Landing Meetings - 5120-05-17 (log)

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Ivastaen 17, 5120

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier

[note: out of sheer necessity, these logs are a more "quick and dirty" edit compared to the more full-fledged KST logs]


  • Mayor Leafiara reviews recent events:
    • Vlashandra has glimpsed the Fist and reported a description matching Socius. Based on reports from Administrator Ilsola of Mist Harbor, we have reason to believe he might have lost his memories. Therefore, we hope to capture him alive and return him to Mist Harbor.
    • The energy mote phenomenon has reminded Xorus and Hapenlok of similar motes when Althedeus was threatening the lands, around which time the shadow valence corrupted Melgorenh's Reach.
    • The night's invasion saw no sign of the Fist or other commanders, but the creatures were surrounded by a blue haze that have led some to speculate it was controlling them.
    • We're collecting essence of body, essence of mind, and essence of soul for Vlashandra's ritual.
  • Faerinn says he's been leaving messages in nearby caves, based on Socius' past habits, and received a reply--a note pinned to the wall of Helga's with a dagger, saying "The mission is complete, and I choose my path now. Come looking for me again and I promise you will not appreciate what you find." Based on a loresong to the note, he got a sense of someone hungry and hunting to survive, so he believes Socius is no longer with the army, but likely knows something about them.
  • Leafi and Lyrna, having discussed the Socius possibility with Lynaera previously, say that a suggestion was to try to jog his memories with anyone he knows well, ranging from Faerinn to Rohese to Akenna to Lynaera to Nehor. Alisette also raises the possbility of Balley scrying to find him; Faerinn suggests a tracking element on the dager for when it returns to Socius.
  • Lyrna theorizes that Vlashandra is directly connected to the patchwork creatures' attacks; Leafi asks if she was running with the line of thought that Raelee had implied about whether Vlashandra created the creatures, since she's already replaced her face and could alter creatures in other ways. Faerinn and Leafi say they were under the impression that Octaven did it; Leafi says at very least it was Octaven's request, but she can't remember if it was also her handiwork.
  • Faerinn says he's been trying his sources for information on Vlashandra's past before she came here--and notes that Vlashandra picks up momentum in her rituals, as if she's becoming more herself or that the rituals require invoking a new persona.
  • Mekimin speculates that that essences needed seem like they're designed for the creation of a body or a vessel for something to inhabit, and says that whatever's being called though the portal might be different than we've been told. Lyrna asks if it could be a body for Althedeus; no one gathered except for Regwen was around to see Althedeus, but Leafi says her understanding was that he never had nor needed a body.
  • Lyrna and Faerinn wonder if Vlashandra's book is sentient or a communication device since she seems to be learning as she goes. Alisette suggests someone looking at Vlashandra's book while invisible and Leafi adds that maybe someone should also look wth more mundane hiding in the shadows. Alisette suggests even stealing it, and Pukk seems best suited for the job.
  • Reviewing actionable items:
    • Faerinn will keep trying to narrow down where Socius might be, and pull Lynaera into the loop. Other otpions include Akenna, Nehor, Rohese, and Naamit.
    • Balley can potentially use the knife at Helga's.
    • Pukk will try to look into Vlashandra's book, and also possibly Asben or someone else going invisible.
    • Hapenlok wants pylons pointed at the portal.
    • We'll make the essences, just in case.
  • Magister Raelee warns of the risk of pylons feeding the portal, as it could grow instead of collapse, depending how it was constructed. The elemental essences used weren't unusual, but the others were. Leafi recalls that Vlashandra was the first one to suggest the possibility of the pylons, albeit in the context of a different conversation about keeping the patchwork creatures away--and, futhermore, Vlashandra gave further details about the Fist only three nights after Socius left that army, based on Faerinn's timeline.
  • Raelee clarifies that she wasn't accusing Vlashandra of creating the patchwork armies, but was attempting to destabilize her or perhaps discern weaknesss. Faerinn says we're missing two pieces: Vlashandra's history and who's pulling the patchwork army's strings. Raelee says there's a third: why they're attacking here. Whichever answer we get first will lead to the other.
  • After the meeting's over, everyone goes to investigate Socius' note at Helga's, pinned up with an eonake dagger just as Faerinn described. Balley says she'll see if she can look into it.



[Krythussa's Confectionary Shop]

A barrage of sweet-smelling chocolate, candy, and other goodies assaults the senses as their scents fill the air of the quaint but simple confectionary. Crystal shelves stacked with glass jars in a variety of shapes and colors line the walls. The pale light of the moon, accompanied by several multicolored handblown globed lanterns, creates a dazzling array of colors across the floor. A glass counter stands to the left of a small alcove.

You exclaim, "Okay!"

You pleasedly say, "And now we wait."

You say, "That said.."

You say, "Ord an Dragan is hosting events in Zul Logoth at this very moment."

You say, "And the Gryphons just had a dart tournament or maybe are still having it."

You say, "And we had an invasion four hours ago."

Asben says, "I only come when there's no one around."

You amusedly say, "So, you know, people might be tired."

You say, "We'll see what kind of audience we get."

Lyrna asks, "An invasion?"

Lyrna asks, "Of what?"

Asben says, "Halflings."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "All the usual patchwork creatures and a couple new ones."

Asben says, "Hundreds of them."

You say, "Schricken and stuff."

Sazlo darkly asks, "Do we know who the fist is?"

Asben says, "Maybe.."

Speaking to Sazlo, you say, "We have reason to believe it's Socius from Mist Harbor."

Speaking to Sazlo, you say, "Will explain more shortly as the meeting begins."

Alisette offers you a rucksack. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You say, "Today's attack was a little different... no sign of the Fist, but they had a strange blue haze with them..."

You accept Alisette's offer and are now holding a rucksack.

You open a rucksack.

In the rucksack:

Reagents [11]: a tiny golden seed (11)

Gems [2]: an uncut emerald, an uncut diamond

You turn to Alisette and cheer!

You say, "I didn't hear any commander out there at all today, come to think of it..."

You say, "Well, the Fist did kill off the other commander we'd been hearing."

Lyrna says, "Hmm."

Lyrna says, "You know I haven't tried seafood."

You: "Good evening Landing! We're just starting up our weekly town meeting in a minute or two at the confectionary shop, three blocks east and one north from Town Square Central."

Alisette pours herself a mug of vanilla-flavored Nalfein tea.

Speaking to Alisette, you agree, "That one's my favorite too."

Alisette says, "I am hungry."

You whisper aloud, "Trying to convince the office redecorators to put it in there."

Alisette flatly says, "Wrinkled and hungry."

Speaking suddenly to Alisette, you ask, "Oh, that's right. How are you feeling?"

