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Following the death of Praxopius, the [[::Wehnimer's Landing|Landing]] entered a period of peace for five months, with no earthshaking events disturbing the calm. Although that in and of itself disappointed the thrill-seeking, adventure-hungry Leafi, one peaceful thing after another stirred up her personal life regardless.


Leafi's friend Saranja surprised her with news that she'd be entering a four-way marriage with Ghianna, Lyrna, and Saraphenia. After at first asking her to officiate, Sara soon asked her to join them and make it a five-way marriage. Despite Sara and Ghia already being good friends of Leafi's, Lyrna having quickly become one, and something about Phenia reminding Leafiara of herself, she took two months to settle some personal matters before deciding--at which point she agreed!

During this period of time, Stormyrain and Chaoswynd, Leafi's adoptive brother, had also grown ever closer. Having already seen many months prior where their relationship was going, Leafiara had initially felt bittersweet about spending less time with her brother. But, now more understanding of the life changes because of her own fiancees, Leafi more openly cheered on her brother and--she hoped--one day sister-in-law.

Five months later, Eyona also sought to be in the engagement and was accepted by all.

Mother Rook

Despite the power vacuum left behind by Rysus' death, a new leader of the Brotherhood of Rooks calling herself Mother [[::Landing_Events_-_5119-01-09_-Rook_Rebirth|quickly rose to power]]. After being spotted at first in a loresong, with Archales revealing her killing off a few Rooks who wouldn't swear fealty to her, Leafiara at first disliked the new leader and said the Rooks should find another one.

However, Mother would soon enough appear before all, [[::Landing_Events_-_5119-01-18_-_Motherhood_and_Brotherhood|feeding the poor]] in Shanty Town and inviting the [[::Wehnimer%27s_Landing_Militia/saved_posts|militia]] to speak with her. She further extended the invitation to Leafi since she had helped usher in a "new era"--and Leafi, having hoped for years that [[::Leafiara/Keeping_Up_with_the_Kestrels#Rook_Sympathizer|a truce between the Rooks and militia]] could be possible, seemed willing to listen. Mother would give assurances only days later of [[::Landing_Events_-_5119-02-01_-_Reprise,_not_Reprisal|no more conflict between the militia and Brotherhood]] and that she could bring information to the militia.

Despite [[::Leafiara/Tales/Mother_and_Mother|initial suspicions toward Mother]], months going by with no conflict softened Leafi toward a hope in her sincerity.

New Roles

Though Leafiara had hosted regular Town Hall meetings as a [[::The_TownCrier|TownCrier]] officer during the tumultuous times of the two Rone vigilantes and Praxopius, the long periods of peace left her with less urgency to continue holding the events, at least for the time. Leafi turned her attention toward other ways to serve the town and soon became the Envoy of Twilight Hall and a mentor for the Order of Lorekeepers within the same month.

Also in the same month, the time traveler Pylasar returned and [[::Landing_Events_-_5119-04-06_-_An-time-ony,_An-time-pathy|teased at the idea]] that the Landing would find Raznel and there would be time for slaughter soon. Taking into account that Marshal Thadston had [[::Landing_Events_-_5118-11-30_-_Marshal_Proceedings|vowed to hunt down Raznel]], Leafi didn't need to hear any more and put in her application to the militia immediately afterward--after years of having been mistaken by many for a militia member regardless.

Despite not expecting to be accepted without a fight due to her [[::Leafiara/Rise_of_Rone#The_Most_Free_People_of_the_Landing|neutrality on the Rooks]] contrasting with Thadston's [[::Landing_Events_-_5118-06-08_-_Landing_Interim_Marshal_Debate_5118#Question_.236.2C_Leafiara_to_All:_The_Matter_of_the_Rooks|past hardline stance against them]], Leafi was [[::Leafiara/Tales/Ashes_to_Ashes|taken in immediately]]. Though surprised at first--and very public about that--others soon persuaded her that she and Thadston were of like mind on putting aside differences for the time to pursue Raznel. However, Thadston himself was always too busy for her to seek an audience and confirm it directly.