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The PREMIUM verb gives information and updates to Premium subscribers on a variety of topics.

Verb capture as of 06/29/2022.

PREMIUM 1 - Who do I contact for questions about the Premium subscription?

PREMIUM 2 - What do I get as a Premium customer?

PREMIUM 3 - What are the current Premium projects?

PREMIUM 4 - How do I get to the Premium Halls in each town?

PREMIUM 5 - What is the current Premium Contest?

PREMIUM 6 - What are the Premium Contest Rules?

PREMIUM 7 - Who won the last Premium Contest?

PREMIUM 8 - How do I use my Premium Point benefits?

PREMIUM 9 - What can I purchase with my Premium Points?

PREMIUM 10 - How do the Premium Alteration Scrolls work?

PREMIUM 11 - What are the Premium Titles?

PREMIUM 12 - Where do I find Platinum Only information?

PREMIUM START - When did I start my premium subscription?


Contact Us:
The Premium Team can help you with questions about Premium benefits.  We are also always interested in hearing your ideas and suggestions for a better Premium experience.

You can ask questions and offer suggestions in three different ways:
A) The "Premium Discussion" folder on the official Gemstone IV Forums:,%20Platinum,%20and%20Shattered/Premium%20Discussion/view
B) The #premium channel on the official GemStone IV Discord Server, or
C) Directly emailing a member of the Premium Team.  At present, those suggestions or inquiries should be addressed to GM Quilic, who can be reached at GS4-QUILIC@PLAY.NET

Please note that the Premium Team cannot assist with any billing questions, and we will not intervene in lockouts or other disciplinary measures, nor will we overturn any decisions made by other GameMasters about anything.

Thank you for choosing Premium!


Premium Benefits

As a Premium Subscriber, players gain access to the following:

* - Extra Character Slots! - Each Premium Subscription comes with 15 free extra character slots.

* - Premium Lockers! - Premium Subscribers have access to a locker in every town, each of which will hold an extra 30 items, and lockers can be transferred between towns almost instantly.

* - Premium Points! - For each month of a paid Premium Subscription, members receive Premium Points, which can be redeemed  for in-game items and upgrades!  For information on these systems, please see PREMIUM 9 and PREMIUM 10.

* - Premium WPS! - Premium Subscribers are given the chance to win access to Weighting, Padding, or Sighting services on a monthly basis!

* - Premium-Only Areas! - Premium Subscribers gain access, via transport jewelry, to Four Winds Isle, which is home to Mist Harbor, a Premium-only town with all the services and shops you would expect from any other respectably-sized town.  The Isle itself is huge and full of hidden beauty, with a few creatures here and there; all of it just waiting to be explored, and new hunting grounds are in the works!

* - Premium-Only Storylines and RP Opportunities! - Regular storylines for Premium Subscribers are run on Four Winds Isle, plus keep an eye out for roleplay opportunities!

* - Isle of the Four Winds Craft Faire! - An annual summertime festival is held on the Isle of Four Winds, offering shopping, merchant services, raffles, and more!

* - Reim Access! - Premium Subscribers gain entry to the Settlement of Reim on a 22 hour cooldown without purchasing quest tokens!

* - Premium Unlocks! - Certain fluff script unlocks can be purchased for Premium Points in the Lighthouse on Four Winds Isle!

* - Premium Homes! - Premium Subscribers who maintain their subscriptions for 90 consecutive days can purchase a fully-customizable home of their own in the game.

* - Premium Contests! - Quarterly members-only contests are held, with the winners able to choose from various prizes.  See PREMIUM 5 for details on the latest contest!

* - Quicker responses from Staff! - We handle Premium assists and Feedback letters before all others.

* - Premium Transport System! - Inside each town's Four Winds Hall you'll find a Transport Room (see PREMIUM 4 for directions to the hall in your town), and in this room is a ticket and a portal.  You can purchase a ticket to then enter the portal.  Once inside, you'll be in a nexus of rooms that leads to all the different towns, allowing you to choose your ultimate destination.  This system can be used up to ten times per month.

* - Four Winds Halls in every town! - Enjoy roleplaying opportunities as well as a unique mixture of tangible services offered by each Hall including Premium flowers, location specific transport jewelry, gambling tables, and super nodes.