Alisette hesitantly says, "I am okay."

Lyrna says, "It is good though."

You muse, "Feels like I have two weeks worth of things to go over as we get started, even though it's only been a week."

You say, "Alright, starting away, then..."

You recite:

"Welcome, everyone, to our weekly town meeting!"

You recite:

"These are, as always, about your questions, thoughts, suggestions, concerns, and more about the town."

You recite:

"That said, today I want to start with a recap of some recent events."

You recite:

"First up..."

You recite:

"Vlashandra told us recently that she caught a glimpse of the cloaked figure who we think is the Fist."

You recite:

"She reported green eyes, no hair, and a large facial scar."

Speaking in Elven, Faerinn says, "And he looks just like Socius."

You recite:

"Which lines up with--"

You nod at Faerinn.

You recite:

"--right, with everything Faerinn and Rohese have been saying."

Faerinn says, "And he looks just like Socius."

You recite:

"I've already notified Ilsola from Mist Harbor, since Socius is from there."

You recite:

"Based on events she's seen or uncovered around Mist Harbor, she has reason to believe Socius has lost his memory."

You: "So, despite his constant attacks, we'll ideally try to take Socius alive--if it is him--or get him in contact with someone who might stir his memories."

You cough.

You recite:

"So, despite his constant attacks, we'll ideally try to take Socius alive--if it is him--or get him in contact with someone who might stir his memories."

You: "...I'm thinking before speaking, apparently."

You: "Next on the agenda..."

Adalfuns: "It's good to feel like I'm in on the plan."

You recite:

"Next on the agenda..."

Evia: "The mayor has been drinkin."

You: "Apparently!"

Speaking to you, Regwen says, "Maybe he is under some other... influence."

You recite:

"I know not all of you were there when the energy mote phenomena first started happening."

Faerinn says, "I have more findings about The Fist once we circle back around to that."

You recite:

"We believe the motes are some kind of reaction to more local magic like that of the Reach..."

You recite:

"And Xorus and Hapenlok have noted similarity to golden motes from years past."

You recite:

"There is potential that they're volatile."

Lyrna asks, "In what way?"

You recite:

"That said... Vlashandra hopes to meet with us again this week to discuss risks, so we'll take it up with her then."

Asben says, "That sounds fun."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Well, to put it briefly... the previous motes were involved in some kind of incident that corrupted the magic of the Reach."

You hurriedly add, "However, there's probably no risk until the valence is opened."

Lyrna says, "Which will probably be at the week's end."

You say, "No..."

You say, "You left early, but she's taking her time on this one."

You say, "And I think the risks are the reason why."

Asben says, "She needs to stab more people."

Speaking wryly to Asben, you say, "Yeah, probably."

You recite:

"Third up..."

Lyrna says, "She does, but she has to work up enough glee maybe."

You recite:

"Earlier today we were attacked again by the patchwork creatures."

Speaking to Alisette, Faerinn asks, "She's really taking a lot from your family?"

You recite:

"This time there was an odd blue haze around them when they were in the forest, as well as when they breached the gates."

Adalfuns says, "Sorry I'm late."

Adalfuns says, "I was winning a game of darts."

Speaking to Adalfuns, you exclaim, "No worries!"

Speaking to Faerinn, Alisette says, "Aye, but we are willing."

Asben says, "I wonder if that was somethng that controlled them."

Speaking firmly to Faerinn, Alisette says, "For the Palestra."

Speaking to Alisette, Faerinn says, "Yes, sorry I didn't mean that to sound like a question. Just a concern."

You recite:

"Right, like Asben said, some are thinking that--especially since there was no sign of the Fist or any other commander--the haze was controlling them."

Faerinn says, "I saw that blue haze when they attacked this evening."

You recite:

"Personally, my concern is what might happen if it's a magical haze and reacts poorly to the motes in the area... never mind the shadow valence."

Mekimin asks, "Could it be a protective enchantment?"

You recite:

"We'll obviously have to take that one up with Vlashandra too."

Lyrna says, "They start popping like ..."

Asben says, "Popcorn."

Lyrna asks, "Exploding abominations...?"

You say, "I believe that covers the gist of what we've seen since last meeting, other than of course completing the second part of the ritual..."

You say, "We've already gathered more than half of the needed essences of reagents for the third part."

You say, "This one's asking a bit more of us than the previous two, but we shouldn't have any trouble with finishing in time."

Lyrna asks, "Asking more?"

Speaking to you, Faerinn asks, "I'm not familiar with these kind of reagents. Are these the harder type to concoct?"

Speaking to Lyrna, you clarify, "In terms of how hard the essences are to create."

Lyrna asks, "What IS she asking for?"

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "They are, yeah. The previous two, we had ready in under a day."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Essences of body, mind, and soul."

You say, "So! Giving the floor to Faerinn for a bit and then we'll move to a more open discussion."

Sazlo darkly says, "I can take that from the little children running around."

Regwen says, "Seems funny components to open a portal."

Lyrna says, "Or not."

Faerinn says, "So this morning, I received correspondence from The Fist."

Speaking darkly to Lyrna, Sazlo asks, "Wouldn't that be for the greater good?"

Asben says, "Soul..."

Speaking to Sazlo, Lyrna says, "It really wouldn't."

You muse, "I guess he doesn't *talk*, but can *write*."

Faerinn says, "And read."

You curiously ask, "What'd he say?"

Mekimin muses, "Given that the essences have been directly related to the sort of sacrifices involved in each ritual, I think it would be wise to discuss what the sacrifice associated with an essence of soul might entail."

Speaking wryly to Mekimin, you say, "Trust me, I know."

Lyrna mutters, "SUCH a bad idea."

Alisette muses, "That's right, you left scrolls in the caves."

Lyrna says, "I'm guessing that one'll be last, so that everyone has the maximum commitment."

Faerinn says, "Yes, I've been leaving messages in nearby caves."

Faerinn says, "Based on habits that Socius has made in the past."

Speaking to Adalfuns, Lyrna says, "I have no problem with the goal here. I think it's a good idea even. But the method we're using to get there..."

Faerinn says, "Seemingly burning his bridges and then fleeing into the woods is the most Socius thing he has done to date."

Speaking to Lyrna, Adalfuns says, "I don't like it either."

You say, "Burning his bridges? Oh, I guess killing that other commander."

Faerinn says, "Yes, he disemboweled another leader then headed in the oppositee direction of the fleeing troops."

Speaking to Faerinn, Alisette asks, "What was the commuication you received today?"

Faerinn says, "His message was..."

Alisette says, "Communication."

Faerinn recites:

""The mission is complete, and I choose my path now."

Faerinn recites:

"Come looking for me again and I promise you will not appreciate what you find.""

