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Original Story: Imaerasta 19, 5120

Leafi chuckled as she sifted through the cookies on her desk, but her expression faded as she reached for and read over Faerinn's letter. Once finished, she nodded slowly as she summoned a small flicker of magical flame to dispose of the message.

He's not wrong. Similar conclusion from him and Chandrellia: rogue faction either within the Rooks or apart from it. And after tonight, at least a couple of others are thinking it too.

She glanced out the office window briefly, then closed her eyes, nodded, and gathered up writing materials. Faerinn she could thank in person later; for now, it was time to act.


Judge Renpaw,

I request a postponement of filling the Steward of the Guilds position. Given the circumstances surrounding the seat recently, it seems unwise to appoint either candidate until investigations into those circumstances--and ideally justice for the offending parties--have concluded.

To elaborate further:

Filling the position at this time is akin to asking me to select which of the candidates will be risking his livelihood and potentially his life. Attacks have been made against two of the four original candidates' shipments in the past week, namely Amos' and Walward's, so it's reasonable to assume that whoever fills the role will be jeopardized. Since this is the position of the Steward of the Guilds rather than the Interim Interim Marshal, an expectation of life-threatening danger shouldn't come with the territory and has warped this council seat too far beyond what's intended.

Additionally, there's an appearance of impropriety. To be quite frank, the two remaining candidates are also prime suspects in the attack against Walward's wagon. I say this based on a survivor's testimony along with an assessment of who reasonably might have the motives and resources to carry out the attack as it was described. It would be a disservice to either man, as well as to the town council seat (and so to our town), to appoint him if we can't first clear him of potential ties to the incident.

To that end, even if a postponement until the attackers can be found isn't feasible, I believe we at least need a briefer postponement so we can put both men to formal public questioning and--hopefully--absolve them.

Thank you for your consideration.

In service to the Landing,
Mayor Leafiara


Guard Captain Khylon,

Until my town council decisions are formally finalized this weekend, I'm requesting an alteration to patrol schedule so that the areas around Cutlass' shop, Dragonsclaw Arms, and the DeArchons' home have at least two guards posted nearby at all times. If more guards can be spared, better yet, as attacks against council candidates have been two too many this week.

Thankfully, I can trust at least that you and Lady Casiphia can take care of yourselves should the worst come to pass again. Thank you as always for your ongoing service.

In service to the Landing,
Mayor Leafiara



What is going on?

It's been almost three weeks since you've made an appearance, despite saying you wanted to work with us to uncover and expose the new thugs. The Brotherhood is also acting in ways far more reminiscent of Rysus' Rooks than yours, jumping immediately to extreme violence against our own citizens.

If Amos is such a problem that he warrants pylon attacks and crimson orbs, then please explain why to us. He's attracting heavy suspicion from many anyway, so much so that even Stephos DeArchon looks like a reasonable town council candidate alongside him, so it's not as if the Landing's defenders would be completely unwilling to hear you out.

If you've simply decided to change strategies and return to the ruthlessness of the past, then so be it; we'll meet as enemies, and may the best of us win.

Either way, in the absence of hearing from you soon--publicly or privately, I hardly care--I can only continue assuming that either you've turned the Rooks back to the old ways for seemingly no reason, that there's an internal rift within the Brotherhood and they're acting against your orders, or that you've been taken out of the picture by Rone or the new group of thugs through capture or injury.

(Acorn did come by the other night to say that you were supplying names, but I can't go on that alone to assume you're still in control; for someone in your line of work, one can obviously never be too suspicious.)

-Mayor Leafiara