Premium Projects

The Premium Team is currently working on the following:

* - Monthly Premium Contests - See #PREMIUM 5 for details on the latest contest!

* - Library Lectures - A new monthly series of lectures, hosted by the Mist Harbor Library and its Loremaster, featuring guest speakers who will deliver a lecture, followed by a short question and answer period.

* - New Storyline - A new full-length storyline is slated for early 2021!


Directions to each of the Four Winds Halls:

Burga Hall, Icemule Trace:
From the South Gate:  w, w, nw, go snow-covered path, ne, go gate, climb steps
Zephyr Hall, Wehnimer's Landing:
From the North Gate: n, go path, go door
Welkin Hall, Ghorsa Isle (Teras):
From the Ghorsa Tower: ne, go stony path, nw, go door
Mistral Hall, River's Rest:
From Commons Circle: west to Spring Rest, go long pier, e, go door
Solano Hall, Zul Logoth:
From the Monument: n, go gate, go granite arch
Seamist Hall, Solhaven:
From North Market: sw, w, sw, go gate
Meazernis Villa, Ta'Illistim:
From the Dais: out, sw, climb bridge, nw, sw, sw, s, go gate
Etesian Villa, Ta'Vaalor:
From King's Court (by the bench): e, e, e, n, e, e, e, n, go gate
Molskroen Hall, Kraken's Fall
From Wandering Eye Market: n, e, e, e, e, go villa

Note that at each of the Four Winds Halls the following services are available:
Refreshments, Nodes, Transport Jewelry, Premium Flowers, Black Drake gambling tables, and various interactive room props.


April-June: Construction Crew
Ever wished that you could design a new building on Mist Harbor?  Well now's your chance!

All submissions must be made through the following link: Q2 2023 Premium Contest

In order to be eligible, entries must have all fields correctly filled out, and all submissions must adhere to POLICY.  Anything submitted must be able to be created in-game in order to be eligible.

Contestants have until 11:59 pm PT on June 30, 2023 to get entries submitted.

Thirty winners PER CONTEST will be randomly chosen from the submitted entries.

Like all Premium Contests, entries are subject to change based on the discretion of the GMs and QC.  The winners will be randomly chosen during the early part of July.  The Premium team reserves the right to make any changes to submissions that they, or QC, deem necessary.

All Premium contest winners must ASSIST within 30 days from the time the winners are announced to get their prize, or you forfeit it!

Reminder:  There is no guarantee that any submission will be created in game!


Premium Contest Rules:
1) Entry is open to Premium and Platinum players only.  You must be a Premium or Platinum subscriber at the time of entry.
2) Platinum entries should specify that they are a Platinum subscriber next to the character name for documentation purposes.  There is only one pool of entrants.
3) Only ONE entry per account is allowed.
4) Contestants should submit their entry through this form: Q2 2023 Premium Contest
5) Contestant agrees that all entries become the property of Simutronics and GemStone IV.  However, there is no guarantee that any submissions will be created or used in game.
6) Winning entries will be selected randomly by GemStone IV staff, whose decisions are final.
7) Prizes will be awarded to the winners after member eligibility has been verified.  See PREMIUM 7 for the current list of winners and prize choices.


Premium Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Q1 2023 Premium Contest!

Kataric Kaltavor

Winners, please remember that you have 30 days from the date of this posting (4/2/23) to ASSIST in-game and claim your prize.
Prize List:

Players will receive a choice of one of the following:
1) An experience modifying RPA (roleplaying award - account attuned).
2) 500,000 silvers.
3) Common flares added to any plain weapon or armor (must be +25 or lower, some items may be ineligible).  Choice of: heat, cold, electric, vacuum, mana, acuity, or impact flares.
4) Either two feature alterations OR a full unique field alteration (NO BODY ALTERATIONS - Nothing below the neck).
5) Epic deepening (Defined as 10% deeper than typical max deep for an off the shelf container.)**
6) A custom tattoo.
7) Two separate alteration services (or a long and a show on a single item).
8) Messaging change for transport jewelry from the premade list.
9) Recharge of 10 charges to a magical or enhancive item.
10) Temporary "heavy" weighting or padding to any plain weapon or armor (must be +25 or lower, some items may be ineligible).
11) 500,000 silvers worth of weighting, padding, or sighting or 5 services whichever comes first on a single item.
12) A custom made Illegal Alter Clothing Line item.
13) One EZ script added to an item.
14) Premium home alteration.
15) Rare alterations - black ora jewelry, pirate harness, sigil gear and climatewear (full customizations).
16) Locker expansion +1.
17) Reim Entry - single use.