You curiously say, "Hmm..."

Faerinn says, "It sounds to me like he's having a falling out with the rest of that organization."

Speaking to herself, Regwen says, "I wonder if the mission was the last invasion or something more dire."

You wonderingly repeat, "The mission is complete. But--they came after us again."

Faerinn says, "Socius's mission is complete."

Lyrna says, "But being lead in some other way potentially."

Alisette offers, "He did what he was supposed to do, perhaps?"

Faerinn says, "I don't know what the rest of their motivations are."

Faerinn says, "He completed his goal. Which maybe have been disemboweling that man."

You muse, "So his mission wasn't collecting limbs from mayoral candidates, or else it would have been done long ago. Nor was it leading the forces, or else he still wouldn't be done..."

Faerinn says, "Maybe something else."

Faerinn says, "I loresang the note and got some more information."

You speculate, "Maybe he only had to invade us long enough to create whatever is responsible for the blue haze."

Alisette asks, "Why do it at all?"

Faerinn says, "I got a sense of someone hungry. Someone who was hunting to survive. He's really roughing it out there now."

Faerinn says, "So I'm confident he is not longer with that army, but he likely has information about them."

Alisette firmly says, "We need to know what he knows."

You say, "So we have many reasons to try tracking him down..."

Speaking to Faerinn, Mekimin says, "Doesn't sound inclined to share that information without some intense leverage though."

Lyrna says, "But 'aren't going to like what we find' if we do."

Speaking decisively to Lyrna, you say, "That's for us to decide."

Faerinn says, "The way he delivered it further cements for me that he is certainly Socius and he has no idea who I am."

Speaking to Lyrna, Regwen says, "I don't think we've met yet. I'm Regwen."

Lyrna says, "We need to make sure we have someone..."

Lyrna says, "I am Lyrna."

Lyrna says, "It's good to meet you."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "I think we need, at very least, what Lynaera was talking about yesterday..."

Speaking to Lyrna, Regwen says, "Well met."

Lyrna says, "Someone he knows well with us."

Speaking suddenly to Lyrna, you say, "Oh, that too, but not quite what I meant."

Lyrna asks, "Which were you thinking of?"

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Someone with the Mist Harbor mark that's supposed to stop him from hurting them."

Faerinn says, "He delivered the message by knifing it into the wall of Helga's. I could recognize the blade."

Lyrna says, "I suspect that group overlaps signficantly."

Lyrna says, "Those groups."

You muse, "Yeah, come to think of it, that sounds similar to how the mercenaries with the Fist brand weren't supposed to be attacked by the creatures."

You say, "Well, either way, the end goal is to find him..."

Faerinn says, "When I asked Helga, she said that she didn't see who delivered it."

Faerinn says, "She turned around for a minute and suddenly it was there."

Alisette says, "She never sees anything."

Lyrna says, "And hopefully not need to kill him."

Regwen says, "Too busy stirin that stew."

Faerinn says, "Still there by the way if anyone wants to examine it themselves."

Lyrna says, "I would."

Alisette says, "Or stirrin other things."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "So you were able to generally narrow down some spots where Socius might be, based on past behavior..."

Speaking curiously to Faerinn, you ask, "Do you think you could narrow it down further?"

Faerinn says, "Yes, I got no response from the Mist Harbor locations."

Faerinn says, "So he is unable or unwilling to travel there."

You say, "Hmm..."

Faerinn says, "He's in a cave in this region. Though he's likely moved since I made contact with him."

Alisette offers, "Leafi, scrying might help at the locations. We will have to ask Mom, but it might give us a sense of direction."

Speaking to Alisette, you say, "I'm with you. We meant to try that a while back, but there's been a lot we've been juggling."

Faerinn says, "That knife he left in Helga's is very close to him. If there was a way to track him via that."

You say, "And Faerinn's right too--it wouldn't be wise for him to stay in one place."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "I would be happy to go and try in the areas narrowed down, not that we would find him, but we might pick up on a sense."

Lyrna asks, "Why would he have left it?"

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "Ahh, great idea."

Lyrna asks, "Unless he wants to be found?"

Faerinn says, "It will return to him in time."

Lyrna says, "Ah."

Lyrna says, "So at the very least, it would have to be done VERY soon if that were to work."

You reason, "If he's broken ties with the patchwork organization, that means we have even more wild cards in play here..."

Alisette says, "We could follow the knife..."

Faerinn says, "He might not even realize how important it is to him. Being a familiy heirloom and all."

You say, "Not only could the shadow valence, Aralyte, or motes be problematic, but the patchwork organization could interrupt at any time--or so could Socius..."

Lyrna says, "No, not if he's lost his memory."

Faerinn says, "We'd need some kind of magic or something like that to track the knife."

(Lyrna rubs her temples.)

Faerinn says, "It will just fade out of existance and be on his person again in time."

Regwen asks, "Does anyone remember how Pylasar opened the portal to the veil when Aralyte was lost?"

You say, "One person we're hoping to rescue, one we're hoping to save and potentially capture, one leader of an organization we're hoping to kill or capture..."

Speaking to Regwen, you admit, "Was years before I moved here--I only know it involved Lake Eonak somehow."

Alisette wryly says, "Just a little chaos...."

Lyrna says, "I still think that Vlashandra is connected to this directly."

Lyrna says, "But I could be being paranoid."

Speaking curiously to Lyrna, you ask, "Elaborate?"

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "But I'll see how much further I can narrow down the search parameters."

Lyrna says, "I think that the fact that we're being attacked by these monstrosities and have a leader to an army we don't know... and also have someone trying to use blood and far more dangerous ritual magic to open a portal to a shadow realm..."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "Thank you, truly. You've already made tons of progress."

Lyrna says, "I think that the things going on with Vlashandra are connected to the army and the other things."

Faerinn asks, "How so?"

Lyrna says, "Often the simplist answer is the right one - not too separate problems."

Lyrna says, "Er... two."

Speaking to Lyrna, you guess, "So are you in the line of thinking that Raelee seemed to be implying the other night?"

Lyrna asks, "What was she implying the other night?"

Speaking to Lyrna, you ask, "That just like she's replaced her face, Vlashandra might be behind replacing creatures' heads and such?"

Lyrna says, "Or that it's not the original Vlashandra, and it could literally be ANYone wearing that face."

Alisette hesitantly says, "It is almost like experimenting until one gets it right."

Regwen says, "Regen essense would help with healing things like that."

You muse, "And it would certainly explain why the armies have never attacked us when Vlashandra's out and about."

Regwen asks, "Isn't made from troll skilns and such?"

Faerinn says, "I was under the impression that Vlashandra didn't even create her current face. That Octaven did that."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "Yeah, I was too--that's why I was surprised at Raelee's line of questioning."

