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The Live Bait is a smuggler's cutter which makes regular runs between River's Rest and Solhaven. The cutter is captained by Knaydl.

In River's Rest, the cutter docks underneath the drawbridge, which is through the patch of weeds. In Solhaven, the cutter docks at a pier in Marshtown. The Live Bait began these runs as a response to the destruction of a magical portal between River's Rest and Wehnimer's Landing, in 5102.

In addition to their smuggling operations, Knaydl's crew also runs a small gambling outfit on board the cutter. The illicit cockroach races featuring the finest racing roaches in the lands... or so the shipmate who runs the races claims. Though, he also admits the "finest food" that he feeds them is little more then his week old rations. Gamblers might want to keep a wary eye on this shady character.

Passage for passengers can be arranged via Percy in the Stone Eye in River's Rest or via the locksmith's shop in Marshtown. Tickets are 1000 silvers, 500 for citizens of River's Rest. For a level 11 Dark Elf character on 2022/08/04 a ticket cost 4400 silvers in the locksmith's shop and 1000 silvers from Percy.

The Live Bait makes the round trip between Marshtown and River's Rest roughly once per hour. Those with tickets can purchase a barrel near where the cutter docks that will allow them to make the trip while not logged into the game, similar to the waiting areas for the Glaesen Star and the Chronomage system. Purchasing a barrel will not speed up the trip; it only allows one to be boarded like cargo onto the ship. The person may crawl out of the barrel upon arrival in the destination town. If the person crawls out before the cutter begins boarding, a new barrel must be purchased. One can PEER out to see the location of the barrel.

Shop inventory

There are a few trinkets for sale at the Live Bait Gift Shop.

On the battered oak table you see:

Item Weight Pockets Type Cost
a dark bronze cockroach pin <1 pin-worn
blank imbeddable, crumbly
a soiled loot sack 2 Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a midnight black eyepatch <1 pin-worn
a lateen-rigged cutter pin <1 pin-worn

In the broken and battered seachest you see:

Item Weight Pockets Type Cost
a midnight black waist sash 3 Very small (<2-4)
a couple of items
a bone hilted serrated hook-knife <1 hook-knife
Enchant: +20
a razor edged imflass cutlass 3 scimitar
Enchant: +12
some supple seafarer's gloves <1 Very small (<2-4)
a couple of items
a crossed cutlasses pin <1 pin-worn
Purify Air, 10 charges crumbly
a skull and crossbones buckle <1 belt-worn
Water Walking, 5 charges crumbly

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