** - A container is only eligible for this service if A) it is already max deep for its worn location, and B) it has not had any 'extra' or 'epic' deepening services performed on it (such as from deepening notes.)  In order to be eligible, the item should fit one of the following profiles:
  Backworn/Draped from Shoulders - 140lb (Huge) capacity
  Slung over the shoulder - 60lb (Large) capacity
  Belt/Frontworn - 40lb (Slighty Large) capacity
Note that even if an item INSPECTS with one of the above terms, item B) above still applies.

How do I collect my prize?
In-game, you should ASSIST and ask for a referral.  Tell the responding Host/GM that you were a Premium Contest winner, and that you would like to claim your prize.  You can send the Host/GM to PREMIUM 7 to verify that you have won, or ask them to check your record for a note from GM Hivala.  You may retrieve your prize with any character on the account, and Platinum account holders can retrieve their prize in either instance.


Premium Points FAQ:

When do I get my benefits?
As soon as you have enough points to spend for the item you choose.

Where do I pick up my benefits?
All benefits are available in Mist Harbor.

How do I know how many premium points I have?
PREMIUM START lists this information.

How do I know when my premium service started?
To check on your premium start date as our billing office sees it, type in PREMIUM START.  If there is a problem with your start date, you will need to contact the billing department.  A GM will not be able to help you with billing information.

How do the alterations work?
Alteration scrolls follow the policies outlined in the ALTER verb.

How do I use PCALC?
PCALC allows you to calculate the point cost for an enchanting, padding, or flaring service (see cost lists below) for a specific item.  You must be holding an alteration scroll in one hand, with the item you wish to have worked on in the other.  You will then use one of the following:  pcalc flare /  pcalc enchant / pcalc pad

If you have enough points to get the work done that you want, PCALC will tell you how much the total cost is estimated to be.  If you do not have enough points, it will note that to you instead.  Bear in mind that if there are any costs that PCALC is not accounting for, the GM who handles your Premium Point request will apprise you of those costs at that time - PCALC is a tool, not a final word.  You will also notice that there is a 2 hour "real time" delay between each use of PCALC -- this is to prevent using the system in lieu of other in-game means to determine properties of an item.

See PREMIUM 9 for costs.


Premium Point Costs:

  Fixed Cost Items    - Fixed cost item information.
                          This category includes extra type-ahead lines, titles,
                          checkbooks, society reset, etc.  It also includes fixed
                          price items that require a Sadie scroll.
  Variable Cost Items - Variable cost item information.
                          This category includes flares, enchanting, and padding.

Please Note: In all cases, any service may be declined for any reason, or the cost of any service may be increased at the sole discretion of the GemStone IV Staff.

>prem 9 fixed
Fixed Cost Items:

The following can be found in the Lighthouse in Mist Harbor:

Pre-Scripted Gift Shop Item - 300  (Gift Shop, various containers.)
Autoscripter - 100  (Specialty Shop, read sign for details.)
Checkbook - 600 (Gift Shop, on pedestal.)
Society Reset "Amnesty Parchment" - 2000  (Gift Shop, on counter.)

The following can be purchased via other means in Mist Harbor:
Extra Typeahead Line - 900 (Drink from fountain located on Four Winds Isle.)
Titles - 600.  (See PREMIUM 11 for more information.)