Alisette says, "That is what was said...."

Lyrna says, "And Raelee hadn't heard of her before she came here as part of the trial, even though she's Octavians... pet? But she could be lying."

Alisette says, "However, I don't think Vlashandra said it."

Lyrna says, "Vlashandra, not Raelee."

You admit, "I do remember that Vlashandra at least implied it was Octaven's wish, but I can't clearly remember if she ever said it was Octaven's handiwork."

Faerinn says, "I've been trying any sources I can for more information on who Vlashandra was before she came here or Octaven took an interest in her."

Faerinn says, "Like her trial history, credentials, and things like that."

Speaking to Faerinn, Alisette asks, "No replies yet?"

Speaking heavily to Faerinn, you say, "I hope you have some success in that. Our communications with the Hall have almost never gone well around here."

Faerinn says, "You can't spend years becoming an Adjudicator without leaving some kind of paper trail."

Lyrna says, "Assuming that Octaven did. Since didn't she say Octaven was away for now..."

Regwen says, "Assuming it has been years."

You say, "Grand Magister Dennet Kestrel managed to somehow take over the local outpost for eight months or so with the Hall having no clue what he was doing, so.."

Faerinn says, "I haven't heard back yet. I'm being more subtle than that. If I contact the Hall directly they may know something is up."

Speaking approvingly to Faerinn, you say, "Ah, fair. Good call on that."

Faerinn says, "I'm working public sources to try and get that trial history, but no luck so far."

Faerinn says, "I'm hoping to find something kind of inconsistency in her work history in regards to her posting her or Octaven."

You say, "I'll admit, I've heard all kinds of conspiracies on who might really be under that face."

Lyrna says, "So yes, I think the problems are related, and that Vlashandra could actually be the enemy leader, or someone affiliated with that side of things."

You say, "I don't have any particular guess myself... she's different from anyone I've known."

You say, "Or at very least good at acting different."

Lyrna says, "It's pretty much speculation on who, certainly."

Faerinn says, "She picks up momentum in her rituals."

You agreeably mumble, "She sure does."

Mekimin asks, "One the note of the rituals... I've attended both so far and I have a conjecture, if I may?"

Faerinn says, "Like she's becoming more herself as she continues cutting, or maybe that's what the rituals require invoking a new persona."

Lyrna says, "I do wonder if any of those women in the first ritual will be able to have children, with the way she removed... an essence from their abdomen."

Speaking amiably to Mekimin, you say, "Of course ya may."

Lyrna says, "She is taking FAR more than just blood."

You add, "And that goes for anyone. Jump in any time."

Mekimin says, "Collecting essences of the elements, vitality and regeneration, mind, body and soul."

Regwen says, "She doesn't have a gentil touch, thats for sure."

Speaking reassuringly to Lyrna, Alisette says, "I for one was prepared for that outcome."

Speaking to Mekimin, Faerinn asks, "Like she's building a new body for Aralyte as opposed to opening a portal?"

Speaking wryly to Lyrna, you say, "Lylia would probably have welcomed it if that was case."

Sazlo darkly asks, "Does she put any of that in a jar or container of some kind?"

Mekimin theorizes, "If I were smart enough to design a ritual with all of those things, it wouldn't be to call something pre-existing through a portal."

Speaking to Sazlo, you say, "She puts it in the essences we gather."

Alisette says, "She adds it to a vial of essence."

Lyrna says, "There was something that Magister Raelee said that I've been thinking a lot on too."

Speaking to Mekimin, Faerinn says, "She isn't creating the ritual however."

Speaking to Mekimin, Faerinn says, "They come from that book of hers."

Lyrna says, "About the book not necessarily being just notes, but a communication with someone or something else."

Mekimin says, "It would seem more suited to the creation of something, not the conjuration of something pre-existing."

You say, "She's implied the book came from studies in the Southron Wastes, but considering how it glows..."

Lyrna says, "I've experienced that kind of thing before."

Speaking to Lyrna, Faerinn says, "I've wondered that myself. She seems to have received new information from the book that was not there before during the ritual."

Lyrna says, "And actually, given that she didn't have the information on what she'd need for the second ritual until she finished the first..."

Alisette blurts, "Books can contain the power to release and imprison...."

Lyrna says, "It makes me wonder if there is semi or complete sentience in the book."

Mekimin asks, "It would seem like something designed for the creation of a body. Like a vessel for something to inhabit?"

Speaking offhandedly to Pukk, you say, "If she turns out to be another enemy of the town, please keep reminding us all of that--and of Dennet--again next time some Hall mage comes along."

Faerinn says, "My question about the book is whether or not its sentient."

Faerinn says, "Or is someone else feeding her lines."

Alisette says, "This last ritual...."

Mekimin says, "My point is, a portal is being opened, but I suspect that whatever is being called is different than what you've been told."

Alisette says, "She waited for the next requirements to appear."

Lyrna says, "Exactly."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "You betcha."

Alisette says, "Because she was focused on the page..."

Speaking to Mekimin, you say, "That's interesting, because almost everyone who's been helping her would turn against her if this isn't ultimately for Aralyte."

Faerinn says, "She could just as easily be getting strung along as well."

Lyrna asks, "What if it's a body for the ... who were you all stopping when she was trapped there?"

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Althedeus, some sort of--spirit of darkness? If I remember the story."

Speaking to Lyrna, you admit, "Before my time, though."

Alisette says, "The Dark spirit."

Regwen says, "Oh thats and interesting theory."

Alisette says, "Oh."

Lyrna says, "What if it's a body for Althedeus or something like him."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Either way, generally the impression I get is that he--or 'it'--was the Landing's most threatening foe."

Regwen says, "He wasn't totally destroyed if I remember correcty."

Lyrna says, "And 'sure we'll get Aralyte... and let this thing out of it's cage too'."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Which is why people are so insistent on saving Aralyte, since her sacrificed saved the plane."

You uncertainly say, "You all would have to ask Puptilian or Hapenlok or Cruxophim or someone more about Althedeus. They'd know--they were there."

You say, "All that said..."

Lyrna says, "The book I encountered that could do something like that..."

You say, "From what I understand, Althedeus didn't have or need a body in the first place."

You ask, "He was like... primordial energy?"

Alisette says, "Wait."

Speaking to Lyrna, Regwen says, "Sounds like wizard waste kind of item."

Alisette flatly asks, "He was energy?"

Regwen says, "They did many odd things in those times."

Lyrna says, "You had to write in it to 'talk' to the other end."

Faerinn says, "I wonder if there would be a way to set it up to intercept any informatino being projected from or into the book."

