a decade. The immense sheep was finally taken by a local hunter by the name of Ewen MacIntyre, but the huntsman's glory lasted less than a fortnight before he fell to his death on a treacherous mountain path. Locals claim that MacIntyre fell to the ghost of the wily Krinklehorn, and from time to time it is reported that the ram's ghost has been spotted in the mountains near MacGregor's Pass. Krinklehorn's bust is mounted in the city's Moot Hall in honor of both the great ram and the hunter.

Every Ivastaen the men of Krinklehorn act out a great battle between Winter and Summer. The leader of one company dressed in a long robe trimmed with fur and a tall white ha and armed with a stick of ironwood and a shield of fleece stretched over a metal frame. The men following him all wore white fur vests and sang the praises of Winter. The opposing company, distinguished by their short coats tied with colorful ribbons, was led by a man in a green robe garlanded with flowers who carried a leafy branch of hazel and a buckler of woven grass. As a group they would parade to a field outside the town where the battle was staged. The men of Winter flung dry brush at their opponents, while the hordes of Summer returned fire with ferns and small flowers. After much fun and mock-warfare, the victorious Summer leader was carried by his supporters to the town center, where feasting, drinking, and assorted games took place over the next several days.

A key industry in Krinklehorn is mining. Black and white opals are a major export. In 5108, the iron mines of Krinklehorn were hard hit by Grimswarm invaders, with squadrons attacking and destroying a number of the region's crucial forges and foundries.

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