The following require the use of a Sadie Scroll from the Lighthouse in Mist Harbor:

Alteration - 300 (15/15/15 + show OR long description)
Alteration - 600 (Show AND long description)
Item Customization - 300 (Customizing up to three facets of a single item.  For example, you could customize the small pocket, large pocket, and small scabbards appearance on a ClimateWear cloak as a single Sadie service for 300 points.
EZscript - 1200 (one action), 600 (second action, and all subsequent actions)
Lighten one item - 100 (amount of lightening varies by item)
Deepen one item - 100 (deepening is approx. 10% of current item)
Add spikes to one item - 300 (some items may not be eligible for this service)
One feature line for feature changing masks - 400 points.  These masks must be purchased from the shop "Shear Delight".
For each alteration you are entitled to changes to:
Eyes AND complexion; OR Complete hair; OR Face, nose and distinguishing mark.
(These masks are only alterable via Sadie Scroll.)
**Signature Swear - 2500
**Signature Verb - 3000
**Custom Logon/Logoff Messaging - 5000
**Custom Title (Prename) - 5500
**Custom Title (Postname) - 2500
***Flypaper Designers Tattoo: Full Customization (description only) - 1000.  This does not include any custom verbs, but does include the 15/15/15 OR Long description, as well as the Show description.
***Flypaper Designers Tattoo: Custom Verb (1) - 300.  This does not include any alteration of the tattoo's description.
***Pigments of Memory Tattoo: Full Customization (description only) - 1000
***Pigments of Memory Tattoo: Other Custom Field (1) - 1500
Enhancive Item - 1800 (level 1 or 2)
Enhancive Item - 2400 (level 3 or 4)
For more information on PP enhancives:
Note on Enhancives: These enhancives will be account attuned.
Additionally, items that morph worn locations are not permitted to be used for this service.
For more information on Sadie Scroll usage, please see PREMIUM 10.

** - These services require QC, and thus will take extra processing time.  While we strive to handle
     all services in a timely manner, these services may take up to a month or more, depending on the
     complexity of the request and the ability of both parties to provide timely responses.  To request
     one of these services, you should first purchase 'a pliable figurine' from the shop "Shear Delight".
***- These tattoos can only be altered when they are in certificate form.  Once the tattoo has been
     applied, it can no longer be altered.  Both Flypaper Designers and Pigments of Memory tattoo
     certificates can be purchased from the shops bearing those same names at Rumor Woods.

>prem 9 variable
   Variable Cost Items:

   * These services should be requested via a Sadie Scroll, found in the Lighthouse
     in Mist Harbor.  See PREMIUM 10 for more information.

     Flares - Flare information.
     Enchanting - Enchanting information
     Padding - Padding information.
     Additional Surcharges - Additional surcharges for enchanting, flares, and padding services.

>prem 9 flares
   Common Flares (heat, cold, electric, vacuum, impact, mana (+2), or acuity (4x) - variable costs:
   Base cost is 300 + 300 per enchant + surcharges.  Partial enchants are rounded up.
      There is a cap of +2 for mana flares and 4x for acuity.
      If the item has a simple script (non-fluff), add 600 to the cost.
      If the item has a complex script (non-fluff), add 1200 to the cost.
      If it is a weighted item, add 20 * number of total weighting services to the cost.
      If it is a padded item, add 10 * number of total padding services to the cost.
      For additional extra costs, see information listed in the surcharge section.

   Uncommon Flares (disintegrate, disruption, unbalance, grapple, acid, plasma, steam) - variable costs:
   Base cost is 900 + 300 per enchant + surcharges.  Partial enchants are rounded up.
      If the item has a simple script (non-fluff), add 600 to the cost.
      If the item has a complex script (non-fluff), add 1200 to the cost.
      If it is a weighted item, add 20 * number of total weighting services to the cost.
      If it is a padded item, add 10 * number of total padding services to the cost.
      For additional extra costs, see information listed in the surcharge section.

   Items with a total weighting/padding over 150 services are not eligible for flares.

>prem 9 enchant
 Enchant - variable costs:
   Note that costs are calculated based off of an increase of +5 enchant.  For any lesser increments,   the calculated cost is adjusted accordingly.  For example: an increase of +1 enchant would be   calculated for a +5 enchant, then the resulting value would be multiplied by 0.2.
   When calculating costs, fractions are truncated 19 / 5 = 3.8 becomes 3.
   Base cost for enchants with starting enchants of +0 to +15 is: (300 + (300 * ((current plus + 4) / 5)))
   Base cost for enchants with starting enchants of +16 to +45 is: (1200 + (400 * ((current plus - 11) / 5)))
      If the item has flares, add 600 to the cost.
      If the item has a simple script (non-fluff), add 600 to the cost.
      If the item has a complex script (non-fluff), add 1200 to the cost.
      If the item has padding or weighting, add (combat impact padding/weighting) * 100 to the cost.
      If the item is a Defender item, add defender level bonus * 100 to the cost.
      If the item gives a bonus to TD, add TD bonus * 100 to the cost.
      For additional extra costs, see information listed in the surcharge section.