Speaking to Alisette, you say, "Well, yes, he didn't really have a physical body, at least..."

Alisette says, "We have energy all around the town lately....."

Faerinn says, "Through magic or something."

Speaking to Alisette, you say, "Right, that's exactly what has Hapenlok so worried."

Lyrna offhandedly says, "Unless you happened to be possessed by the spirit of it."

Speaking to Alisette, you say, "It was Althedeus' energy that corrupted the Reach."

Lyrna says, "But there were three books, and each were semi-sentient on their own."

Speaking to Alisette, you say, "And during that time, golden motes were floating around..."

Alisette says, "Someone could be invisible and try to look at the book..."

Speaking suddenly to Alisette, you say, "I like it. Great idea."

Speaking to you, Alisette says, "I remember."

Lyrna says, "With one sentience that could travel between them, and/or possess someone using one of them."

Alisette says, "Hapenlok said something."

You muse, "Maybe someone invisible by magic, and someone in the shadows more mundanely..."

Mekimin says, "The page in the book illuminated when it revealed the next step to her last night after the bloodletting."

Alisette asks, "Do we have someone that can get that close?"

Lyrna says, "But I suspect that these books that are like that are different from one another. I didn't get the idea that they're... easy to make."

You say, "I'm not too shabby in the shadows, but I'm too public a figure to look myself."


Roundtime: 3 sec.

You see Pukk turn his head in your direction as you hide.

You see Lyrna turn her head in your direction as you hide.

You see Asben turn his head in your direction as you hide.

You attempt to blend with the surroundings, but don't feel very confident about your success.

You say, "A few of you did see that."

You say, "So I'd start with you three."


You notice Pukk turn his head in your direction.

You notice Lyrna turn her head in your direction.

You notice Asben turn his head in your direction.

You fail to slip from hiding unnoticed.

Lyrna says, "Pukk's better at hiding than I am."

You nod at Pukk.

You nod at Lyrna.

Alisette asks, "Or perhaps someone that could get close enough to steal it?"

You nod at Asben.

The voice of Lyrna says, "ALthough I'm not bad."

Alisette asks, "Briefly?"

You say, "That woud be Pukk's ob."

You say, "Job."

Asben offers you an opaque glass amulet. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

Regwen says, "Raelee is even better."

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, you say, "Maybe this'll be exactly what you need to get into the Brotherhood."

Offer declined.

Lyrna says, "Yes and no."

Speaking to Asben, you say, "No, no... I can't take a look myself. She'll obviously have her focus on me."

Alisette fearfully says, "I am not asking Raelee to try..."

Lyrna says, "Wizards invisibility is good, but often things detect magic."

Speaking to you, Asben says, "Well i was thinking you'd pick the person."

Lyrna says, "So having the actual skill..."

You slyly say, "Just for the record, I'm not officially condoning theft."

Lyrna says, "I can't usually find Pukk when he's hiding, and I am VERY perceptive."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Well I did get her a message...or atleast I hope she got it...I haven't heard back from her. But Atleast the Rooks help the townies."

You add, "But, you know, some here are pretty talented at it."

Speaking to Lyrna, Pukk says, "And I'm working on making that harder."

Alisette confidently says, "Perhaps we can let that lie a bit."

You pointedly say, "And those some who are talented might want to try it out sometimes. They could even potentially get a pardon if they were caught."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Rooks aren't about theft, per se, just...protecting those who cannot protect themselves."

You add, "And it's not illegal outside the gates, either."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "Oh, I know."

Pukk says, "Like the urchins."

Speaking amusedly to Pukk, you say, "Sniping at an imperial is why they'd let you in."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "What can I say. Everybody hates imps....even other imps sometimes."

You say, "Okay, so reviewing some actionable items..."

You say, "Faerinn will try to narrow down where Socius might be. We also have a knife at Helga's that Balley can potentially use."

Chandrellia softly says, "I am sorry I am late."

You say, "Pukk will try to look into Vlashandra's book or even--yes, look into it."

You say, "Ideally we'd have someone hidden magically, *also* trying to look into her book."

Speaking to Asben, you say, "Maybe you since you have the amulet anyway."

Faerinn says, "I will also loop Lynaera into my search. She may be protected from him."

Alisette says, "And that may happen naturally."

Pukk says, "Her pockets are closely guarded I've noticed."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "Right, that was my next point--Lynaera should be helpful here, hopefully."

Speaking to Faerinn, Lyrna says, "We did speak to her last night, she is a friend of mine."

You say, "Whether she is or isn't protected from Socius... valuable information either way."

Speaking to Lyrna, Faerinn says, "My friend as well."

Pukk innocently says, "Not that I tried..I was...watching out for other pickpockets."

You say, "Lynaera also suggested that Akenna or Nehor might evoke memories from Socius if they got close."

Lyrna says, "Lady Rohese."

You agree, "Right, Lady Rohese too."

Alisette says, "I met her, she is an intriguing one."

Faerinn says, "Naamit. She's the only person I've known be lent one of those knives."

You say, "Meanwhile, Hapenlok wants pylons pointed at the portal in case things go horribly wrong."

Lyrna quietly says, "She stuck with me all through the things happening in Ta'Vaalor before I... left."

You say, "I'm trying to arrange for that to happen too."

Speaking to you, Regwen says, "The pylons are not such a bad idea."

You say, "The essences... we'll make them, on the incredibly unlikely chance this is all just suspicious and Vlashandra's simply a very, very unusual person."

Raelee suddenly fades into view.

Raelee asks, "Do you know what else can go horribly wrong with portals?"

Chandrellia softly says, "Magister."

Lyrna says, "Do tell, please."

Raelee says, "The wrong balance of mana, the wrong balance of energy..."

Raelee says, "Perhaps they might collapse, or... perhaps they might grow."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn asks, "Pylons pointed at them?"

Raelee slowly says, "Before you start pointing pylons at it... to be certain you will not be *feeding* it."

Lyrna says, "That is a truly terrifying thought."

You ask, "...because the pylons focus mana in a concentrated area?"

Regwen asks, "In your studies have ye seen essenses such as those requested used for portals?"

Mekimin says, "They are well-known alchemical substrates. But they are exhibiting remarkable properties under Vlashandra's influence."

Speaking to Raelee, you say, "I guess that makes sense. Maybe we can aim the pylons in the general vicinity, but not directly there--"

You suddenly say, "Wait a minute."

Raelee says, "Portals are... formed through many means. The elemental essences are not particularly unusual."

Raelee says, "The others are more so."

Mekimin says, "A mage is not in the business of raising the dead, customarily."

Speaking pointedly to Mekimin, Raelee says, "But it is not difficult for a mage to do. I can."

