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This article is about the older Premium Unlocks format. For the monthly unlocker in the lighthouse, see Premium Unlocker.

Premium Unlocks

Premium subscribers are given the chance to procure unlocks for fluff scripts monthly. It's important to note that this service is dependent on approvals, and there is an exact list of scripts and tiers which must be abided by. That list can be found below. In order to get an unlock, you must have an existing item that is a single tier below the tier that you are seeking. There is no fee for this service, just the requisite that the individuals chosen have a correctly-tiered item that can be worked on.

There are some items that are limited with regards to the number of slots available, and those limits are similarly strict and cannot be exceeded. Once the available unlocks for a particular tier in a particular time period are exhausted, no more are available. These are first-come, first- serve.

Finally, there are some rarer unlocks, which will be distributed via a raffle system. The winners of these raffles will be allowed to choose from the list of available "rare" unlocks, again, first-come, first-serve. All the "rare" unlocks have limited quantities for the year.

Unlimited Unlocks

The following are offered in 2023 in Unlimited quantities: The following are offered in an unlimited fashion:

Limited Unlocks

The following are offered in 2023 in Limited quantities:

Rare Unlocks

The following are offered via raffle in 2023 as "Rare" unlocks (the quantity is shown in parentheses):

Premium Point Unlocks

Certain scripts will have unlocks offered for Premium Points in the Lighthouse on the Isle of Four Winds.

Script unlocks currently offered in the Lighthouse:

Scripts unavailable for Premium Point Unlocks:

Scripts requested for Premium Point Unlocks:

Item Links

These are just links. See above for service list.