   Exception:  New-style (only) claidhmores cost ((40 + 2 * new plus) * 100).
   Exception:  Adamantine costs double the normal points.
   Exception:  Zelnorn carries the flaring surcharge.  The "current plus" will be based on the total AS + DS bonus and the +5 will be split between those qualities.
   Exception:  Negatively enchanted items must be brought up to zero via normal means, where enchanting is done in increments of 5 and items are treated as if they are being brought from 0x to 1x in terms of enchanting base cost (note that any surcharges will still be applied and added to the base enchanting cost.)  For example, taking an item from -10 to -5 is 300 points for the base enchanting cost.  You could then take that item from -5 to 0 for another 300 points as the base enchanting cost.

   Defensive bonus (DB) and kroderine items are not enchantable with points.

   Enchanting Cost examples:
      Taking a normal weapon from 4 to 5x costs 1600.
      Taking a normal steel claidhmore from 0 to 1x costs 5000.
      Taking a flaring 9x weapon to 10x costs 4200.

>prem 9 padding
 Padding - variable costs:
   Cost is (3200 + (Enchant over 20 * 100)) + surcharges.
   Padding is rated "heavy" (150 services) and cannot exceed it.
      If the item has a simple script (non-fluff), add 600 to the cost.
      If the item has a complex script (non-fluff), add 1200 to the cost.
      If the item has flares, offensive bonus, or TD bonus add 1500 to the cost.
      For additional extra costs, see information listed in the surcharge section.
      For purposes of this system, any current padding in the item is ignored (IE: no discounts for lightly padded armor going up to heavily padded.)

 Example: Padding 4x armor is 3200 points, 10x is 6200.

>prem 9 surcharges
 Surcharge Information and Extra Exceptions:

   Resistance items with positive benefits cost 500 per 10% resistance (rounded up).  For items with multiple resistance types, add the resistance bonuses before applying this factor.  Thus, (Sum of Resistance Bonuses (offset for penalties) / 10) * 500.

   Enhancive items add ((Cost for Adv. Guild to Recharge item) * New Plus of item)/250 to the cost.

   Fusion items should be treated as if they were enhancive items that would cost 150k silvers (9000 bounty points) to recharge.  For example, a +25 Fusion item going to +30 would have a: (9000 * 30) / 250 = 1080 surcharge.  Or, padding a +25 fusion item would have a (9000 * 25) / 250 = 900 surcharge.

   Perma-blessed items incur a 600 point surcharge.

   Weapons with sighting/aiming do incur a surcharge dependent on the level of sighting/aiming.

   Temporary Enhancements do not incur any extra charges.

   Creature bane weapons will incur a surcharge based on the bane property.

   Permanently ensorcelled items (spell 735) will cost an additional 200 points per tier.

   Scripted items (non-fluff) are a flat 600 or 1200 points, depending on the complexity of the script.  (Except fusion - for fusion items, see above.)


Alteration Scrolls Explained

The scroll alteration system is different than that of the typical merchant coming to town doing work.  You will not be in the same room with the GMs who are doing the services for you.  Instead, you will communicate with them through the alterer's scroll.  Once you get your scroll, you do not have to stay and wait for your work.  GMs will be doing these services (under the name of Sadie) in as timely a fashion as possible.  The average turn around time on requests is two weeks.  You will have to be patient.  Do not give your scroll to another character.  The best thing to do with your scroll would be to keep it in a safe place on your character.

IC Note:  Sadie will not be coming to the Isle of the Four Winds to do the Premium Plus alterations.  You will not get to personally meet Sadie, as she will be very busy working on the alterations.  However, you will be able to communicate with her through scrolls.  The scrolls will be available on a table in her room in the lighthouse, which is located on the Isle of the Four Winds, Mist Harbor.  You do not have to wait there for your service, and your item will not be taken from you during the process.  You will be informed when your item is ready.