You say, "Vlashandra herself was the one who first brought up the idea of using pylons, but I said it wasn't a good idea because they're only for long range use and the patchwork army has been close quarters..."

Regwen asks, "What would soul essense be used for, generally?"

Lyrna says, "We were speculating earlier that it seems like she could be creating something to act as a vessel..."

You say, "That discussion was about the chance of the creatures interrupting, and not about the portal, but still..."

Raelee says, "Essence of soul is typically utilized alchemically for the regeneration of spirit."

Chandrellia uncertainly says, "Uncertan can we avoid any raising of the dead issues tonight I'm still miffed about the last ritual."

Lyrna asks, "Which part of it?"

Regwen asks, "Essnese of regeneration for heath?"

Speaking curiously to Chandrellia, you ask, "What do you mean?"

Speaking to Lyrna, Adalfuns says, "The part where she died."

Speaking softly to Lyrna, Chandrellia says, "When I came back 3 or 4 times without the aid of a cleric."

Mekimin says, "And was raised three times."

Alisette whispers aloud, "Three times."

Regwen says, "Seems very body related."

Speaking to Regwen, Raelee says, "I would describe it more as regrowth."

Lyrna says, "It was your experience that was... why I could not stay..."

Speaking to Regwen, Raelee says, "Its most common use is in simple healing tinctures for the removal of scar tissue."

Lyrna says, "Well, and the smell of the blood and magic and..."

Regwen says, "Ah."

You absently agree, "Yeah, made way too many of those tinctures in my life too..."

Regwen says, "And we have a patch worked bunch of abominations wandering around..."

You say, "Still... it's not like Vlashandra's been using any of these essences in--ordinary ways."

Regwen says, "Most interesting."

Lyrna says, "No, but knowing typical uses can help extrapolate what they COULD be usedfor."

Mekimin says, "Cutting-edge magics, if you'll forgive the phrasing."

Lyrna says, "Since they're likely to be in the same general ... vein.. also excuse the phrasing."

Regwen says, "Bleeding edge."

You recall, "Hmm... Vlashandra said she didn't think it's wise to leave the Fist at large, and gave us those details on him... three nights after he apparently left that army."

Mekimin quips, "Not to put too fine a point on it."

Speaking softly to Mekimin, Chandrellia counters, "We get the point."

Speaking amusedly to Raelee, you ask, "What was it you said once about how the Hall isn't actually behind every problem that happens in this town?"

Faerinn says, "Technically she's working outside of Hall parameters."

Lyrna says, "She may not actually be related to the hall in any way."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "I maintain that statement."

You say, "I was just joking, but--yes, that's a good point."

Raelee says, "And thus I should clarify something."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Like you said earlier, possibly even an impostor."

Speaking curiously to Raelee, you say, "Sure."

Raelee says, "... I was not actually accusing Vlashandra of being responsible for these patchwork armies."

Lyrna says, "That's okay, we did that anyway."

You curiously ask, "Just implying it?"

Faerinn says, "Given her building mania during ritual and her own habits of cutting herself she may be Mularosian. Or at least an amateur one."

Raelee says, "It was... an attempt to destabilize, perhaps discern weakness."

Raelee admits, "A taunt, if you will."

Raelee says, "A method one might say is typically beneath me."

Lyrna says, "That whole ritual was a taunt."

Chandrellia softly says, "Or implying that Vlyshandra knew more then what she was telling."

Speaking to Raelee, you admit, "Well, you do have a lot at stake here. Can't have her continuing to steal your identity."

Lyrna says, "That may have been your intent, but... there may be some, or at lot, of truth to it."

Speaking to you, Raelee says, "Indeed."

Faerinn says, "I will say the first night she came to us with this plan she seemed to genuinely have no idea what the reapers were."

Regwen says, "Well this has been most informative and thought provoking. Alas, its time for me to turn in."

Speaking to you, Regwen says, "Thankee."

Regwen says, "Night folks."

Speaking warmly to Regwen, you say, "Thanks for coming out, and sleep well."

Speaking softly to Regwen, Chandrellia says, "Sweet sleep."

Nicolas says, "Same here, thank you Leafiara for hosting these."

Regwen says, "Ronan watches over my dreams."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "An interesting point. Though... I wonder if the reapers are created by the same magic as the rest of them."

You say, "Unlike all their other creatures, I've never really seen anything like the reapers, so--hard to say if they're patchwork or not."

Lyrna says, "If she is not that one doing it, that doesn't mean she isn't involved. If someone else is doing the research, which might be implied by a communications book, then she doesn't necessarily know what methods they're using to do things."

Lyrna says, "She may not be a theorist, but have one working with her... that person could be important too."

Lyrna says, "Well, is important."

Lyrna says, "I just don't know if they exist."

Faerinn says, "We're missing two big pieces to make that connection. Vlashandra's history and who is pulling the strings of the pathwork army."

Chandrellia softly says, "Another question I have is, where are they getting the power to raise such an army is such a short time? someone or something has to be feeding them power."

Raelee says, "There is another piece that I do believe the lot of you should be looking for."

Lyrna asks, "I had wondered if, with the other connection to Mist Harbor... could she actually be someone from there?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Pukk says, "It's obvious. The Imps are."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "I think it's the parts they're collecting from us."

Speaking curiously to Raelee, you ask, "Oh?"

Speaking to Faerinn, Maelkyth says, "I strong believe Vlashandra's past includes being a dominatrix."

Raelee says, "I have mentioned this before..."

Raelee asks, "Simply the question of... why?"

Raelee asks, "They could attack anywhere in the world. Why here?"

Lyrna says, "That seems like one of the easier answers."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Do tell."

You say, "I had my own answer to this last time, but please."

Speaking softly to you, Chandrellia says, "Yes well, if my blood has anything to do with anything like it did at the lake I'm not leaving TSC where its safe, I dont know if it was a one time thing or not but I dont want my body parts being used to create those monstrosities."

Speaking to Chandrellia, you say, "The reapers have gotten to the square before--you'd have to run quite a bit further to escape them."

Sazlo darkly asks, "Was it at eonake lake or a different lake?"

Speaking to Sazlo, you say, "Lake Eonak, yeah."

Lyrna says, "Where else but Landing would people JUMP on the chance to be part of a blood magic ritual? There is the Reach nearby. There are plenty of enemies inherent to the area. There is a person who is trapped in a plane that is from here that folks would want to rescue..."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Oh, that's the motive for Vlashandra."

You say, "Right.."

Speaking to Lyrna, you ask, "But I think Raelee was getting at, why are the *attacks* here?"

Speaking softly to Lyrna, Chandrellia says, "I didnt do it for the chance to ju,,,, oh I see where you are going with this now."