How to use your scroll:
1. First you GET SCROLL, making sure the item you want to be worked on is in your *left* hand.  The system will see your item and make a copy so Sadie knows what the original item looked like.

Please note - The Sadie scrolls are used to request any service using Premium Points not found elsewhere in Mist Harbor.  See PREMIUM 9 for more details.

2. You will then WRITE a NEW request.  Example, WRITE NEW I want this broadsword to have rubies in the hilt or WRITE NEW I want a ruby-hilted broadsword with a show of: The broadsword is made of polished steel and... or WRITE NEW Please add acid flares to my broadsword.

3. The message is copied and stored for Sadie, so she may complete your request at her leisure.  At this time the scroll will still be in your possession.

4. Sadie has found your request and decided that what you wanted was well within the guidelines she works under, and therefore she has approved it.  She will send a message to you telling you so.  At that time you should READ your scroll just to make sure she did everything the way you requested.  If it is correct, you then WRITE ACCEPT.  The message that you accepted the alteration will be sent to Sadie, and she will then send a runner to you with your alteration.  At that time you must WRITE ACCEPT one more time.  The scroll will disappear from your hands and be replaced with your newly altered item!  Once you WRITE ACCEPT you no longer have the option of changing the item.  You cannot ASSIST to get something changed or fixed.  It's done!  You own it!  Don't even try!

5. If between the time you made your alteration request and the time Sadie got back to you approving it, you changed your mind about what you wanted (which Sadie highly discourages), you would then WRITE REPLY with a message.  Example: WRITE REPLY I changed my mind about the ruby hilt and would rather have a gold-hilted broadsword.  Sadie will get your message and then reply back to you if that is okay.  From here on the information in step 4 applies.

6.  If your alteration/service request is not okay, Sadie has two options.  She will either send you a message telling you the alteration is rejected, or she will send you a message telling you how she can make the alteration work with a few changes.  You then can communicate with her by WRITE REPLY (message).

Some examples:
Let's say Sadie is not happy with your request.  She will send you a message, and it will look something like this:
A runner approaches you and recites a message from Sadie, "I don't have enough veil iron to make your entire suit of armor out of it!  Let's keep it imflass like it already is.  You can READ your scroll for more details.  Please WRITE ACCEPT if this is okay, WRITE REPLY to respond, or WRITE NEW to start over again."
When the runner asks you to READ your scroll, it is because Sadie probably rethought your alteration for you, and she wants you to see if that is acceptable since she couldn't do your original request.

Let's say Sadie likes your request.  She will send you a message that will look something like this:

A runner approaches you and recites a message from Sadie, "I can do this work for you.
You can READ your scroll for details on how it will appear.  Please WRITE ACCEPT if this is okay.  To start over WRITE NEW."

After Sadie gets your approval (WRITE ACCEPT), she will then make the item.  When it is finished, you will get a message that looks something like this:

A runner approaches you and recites a message from Sadie, "I'm finished working on your armor.  You can WRITE ACCEPT it when you're ready for it."

Alter Scroll Commands:

A final look at the commands:
GET SCROLL: Allows you to get a scroll from the table.
READ SCROLL: Gives you information on how to use the scroll as well as showing you what your request looks like.
WRITE NEW: To put your alteration request on the scroll.
WRITE REPLY: To send a message to Sadie.
WRITE ACCEPT: To accept the alteration.

Reminder: Sadie's alterations follow the policies documented in the ALTER verb!
Reminder: Sadie scrolls are used to request any service using Premium Points not found elsewhere in Mist Harbor.  See PREMIUM 9 for more details.
Reminder: If an item is worked on in any way between submission and delivery, the item will automatically revert back to the state it was in at the time of submission with only the addition of the work done via the scroll.


Premium Titles:

Gentlewoman (Postname)
Goodwoman (Postname)
Maid (Postname)
Noblewoman (Postname)
Wench (Postname)
Lady in Waiting (Prename)
Maiden (Prename)
Mistress (Prename)
Miss (Prename)

Gentleman (Postname)
Goodman (Postname)
Nobleman (Postname)
Master (Prename)
Mister (Prename)

AVAILABLE TO ALL (Postname Only):
Antiques Dealer
Rat Catcher

Titles currently cost 600 Premium Points.  To purchase the title option with your Premium Points, you will need to find the "disheveled resident" in Mist Harbor(on the Four Winds Isle) and ASK her ABOUT TITLE.  Once the title option is purchased, all of the Premium titles will be available to the entire account.