Raelee says, "Vlashandra's presence here is logical and explainable."

Speaking to Raelee, Faerinn says, "I'm of the belief that the answer of who is even attacking the Landing with the spliced would naturally lead to why."

Lyrna says, "There is that too."

Speaking to Faerinn, Raelee says, "It is possible. Ultimately the first answer you find will lead to the second."

You say, "But the other way around could work too--figure out the why to narrow down the who."

Faerinn says, "Well, for once I had a decent lead on that."

Speaking to Faerinn, Lyrna asks, "Do you have any ideas on someone from Mist Harbor that would be capable of taking the role Vlashandra is ... playing?"

Pukk says, "Playing...."

Speaking to Lyrna, Faerinn says, "No, aside from using Socius there isn't much of a Mist Harbor connection."

Raelee says, "Ultimately... the proper process of thorough inquiry requires asking the why beside the what. It is something I was taught and often reminded of. Thus, the habit to remind has also become one of my own."

Raelee says, "... and it is particularly critical in preventing reoccurance."

Faerinn says, "The fact they were using him against this places instead of Mist Harbor tells me that whoever had him also had no idea what they had."

Faerinn says, "He's far more dangerous in Mist Harbor than he is on the mainland."

Lyrna says, "Or couldn't use him in Mist Harbor."

Speaking curiously to Faerinn, you ask, "Why so?"

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "Seat of power kind of thing. His father has access to a lot of power on the Island that Socius could access at the loss of his memories."

You say, "Ahh..."

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "Like changing the weather, big stuff like that."

You say, "Right, Lynaera said something about that--"

Lyrna says, "She did."

You add, "But not the extent of it. That's good information."

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "The extent of what he could do there was hard to define."

Speaking to you, Faerinn says, "But on the mainland he's just incredibly skilled and dangerous combatant and tactician."

Alisette says, "Excuse me."

Lady Alisette just went out.

Lyrna says, "She said at some point though, that he'd been able to transport people to Ta'Illistim."

Lyrna says, "So the power is not just on Mist Harbor."

Chandrellia softly says, "Me as well please, I do need spells for this evening."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "But it was done from Mist Harbor."

Adalfuns says, "Really."

Lyrna asks, "Oh, was it?"

Speaking to Chandrellia, Mekimin exclaims, "You and me both!"

Lyrna asks, "He sent them there from Mist Harbor?"

Adalfuns says, "I am disappointed."

Lyrna says, "Ah."

Faerinn says, "But he isn't returning there and the people that had him didn't seem to know what they actually had."

Speaking to Faerinn, Lyrna says, "It's good that you are here."

You say, "Well, I think we've made a lot of progress..."

You say, "At least in terms of what our next steps are."

Adalfuns says, "I wish I could it say it was illuminating."

You exclaim, "Was to me!"

Maelkyth says, "Odd."

You ask, "Does anyone have anything further before we call it a night and get back to our investigations or other business?"

Lyrna idly says, "It may be worth having the pylons pointed near the portals if things start coming out of it..."

Speaking to Lyrna, you say, "Oh, I agree--based on earlier, maybe we can point them in the general area, but not directly at it."

Maelkyth says, "I might need someone to draw pictures for me."

You add, "Like, say... at the trail from the portal back to town."

Maelkyth says, "Sylphs have a long tradition of relaying informstion through artistic expressions such as song, dance, and graphic novels."

You exclaim, "Alright then. We can call it a concluded meeting, and thank you all for coming!"

Maelkyth says, "I don't know I could intrepet this dance."

You say, "And I tihnk--I'm going to go see that knife in Helga's."

Asben says, "A lot to process.."

Lyrna says, "Let's do that."

Lyrna says, "I want to see it too."

You say, "I'll leave the cart here for a bit in case anyone wants it."

The Note at Helga's

You recite:

"Leaving for Helga's in 10!"

You recite:


[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see a scrawled note pinned to one wall by a narrow-bladed eonake dagger with blood red runes along its blade, Helga, an overturned creel, a huge cast iron stewpot, a set of swinging doors and a tattered menu.

Faerinn points at a scrawled note pinned to one wall by a narrow-bladed eonake dagger with blood red runes along its blade.

You gaze thoughtfully at a scrawled note pinned to one wall by a narrow-bladed eonake dagger with blood red runes along its blade.

>read note

In the Common language, it reads:

The mission is complete, and I choose my path now.

Come looking for me again and I promise you will not appreciate what you find.

You note, "Eonake... odd."

Speaking to Faerinn, you ask, "Was he known to have any religious devotion?"

Faerinn says, "I don't think he does."

You say, "Even stranger then...."

Faerinn says, "He inherited this."

You suddenly say, "Ahh, of course."

Pukk says, "Bah."

You say, "You did say that, right."

Faerinn says, "So it goes bad several generations in Mist Harbor history."

Faerinn says, "Sorry goes back several generations."

You say, "Trying to summon Balley since I sense her awake and around..."

(Lyrna examines the dagger closely.)

You say, "Or maybe we can just go get her ourselves."

Faerinn says, "The best route might be to tag it with some kind of tracking element and wait for it to return."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Just say something about a scarab..she will come a-running."

Lyrna quietly says, "Selbi."

Speaking to Lyrna, you ask, "What about her?"

Lyrna says, "Lynaera's opinion."

Asben says, "Excuse me."

Faerinn says, "Selbi was a gnome by the way."

Speaking to Lyrna, you ask, "That Vlashandra isn't her?"

You suddenly say, "Oh, well, that would explain the certainty it's not her."

Faerinn says, "So you may want to reduce the heights of anyone you suspect."

Lyrna says, "I've been relaying some of this to her.. including what the dagger looks like."

Lyrna says, "There is an unknown person potentially still."

You say, "Let me go check in with Balley--just a moment."

You designate Faerinn as the new leader of the group.

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see a sleek raven that is flying around, an ornate Andelas statuette, the Asben disk, a moldy cherry cupcake, an ornate Onar statuette, the Chomperellas disk, a large acorn, an ember-eyed fire wyrdling, a weathered wooden coffer, a dull claidhmore, a polished earring, a pale-faced coppery barn owl, a broadsword, some stone benches with some stuff on it and an herbal remedy donation bin.

Speaking to Balley, you exclaim, "There ya are!"

Balley softly asks, "What?"

Speaking curiously to Balley, you ask, "Can you come to Helga's for a sec?"

Speaking to Balley, you say, "We found something left by Socius, that we think might be even better for scrying to find him than the last thing we gave you."

Balley softly says, "Oh."

Balley softly asks, "Do you need me to do that now?"

Speaking to Balley, you say, "At least to take a look at it briefly, but we'll understand if you can't scry until later."

Balley softly says, "Ok."

Balley softly says, "My head is not clear at the moment."

Balley softly says, "But I will try."

Balley softly says, "My rage is boiling."

You assure, "We'll be right back shortly anyway."

Speaking quietly to Balley, Xecnephias says, "Give me a moment."

Speaking to Xecnephias, you say, "Will have her back soon! Probably."

[Helga's Tavern, Barroom]

The blended odors of ale, sweat, leather, perfume and hearty stew fill the stifling air of the tavern. Disheveled regulars and road-weary travelers rub elbows at the wooden bar, which looks recently varnished but already bears a variety of stains and grime. Helga, the ancient, obese proprietor, moves behind the bar, wiping glasses with a dirty towel as she keeps a beady eye on the patrons. A small fireplace in one corner burns feebly, adding little light or warmth to the room. You also see a scrawled note pinned to one wall by a narrow-bladed eonake dagger with blood red runes along its blade, Helga, an overturned creel, a huge cast iron stewpot, a set of swinging doors and a tattered menu.

You indicate the scrawled note as a possible option.

Pukk says, "Ooh wait.."

Speaking to Balley, you say, "See, he left this note and dagger..."

Pukk says, "Nope, no silvers."

Speaking to Balley, you say, "Faerinn tried to leave messages in caves where he suspected Socius might have gone into hiding, then this was how Socius responded."

Pukk says, "Can't let this go to waste."

Faerinn says, "So the take away is that I got his attention."

Maelkyth says, "Ouch! Not so hard."

Balley softly says, "Ok."

Pukk says, "Here."

Balley softly says, "Give me the dagger and note."

Maelkyth says, "Mmmm."

Maelkyth exclaims, "Thanks!"

Speaking to Balley, you say, "The dagger is... magical, we think. We can't really take it."

Speaking to Faerinn, you ask, "It just returns to Socius on its own eventually?"

Faerinn says, "It will leave in time."

You say, "But the note would stay, or at least hopefully it would..."

Balley softly asks, "Where is the dagger?"

Faerinn says, "Might be able to tag it some way to track it."

Maelkyth asks, "What if we pound it deeper into the wall?"

Faerinn nods to a scrawled note pinned to one wall by a narrow-bladed eonake dagger with blood red runes along its blade.

Lyrna says, "Returns to the owner magically."

Balley softly asks, "Can I see the dagger and note?"

Maelkyth exclaims, "Make sure 'e really wants it!"

Faerinn taps a scrawled note pinned to one wall by a narrow-bladed eonake dagger with blood red runes along its blade.

Balley softly says, "I need to feel them to get a read on them."

You reach out and touch a scrawled note pinned to one wall by a narrow-bladed eonake dagger with blood red runes along its blade.

Balley softly says, "Oh."

Balley reaches out and touches a scrawled note pinned to one wall by a narrow-bladed eonake dagger with blood red runes along its blade.

Faerinn says, "Let me know if you find anything else out. I'm going to see how much I can narrow things down."

Balley softly says, "Interesting."

Speaking to Faerinn, you say, "You've gotten us pretty far already, so thank you."

Faerinn says, "Good night."

Speaking to Faerinn, you exclaim, "Good night and success to you!"

Balley softly says, "There is a dark aura."

Lyrna says, "I have no skill in pickpocketing."

Lyrna removes her shadowy grey quill from behind her ear with a gentle hand.

Lyrna strikes something from her white paper with her shadowy grey quill.

Speaking curiously to Lyrna, you ask, "You writing down theories about how evil Vlashandra is?"

Lyrna focuses all of her attention on her paper, writing carefully with her quill. Satisfied, she considers what she's written.

Lyrna says, "I don't have that much paper."

Lyrna offers you a piece of white paper. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

>read paper

The page, written in Common, reads as follows:

The paper is dominated by a sketch of a dagger imbedded in a wall. It is a narrow bladed dagger with runes along the blade. Written on the side in common is "Dagger - eonake, Runes - blood red". Below the dagger is a note that reads...

The mission is complete, and I chose my path now

Come looking for me again and I promise you will not appreciate what you find

You say, "Ah, just sketching out this note and dagger--good idea."

Balley softly says, "Something is very off with Vlashandra."

Maelkyth says, "Yeah, but it has a certain appeal."

You say, "One way or another we'll find out what's really going on with her..."

You say, "I'd prefer if we found out on our terms and not hers, but I guess we'll see."

Lyrna says, "Hopefully not when some super evil being comes out of the portal and possess her and kills the world."

Speaking to Xecnephias, you say, "Ah, we were just finishing up and about to head bac."

Balley softly says, "He is going to take me to get out anger."

Speaking warmly to Balley, you say, "Go get 'em then."

Balley softly says, "I will scry them soon."

You admit, "There's a whole lot to be angry about lately, after all."

Speaking sincerely to Balley, you say, "Thank you."

Balley softly says, "I do not care."

Lyrna asks, "Did you have freckles before?"

Balley softly says, "I did."

Balley softly says, "I want the wrinkles gone."

Balley softly asks, "Are they going away at all?"

Speaking tentatively to Balley, you say, "I *think* they're a little better, but.. yeah, still bad..."

You admit, "But it was hard to see in the light last night."

Lyrna says, "I didn't see them, so I can't say."

Lyrna says, "I don't know what I didn't notice your freckles before."

Balley softly says, "I will ask her how long they will last."

Speaking quietly to Balley, Xecnephias says, "I dont know how someone got it on me, I dont know how to get it off."

Balley softly says, "A cotton cloth."

Speaking quietly to Balley, Xecnephias asks, "Freckles?"

Balley softly says, "No the nailpolish."

Speaking to Balley, you say, "She took your energy for the essence of vitality, so maybe your face will just--regrow and repair itself in time."

Xecnephias quietly says, "I didnt know it could be done without my permission."

You admit, "Kinda surprised it hasn't already with your empath magic."

You say, "Or yours."

You nod at Maelkyth.

Balley softly says, "I know."

Balley softly says, "Oh wel."

Balley softly says, "I need to go kill things so I do not kill Zoso."

Speaking quietly to Balley, Xecnephias says, "Yer face is just fine."

Balley softly says, "Thanks."

You optimistically say, "I'm sure it'll be there in time."

Maelkyth says, "I'll just start wearing a mask and hood if they don't clear up."

Balley softly says, "Lets go Xec."

Balley softly says, "Lets go find bandits or something."

Speaking quietly to Balley, Xecnephias says, "They only think that can ruin that face are tears."

Lyrna says, "I need to rest."

Balley softly says, "Ok lets go Xec."

You say, "I should see to some more preparations for what's to come. Good luck all."

You say, "Many essences to create..."