--------------------------------------PLATINUM INFORMATION---------------------------------------
  |                                                                                               |
  |   Updated June 3, 2017.                                                                       |
  |                                                                                               |
  |   The following is currently available in the Platinum instance:                              |
  |                                                                                               |
  |   Unique Titles:                                                                              |
  |      Every Platinum character is eligible to request a unique title at level 60 (postname),   |
  |      level 80 (prename), and level 100 (postname or prename).  All requested titles must      |
  |      be approved by QC.                                                                       |
  |                                                                                               |
  |   No Companion Unaltered Campaign:                                                            |
  |      All companions in Platinum qualify for a free, first-time alteration.                    |
  |                                                                                               |
  |   No Last Name Level Restrictions:                                                            |
  |      Choose available last names at any level.                                                |
  |                                                                                               |
  |   Private Property Food:                                                                      |
  |      Private property owners who attained their properties in "as is" condition are           |
  |      eligible to request custom food items after the one year ownership mark.                 |
  |                                                                                               |
  |   Platinum Only Premium Points Benefits:                                                      |
  |      Platinum accounts are additionally eligible for the following:  Custom tattoo, Single    |
  |      Premium Home, Mayhem tattoo, and Enhancive Stripping. See PREMIUM 9 for the cost         |
  |      of these services, as well as the full list of Premium Point benefits.                   |
  |                                                                                               |
  |   Platinum Recovery Points:                                                                   |
  |      Platinum users may use Platinum points to recover items that you are not able to get     |
  |      back under normal circumstances.  Provided we have a "build" of the item on record       |
  |      (this is where registering your items comes in handy), and there are no extenuating      |
  |      circumstances that would prevent the item from returning into the game, you have the     |
  |      ability to utilize Platinum Points to recover the item.  Points determined on a per      |
  |      item basis.                                                                              |
  |                                                                                               |
  |   For questions regarding the above services, contact -  Please note   |
  |   that general Premium Point information is found in PREMIUM 8 and full point costs are found |
  |   in PREMIUM 9.  Any questions about those should, per usual, be directed to the Premium      |
  |   forums and/or the Premium guru.  Concerns about Platinum as a whole should be directed to   |
  |   the Product Manager.                                                                        |
  |                                                                                               |
--------------------------------THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING PLATINUM!------------------------------

-------------------------------------OTHER CONTACT INFORMATION-----------------------------------
|                                                                                               |
|    * MHOs (in Platinum) - GM Hivala                                                           |
|    * Non-festival sonic alteration offerings in Platinum - GM Vanah.                          |
|    * Character Transfers (see Policy 9) - GM Wyrom                                            |
|    * Trial accounts - GM Wyrom                                                                |
|    * Character Histories (sending yours in for GM info purposes) - GM Wyrom                   |
|    * Player-run Storylines and Support - The Platinum staff wants to help, when appropriate   |
|      and available, in the helping and building of player-run storylines to make them a       |
|      reality.  Contact GM Wyrom for more details.                                             |
|    * General Concerns -, GM Wyrom (Platinum Guru and 3P SGM), and/or    |
|      Simutronics Feedback.                                                                    |
|                                                                                               |
--------------------------------THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING PLATINUM!------------------------------


---------------------PREMIUM INFORMATION--------------------
         As of your last logon, your premium service has been
         continuous since MM/DD/YYYY.
Premium points earned: XXXX Platinum points earned: XXXX
Scrolls currently being worked on: 0
Total points earned: XXXX Total points spent: XXX Total points remaining: XXXX ------------------------IMPORTANT NOTE----------------------- | | | Please note that currently, outstanding points used by | | scrolls will only be shown when in the instance where the| | scroll(s) is/are in use. However, the "Total Points | | Remaining" amount reflects scrolls. | | | -------------------------------------------------------------
  • Note, Premium and Platinum points are combined under the Total Points Earned field.

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